A St. Clair County woman is suing her boyfriend for punching her in the face while she was driving a car.

Stacey Goodlow claims Taymond Freeman, with whom she lives or once lived, hit her on the face and body with his fists on Aug. 18, 2006.

Goodlow, represented by Chris Kolker of Kolker Law Offices in Belleville, is seeking in excess of $150,000 from Freeman.

"At all times relevant hereto, there existed statutes prohibiting physical abuse, harassment and intimidation against persons who share a common dwelling," the complaint filed Aug. 28 in St. Clair County states.

She claims a third person, Frank Roberts, witnessed the attack.

The complaint alleges negligence, intentional assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

"As a girlfriend to defendant, plaintiff was particularly susceptible to defendant's conduct," the complaint states. "Defendant had power and control over the plaintiff."

Goodlow claims she sustained severe and permanent injuries including bruising and scars.

"...Her nervous system was greatly shocked and its functions impaired, by reason thereof she became sick, sore, and disordered," the complaint states.

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