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Ronald Gallas filed a medical malpractice suit against Michael Adams, M.D., Gustavo Von Der Lancken, M.D. and Gateway Regional Hospital in Madison County Circuit Court Oct. 26, seeking damages in excess of $525,000.

According to the complaint, Gallas was admitted to Gateway for a colon resection surgery on July 27, 2005.

He claims the doctors negligently and carelessly failed to timely provide proper hemodynamic support, failed to timely provide adequate venous access and failed to promptly resuscitate him while he was suffering from profound hypotension and metabolic acidosis.

Gallas claims Gateway failed to timely or effectively advocate reasonable treatment, the nursing staff failed to go through appropriate channels to ensure timely venous access for the administration of fluids and the nursing staff failed to demand earlier physician evaluation when he was suffering from severe hypotension, acidosis and other maladies.

According to the complaint, Gallas suffered serious, painful and permanent injuries, including scarring, as well as a drop foot.

Gallas claims he became liable for medical expenses, lost income, and has been permanently prevented from attending to his usual affairs and duties.

Gallas is represented by Thomas Keefe of Swansea.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Dan Stack.

06 L 962

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