A man who was walking in the grassy median of Interstate 55 is suing the driver of a car that struck him.

Douglas Dyckman filed a personal injury suit against Kaliph Ross in Madison County Circuit Court July 20. He claims Ross's 1999 Chevrolet Blazer struck him on Feb. 3, 2005.

According to Dyckman, ice had accumulated on the interstate because of below freezing temperatures.

Seeking in excess of $50,000, Dyckman claims a vehicle changed lanes in front of Ross causing Ross to change lanes. But due to Ross's excessive speed under icy conditions, Ross drove into the grassy median causing the left side of the blazer to strike him, then the left rear tire drove over his leg.

Dyckman claims Ross negligently operated his car in a manner to strike and run him over and claims Ross was negligent by:

  • driving his motor vehicle at an unreasonable rate of speed under the icy conditions;
  • failing to keep his motor vehicle under proper and sufficient control under the circumstances;
  • failing to pay proper attention to his course of travel and the movement of other vehicles on the roadway
  • failing to apply the brakes or failing to brake in time to prevent his Blazer from losing control and leaving the roadway; and
  • neglecting to stop his vehicle when danger to Dyckman was imminent.

    Dyckman states that he sustained personal injuries that have and will hinder him from attending to his usual and customary affairs, duties and occupation and has and will lose the value of that time.

    He also claims his injuries caused great pain and anguish and caused him to become liable for medical expenses.

    Dyckman is represented by J. Richard Meno of Denby, Meno, Bloomer & Denby in Carlinville.

    The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Lola Maddox.

    06 L 616

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