Hackett not invited

by The Madison County Record |
Sep. 17, 2006, 7:42am

To the editor:

A recent news report indicated that Judge James Hackett was not in attendance at the Granite city and at the Alton Labor Day parades.

I can assure you that it was not by his choice.

Judge Hackett made every attempt to be included and to participate. He had written and called several times to the officials of the Labor Federation who sponsored the parades.

His request was apparently considered, but ultimately he was told he was not welcome.

Honoring the rights of the parade sponsors, he did not appear or attempt to have his people crash the parade or picnic. Because many locals and their attorneys had expected his appearance to honor the day and Labor, when he was told he could not participate he wrote a letter to the union officials and asked that, in fairness, they inform their members that he had requested to appear, but that he was refused.

That letter also was sent to some union locals as an explanation for his absence.

Thank you for allowing this clarification.

Dale Nichols
Hackett for Judge Committee

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