For citizen judges

by The Madison County Record |
Jan. 21, 2007, 5:45am

To the editor:

Is it necessary to have lawyers representing clients who are before judicial or non-judicial government? Do adversarial lawyers ensure that courts are fair and impartial?

Did King Solomon need lawyers to present the material claims of two women over a child? Are local court rules that require non-lawyer litigants to be held to the standards and duties of a lawyer compatible with the First Amendment?

No, to all of the above.

What has caused the judicial system to become so twisted, that the common man in the streets does not expect a measure of justice unless he capitulates and hires a fraternal, business associate of the judge?

It is the apathy of gullible voters who have allowed judges like George Moran, David Herndon (by the grace of Carol Mosley-Braun and Paul Simon), Paul Riley, Gerald Cohn, Nicholas Byron, Ralph Mendelsohn, Randall Bono, Ellar Duff, Michael Meehan, Ann Callis, John Baricevic, Dennis Jacobsen, Stephen Kernan, William Starnes, James Radcliffe, Gordon Maag, Clyde Kuehn, Barbara Crowder, Chief Justice Robert Thomas, Lewis Mallot, Melissa Chapman, Andrew Gleeson, David Hylla, Bruce Stewart, Lloyd Cueto, etc., to squirm onto the bench.

Don't tell me. I know some are associate or federal judges.

They reflect the judicial demeanor of their elected sponsors.

A fair, impartial state judiciary will never exist again in Illinois, until reasonably educated, honest non-lawyers gain the privilege by law once again, to be elected as judges.

Charles D. Sullivan

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