Customer seeks dough in suit against Wonder Bread store

By Steve Gonzalez | Feb 5, 2007

Broken parking curbs at the Wonder Bread store in Alton has prompted a $50,000 personal injury suit in Madison County.

Lillian Brantley filed suit against Interstate Brands Feb. 2, claiming it failed to maintain its parking lot.

While purchasing bakery goods on Oct. 11, 2005, and after making her purchase, Brantley claims she slipped and fell in the parking lot.

According to Brantley, the northern boundary of the parking lot was marked with concrete parking curbs and some of the concrete material spilled, flaked or broke off the ends of the curbs.

She claims she was passing between the parking curbs when she fell.

Brantley claims Interstate Brands negligently used inferior and deteriorating parking curbs on the parking lot, failed to inspect the condition of the parking lot, failed to notice the accumulation of the flakes of concrete and failed to sweep or otherwise clean up the parking lot.

She also claims she suffered numerous and severe, permanent, disabling and disfiguring injuries that caused pain and suffering and required medical care.

Brantley is represented by Robert Larson of Alton.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Daniel Stack.

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