Prenzler detractors resort to name calling absent any solid arguments

By The Madison County Record | Jul 8, 2014

To the Editor:

The media follows Madison County Treasurer Kurt Prenzler closely these days. Most stories revolve around his reform of Fred Bathon’s Madison County rigged tax sales or of Prenzler’s reform of Madison County investments in accord with Illinois law.

Recently, Prenzler’s detractors appeared in the press calling him ‘reckless’ or in league with "Tea Party crack pots." These attacks seem more about a desire to win back Prenzler’s Treasurer’s post for their party rather than about good government or a bi-partisan approach to investments. How come?

Let’s consider what Prenzler has accomplished. That "crack pot" Prenzler reduced the Treasurer’s Office budget by 30 percent saving taxpayers a million dollars!  Terrible!  The diabolical Prenzler improved tax sales and helped many struggling homeowners by allowing them to hold on to their homes. Reckless! That political outsider Prenzler invested Madison County money according to state law in local banks rather than the usual Arkansas long term bonds. Prenzler followed principles of safety, liquidity, and short duration. What a crack pot!

What Prenzler seems guilty of is reducing a bloated Treasurer’s budget, drawing people’s attention to rigged tax sales, and placing investments in accordance with Illinois law. His actions upset Dunstan’s and Faccin’s "political business as usual" approach to government.

Detractors present no solid arguments against Prenzler and appear to be name calling.  Experts call this "argumentum ad hominem."  Some might call it "argumentum ad nauseum" because when you see it for what it is, it may make one sick.

Philip W. Chapman


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