A man has filed suit against the doctor whom he alleges left bone fragments in his nose following surgery, causing him to experience severe pain.

Michael L. Hosfelt alleges defendant Dr. Wallace P. Bertkowitz performed surgery on Hosfelt's sinus, nose, head, neck and face Jan. 21, 2013. During the surgery, Bertkowitz utilized a chisel to destroy and detach the bone in Hosfelt's sinus cavity, nasal passage, face and skull, according to the complaint filed Jan. 22 in Madison County Circuit Court.

"After said surgery, bone fragments, resulting from defendant Berkowitz's aforesaid use of a chisel, remained inside plaintiff Hosfelt's sinus cavity, nasal passages, head, neck, face and skull," the suit states.

Following the surgery, Hosfelt, suffered intense and unrelenting pain at the surgical site and its surrounding tissues, an unrelenting high fever and an unusual color and quantity of discharging fluids from his nose and mouth, the complaint says.

"The symptoms of post-surgery infection did not abate nor diminish but instead increased to the point that plaintiff Hosfelt had to arrive at the emergency room of Christian Hospital N.E. in St. Louis on or about Jan. 25, 2013, for emergency medical treatment," the suit states. "It was [then] Hosfelt learned of the post-surgery infection."

The suit states Hosfelt remained hospitalized until Feb. 6, 2013, and learned that he would require an additional surgery to remove the bone remaining fragments. On Feb. 11, 2013, Hosfelt returned to the hospital for the surgery, but continues to experience pain and has been unable to obtain and hold employment of any kind, according to the complaint.

Berkowitz negligently failed to request that Hosfelt be examined by himself or any other physician, refused to prescribe any antibiotics or other medication, failed to advise Hosfelt about the possibility of an infection and told Hosfelt the symptoms would subside with time, the suit states.

Hosfelt seeks a judgment of more than $75,000, plus costs and other relief the court deems just.

Attorney Robert Elovitz of Edwardsville will represent Hosfelt.

Madison County Circuit Court case number: 15-L-78.

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