Debra Badgett is suing Bi-State/Metro for slipping on water at the Suothwestern Illinois College station on Dec. 14, 2005.

Badgett, represented by Richard G. Reed of Reed and Bruhn in Belleville, is seeking in excess of $50,000 for injuries she claims have made her sick, sore, lame and disordered.

According to the suit filed Sept. 7 in St. Clair County Circuit Court, Badgett suffered a torn ACL to her left knee.

"She has suffered internal derangement of the injured members of her body," the complaint states.

Badgett claims Bi-State/Metro was negligent for not maintaining its premises and for not warning her of dangerous conditions at the light rail station.

She has suffered pain and has incurred medical expenses, the complaint states.

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