A man who was shot 12 times by an intoxicated patron at the Four Aces night club in East St. Louis is suing the club's owners and the shooter for his severe and permanent injuries.

Jack Curry, Jr. claims he was shot at the club on March 19, 2005, by Ferendo Williams, and has since undergone more than 10 surgeries to the areas of the bullet wounds.

"Plaintiff has had and with reasonable certainty will continue to have disability or loss of a normal life, disfigurement, pain and suffering and medical expenses," the complaint states.

According to the lawsuit filed March 17 in St. Clair County Circuit Court, the club's owners, Johnnie D. Wilson, Sam Shelton and Dorothy Young, and security guards, breached their duty to keep guns out of the establishment.

Four Aces is located at 1314 E. Broadway in East St. Louis.

Curry's minor son, Trevion Harrison, is a plaintiff seeking to recover damages for loss of society caused by the intoxicated person and the club's failure to protect his father from injury.

"...Loss of society, meaning the mutual benefit that a son receives from his father's continued existence, including love, affection, care, attention, companionship, comfort, guidance and protection," the complaint states.

Together, they are seeking in excess of $200,000 in damages.

The plaintiffs are represented by Benjamin F. Goldenhersh of Goldenhersh & Goldenhersh in Belleville.

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