Governor, Hoffman should be ridden out on same horse

By The Madison County Record | Oct 22, 2006

To the editor:

To the editor:

The governor was recently in Alton to stress the importance of the medical malpractice tort reform bill and the importance of his role in its passage. The fact is that he and his surrogate Governor, Jay Hoffmann, (our Governor still lives in Chicago) fought passage of the bill every step of the way.

The Governor signed the bill one day before it would have become law, even if he hadn't signed it at all.

He cited the entry of another insurance company into the medical malpractice insurance market at reduced premium rates as a consequence of "his" action.

The new law and the new company will not bring the stability necessary to restore medical personnel and services to this area. For 35 years I have seen companies enter the market when the number of suits filed is stable, low ball existing companies, and run from the market as soon as they hear the first shot.

The election of Justice Karmeier and the new law have temporarily stabilized the malpractice crisis, but it will resume with a fury unless we Madison and St. Clair County voters elect the right candidates on Nov. 7. They are as follows: Governor – Judy Barr-Topinka; State Representatives – Carol Kugler and Dennis Bielke; Appellate Judge – Steve McGlynn; and Circuit Judges – Don Weber, James Hackett, and Paul Evans.

The governor and Rep. Hoffmann are campaigning with their names on many of the same signs. This is inappropriate in terms of how a government with three separate branches is supposed to work. In this case, however, it is appropriate.

First, it is how our state government is actually being run.

Secondly, it is a clear signal that these two men should be ridden out of state government on the same horse.

Robert F. Hamilton, M.D.

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