The estate of Kathleen Harrison filed suit against Granite Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Madison County Circuit Court Feb. 13, claiming Harrison was neglected while a resident at the nursing home.

The estate is represented by Harrison's daughter, Sally Toussiant.

According to Toussiant, her mother was a resident at the nursing home for three days in February 2005. She claims the nursing home failed to provide adequate and properly supervised care to her mother.

Toussiant also claims the nursing home failed to protect her mother from neglect, failed to provide 24-hour nursing services seven days a week to meet the needs of her mother, failed to timely notify her mother's physician with changes in her condition, and failed to ensure that a nursing care plan based on her mother's problems and needs was established and contained long-term goals, short-term objectives and approaches to meet such needs was reviewed and revised when her mother's needs changed.

She also claims the nursing home failed to ensure that her mother maintained acceptable parameters of nutritional status, including body weight and protein levels and failed to provide her mother with the necessary treatment and services to promote the healing of decubitus ulcers and prevent new decubitus ulcers from forming.

Toussiant claims as a result of the alleged neglect, her mother sustained severe malnutrition, bilateral plural effusion, multiple episodes of respiratory distress, congestive heart failure and the worsening of a sternal wound infection.

She also claims her mother suffered repeated pain and suffering and became further debilitated and disabled until her death on April 9, 2005.

Toussiant claims her mother's death has deprived the family of her mother's companionship and society.

Represented by Robert O'Neil of the Rex Carr Law Firm, Toussiant is seeking damages in excess of $200,000.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian.

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