Widow files asbestos suit in Madison County

By Steve Gonzalez | Aug 9, 2006

The widow of a man who died April 10 from asbestosis, filed a Federal Employers' Liability Act suit against Illinois Central Railroad accusing them of failing to enforce adequate safety rules to help employees avoid harmful chemical exposures.

Dorothy Hoops claims her husband Robert worked in the transportation department of Illinois Central Railroad in a suit filed Aug. 4 in Madison County Circuit Court.

She claims Robert was exposed to and caused to inhale asbestos fibers, free silica, diesel fumes, solvent fumes, gasoline fumes and other carcinogenic materials harmful to the respiratory system.

According to the complaint, Robert was diagnosed with asbestosis and other cancers that caused his death. He was diagnosed on Nov. 14, 2003.

Hoops claims ICR failed to provide Robert a safe place to work, failed to supply safe equipment, failed to warn about the risks of inhaling harmful substances and negligently failed to modify or eliminate jobs to minimize levels of exposure.

She claims Robert suffered great physical pain, suffering and inconvenience until his death, suffered from nervous and emotional tension, was limited in his normal activities, lost wages and became liable for medical expenses.

"Robert's general health, strength, and vitality had been impaired which resulted in his death," the complaint states.

Hoops also claim she is entitled to be compensated for the present value of financial contribution Robert would reasonably be expected to have given to his family and the pecuniary value of services Robert would have provided.

Hoops is represented by Daniel Francis of St. Louis and Randy Gori of Edwardsville.

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