St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Belleville.

Lelma Traylor filed a wrongful death suit against St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Belleville and Dr. Alana Thompson alleging that the defendants failed to diagnose her late husband's pulmonary embolism.

She alleges that on May 24, 2005, Earl Traylor was a patient at St. Elizabeth's UrgiCare center in O'Fallon complaining of shortness of breath.

According to the complaint, he was diagnosed by Thompson with presyncope, the medical term for feeling faint and lightheaded without losing consciousness, and multiple sclerosis. He was discharged with instructions to see his doctor in seven to 10 days.

Traylor claims the next day her husband suffered cardiopulmonary arrest and was admitted to St. Elizabeth's in Belleville where he later died.

Traylor claims that Thompson failed to adequately and timely perform a chest CT, failed to perform necessary diagnostic tests, failed to recognize risk factors for developing a pulmonary embolism and failed to recognize that Early Traylor's symptoms were indicative of a pulmonary embolism.

She also claims that Thompson failed to perform an adequate evaluation and assessment of his medical condition, failed to treat the embolism, failed to refer him for immediate follow up care and discharged him in light of the crucial nature of his condition.

Traylor claims that as a result of the defendants' negligence and death, his next of kin have suffered great losses of a personal and pecuniary nature, including, the loss of money, benefits, goods and services he provided and the loss of companionship, instruction, moral training and superintendence of education and society.

She also claims that Earl Traylor suffered serious injuries and great pain and suffering prior to his death as a result of the defendants' negligence and carelessness.

Traylor is seeking a judgment in her favor and against St. Elizabeth's and Thompson in an amount necessary to fully and fairly compensate the estate but in excess of $300,000.

She is represented by Dawn Mefford of St. Louis.

06 L 173 (20th Circuit)

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