A woman who claims she slipped on french fries and fell with great force and violence in the parking lot at the Godfrey McDonald's, filed a personal injury suit against the fast food giant seeking damages for injuries in excess of $50,000.

According to the complaint filed in Madison County, Theresa Northcutt claims the incident took place March 5 as she was walking in the restaurant's parking lot. She also slipped on a drink cup and paper bag.

Northcutt's suit alleges that McDonald's failed to clean up its parking lot, failed to follow their rules and regulations regarding cleaning up its parking lot and failed to exercise reasonable care to keep property in a safe condition and free from potential tripping hazards.

She claims one of the managers admitted that the parking lot was not cleaned up in a timely fashion.

Northcutt claims the fall caused severe and permanent injuries to her shoulders, neck, head, back, and other areas of the body which caused her to suffer from great physical pain and mental anguish.

She claims she has had to spend money on medical, hospital and other related expenses, has been and will continue to be unable to perform her usual activities, suffered a disability and loss of a normal life and has lost wages as a result of her alleged injuries.

She is represented by Michael Glisson of Alton.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Lola Maddox.

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