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By The Madison County Record | Sep 17, 2006

Watch me, not my dad

Radio Star

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin has named Madison County's most-embarrassed son Brad Lakin to its "40 Under 40 to Watch" list.

Lakin, president of the not-so-mighty-anymore Lakin Law Firm, was featured in the publication's seventh annual issue focusing on up-and-coming attorneys in Illinois who are "making a major impact on the legal profession."

Perhaps the publication's editors haven't noticed Brad Lakin's impact on Metro-East headlines.

Though an appeal is forthcoming, the honoree must still be stinging in the aftermath of Judge Daniel Stack's dismissal of his "extortion" counter lawsuit. As loyal readers know, Brad, his dad Tom Lakin, and brother are defendants in a salacious sexual assault lawsuit and subjects in a federal criminal investigation.

"The Lakin Law Firm has been known for many years as a regional legal powerhouse, but under Brad Lakin's leadership, the Firm has begun to achieve national recognition," the schtick reads.

They ain't seen nothin' yet.

No shock jock

Courtesy of toxic tort specialists SimmonsCooper, Law In Your Life has hit the air on Big 550 AM educating listeners on the "legal aspects of current events and news topics."

Every Saturday morning at 11, Jeff Cooper helps the common man understand complex issues such as "how the Blackberry patent case will effect (sic) you, how the Justice Department's case against Google will effect (sic) you, the Alito nominations, class action suits and more."

Just a hunch, but Dicta guesses that KTRS' programming decision was influenced by well-placed bucks rather than listener demand.


Speaking of what Cooper's money can buy, last week we received an interesting missive from a pricey inside the Beltway PR firm.

"Good morning. I read your article yesterday in the Madison County Record about Arthur Alton's claim that exposure to asbestos has caused him to develop mesothelioma," the spinster wrote.

"For your continuing coverage, I write to guage (sic) your interest in speaking with Jeff Cooper...Jeff is an expert in asbestos and would be an ideal source to offer insights on this recent case, the specifics of asbestos litigation, the dangers of asbestos exposure and future asbestos litigation."

Reply to Mr. Cooper: We'd love to know what the future of asbestos litigation looks like from your perspective. Write back when you can.

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