Touchette Regional Hospital

Willie Spencer filed a medical malpractice suit against Touchette Regional Hospital and Jose Ramon, M.D. in St. Clair County Circuit Court Jan. 17, seeking damages for leaving a metal screw in his thigh after an operation.

Spencer claims he was told by Ramon that he needed an operation to repair a break in his left femur bone and consented to have the surgery performed at Touchette in Centerville on Jan. 14, 2004.

According to Spencer, Ramon was negligent and careless, and failed to use the degree of care which ordinary or prudent doctors would use under similar circumstances by failing to:

  • Account for the metal screws which he was putting into his leg; and

  • Adequately supervise staff including interns, anesthesiologists and nurses so a proper count of surgical screws could be maintained.

    Spencer claims the screw endangers his well-being, is painful and harmful and poses a threat to infection.

    He also claims he has incurred medical expenses, experienced pain and suffering and has lost the enjoyment of his life.

    Represented by Francis Kennedy of St. Louis, Spencer is seeking damages in excess of $200,000, plus pre- and post-judgment interest and all costs of the suit.

    06 L 31 (20th Circuit)

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