A St. Clair County warehouse worker says he was hurt when he fell out of a moving trailer that was supposed to be parked at a loading dock.

Kwame Kennedy filed a lawsuit Sept. 30 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Holtgrave Distributing Inc. and Dean Foods Company.

Kennedy's alleged injury happened while working at an O'Fallon warehouse owned by Dean Foods in October 2012, according to the complaint. He says he was hosing out the inside of a trailer that was parked at a loading dock. The trailer, which carried milk products, was allegedly owned by Holtgrave Distributing.

Kennedy claims one of the distributing company's employees pulled the trailer away from the loading dock while he was still inside, causing him to be thrown out of the back of the trailer and onto the ground. While he was on the ground, Kennedy says he was hit by 88-gallons of milk that were on the trailer.

Kennedy accuses the defendants of negligence and asks for more than $150,000 in damages for medical bills, loss of income and costs of the lawsuit. Attorney Jane Unsell, of Wood River, represents Kennedy.

St. Clair County Circuit Court case number: 14-L-667.

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