Still judging

by The Madison County Record |
Mar. 19, 2006, 5:20am

George Moran

Jay Hoffman

Retired Madison County Circuit Judge George Moran, Jr., whose sudden departure last month created chaos for attorneys and judges on a very busy court day, was spotted in his old digs with a female companion recently.

Apparently, Moran is not really retired after all.

He met with his replacement, Judge Lola Maddox, and was reportedly asking his former colleagues to send arbitration cases his way.

Sleeping with the enemy

Anyone who's paid a visit to their Metro-East doctor lately has heard about the divide growing between the Illinois State Medical Society and the St. Clair and Madison County Medical Societies.

The local folks, who were on the frontlines of a hard-fought battle to get a caps bill passed last year, felt cheated upon learning that their state partner stepped out with arch-reform nemesis State Rep. Jay Hoffman (D-Collinsville).

The deal: Hoffman voted for the bill, in exchange for an opponent-free pass in the 2006 election and the crown jewel ISMS endorsement.

One big problem: No one from ISMS thought to tell the locals about the arrangement.

Sources tell Dicta that the day after Carol Kugler filed her paperwork, an irritated Hoffman called ISMS lobbyist Jim Tierney on the carpet for not making good on the deal.

Hoffman is of counsel at the Lakin Law Firm in Wood River, whose name partner once described medical malpractice lawsuits as the firm's "bread and butter."

Midwest jingoism

Underwhelmed in the recent Southern Illinois-based reports that East Alton trial attorney John Simmons' "Field of Dreams" in Marion will remain team-less was the clout that trumped him.

Former Indiana Govenor and South Bend Mayor Joe Kernan led a group that bought the South Bend Silver Hawks, vowing to keep the team in the Hoosier State.

To be sure, "Safe at Home" was Kernan's mantra in announcing the team's schedule last week. The Silver Hawks open with the Michigan Whitecaps on April 10th; tickets cost $1.

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