How (not) to succeed in (monkey) business

By The Madison County Record | May 2, 2014

Among the secrets to a lasting relationship are two: spite and inertia. If neither party can bear the thought of the other being happy with someone else and the prospect of getting back into the dating scene scares the living daylights out of both, their union is pretty much solid.

The mine fields of third-millennium dating are hard to negotiate, the complexities of secular courtship conducive to chastity.

If a 21st Century woman finds a man appealing, she might encourage his advances or make her own. If she finds him loathsome, those same advances might seem oppressive.

In a not-so-bygone era, a woman could and would deflect an unwelcome pass – gently or harshly – without recourse to the legal system. In today’s litigious times, courting a date can result in a date in court.

Confusion as to the proper protocol in l'amour d'aujourd'hui does not explain the boorish  behavior of sexual opportunists like Highland Park attorney Paul M. Weiss.

This guy deserves to be exiled not only from the law profession but from polite society as well (what’s left of it).

Weiss was accused of sexually harassing several women – five former employees, a neighbor, a stranger on the street – and we’re not talking about hypersensitive or hysterical misinterpretations of unappreciated flirting. We’re talking phone harassment, public indecency, disorderly conduct, assault, and more.

We’re talking about a boss who is accused of pressing females employees for sex, molesting them, exposing himself to them, etc.

A panel of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission Hearing Board concluded that Weiss should be punished for his behavior.

In part of a less than ringing defense, his attorney conceded that Weiss “might be a jerk,” but is “not a criminal.”

The disciplinary board recommended only that Weiss be suspended for 30 months, not permanently disbarred. Even that proposed slap on the wrist was too much for Weiss. He is appealing – in the legal sense only.


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