April 15, 2014



$7,000- 915 Willard Ave.- Federal Home Loan Mortgage to John Klein

$10,000- 2814 E.  Broadway- Darren A. and Janet R. Smith to Stephen Adler

$80,000- 1013 E. 4th St.- Greater Alton Community to Forest Wiliams Jr.




$25,000- 330 Grant St. - Secretary of HUD to Shannon Ray

$100,000- 114 West Grace St.- Becky L. Bakken to Larry Overmeyer and Kim Overmeyer

$34,900- 8117 Lost Bridge Rd.- Charles F. Pelan and Barbara C. Pelan to Bradley J. Paslay and Randi D. Paslay




$42,300- 913-915 W. Clay St.- Secretary of HUD o Shannon Bridges

$100,000- 1550 Douglas Ave.- Kenneth L. Quinian and Patricia E. Quinlan to Nancy Erlich




$790,000- 6851 N. State Rte. 159- Charles Daniel Binkley to David Weston Turner-Cole and Danny Jason Turner- Cole

$575,000- 3340 Drysdale Ct.- James S. Boyd and Tina B. Boyd to Joshua A. McDonald and Tracy S. McDonald

$10,050- 1105 Illinois Ave.- Superior Bank to Catherine and Jeffery L. Ray

$590,000- 3030 Sunset Hills Blvd South- Rebecca L. Becker to Peter F. Reinecke


Glen Carbon:


$143,900- 151 Munzert Dr.- Charles Montgomery and Jody Montgomery to Ryan M. Krause




$150,000- 1013 Winter Lane- Grant M. Richey to Summers Property

$113,000- 1502 Colonial Dr.- Vivian N. Douglas to Donna J. Massey

$69,500- 1307 Sir Galahad Ln.- Daniel W. and Gwendalyn r. Cope to Crystal Woodman

$80,000- 2724 Greenwood Ln.- Ronald E. and Diane M. Mead to Janeen E. Blakely


Granite City:


$16,174- 1750 Maple St.- Secretary of HUD to Karen Klein

$203,000- 4824 Karen Dr.- Earl W. Niepert and Elizabeth E. Niepert to Steven L. Light and Stacie L. Light

$92,000- 2233 Delmar Ave.- Kelly R. Garcia to David M. Mickelberg and Kimberly A. Mickelberg

$16,000- 2209 Miracle Ave.- Secretary of HUD to Bruce A. Downs

$91,500- 3701 Johnson Rd.- Bruce Downs and Nadine Downs to Scott T. Trittschuh

$79,000- 4220 State Route 162- Austin Garber and Valerie Garber to Phillip J. Hickam

$48,000- 4841 Lake Dr.- Sarah R. Saebens and Jason White to City of Granite City




$35,000- 123 East Maple- Walter and Trixie Willeford to Hartford LLC




$216,000- 75 Glory Dr.- Highland School District to Ronald J. and Dana T. Donoho

$34,000- 2442 Motel Rd. - Bernard O. Huelsmann to John L. Parker II

$35,000- 104 Tacoma- Chris and Lindsay Brefeld to Jeffrey and Rebecca Trout

$203,900- 90 Arrowleaf St.- Stephen M. Kirkpatrick and Sara E. Kirkpatrick to Jacob A. Doerer and Lauren L. Doerer




$106,000- 110 S. Windmill St.- Darren R. and Kristie Simmons to Michael A. Langford and Kara A. Kniser




$130,000- 1060 Meadow Lake Dr.- Connie S. Wellesley to Jack L. Locandro and Leda M. Locandro




$78,000- 502 Doerr St.- Robert G. Diveley to Jerry J. Wildhaber Jr.


St. Jacob:


$75,000- 1606 Rustic Ln- Beverly Hornal, Mollee Hornal , Kellee Hornal , David Hornal to Justin Whittington




$30,000- 333 Quail Lake Dr.- Donald P. Osborn and Joseph E. Osborn to Christopher M. Oliver and Erika Oliver

$77,000- 8610 Aidan Way- Paragon Trust to Timothy and Erin Brown

$135,000- 8560 Country Ln.- Patricia May Simms, Verna Lou Wood, Irene Catherine Murphy, Iva Jean Hunt and Richard William Hunt to Jeffrey W. Golden



April 16, 2014




$58,000- 204 Brentwood Blvd.- Marcella E. Wilson to Dawn L. Edelen

$9,900- 2110 Amelia St.- Empire Tax Corp to Jared R. Henry




$60,000- McCoy Rd.- Robert Lowrance to Mike Lenger




$105,000- 686 North Liberty Rd.- Gerald Montroy to Greg A. Maggi


East Alton:


$130,000- 192 Valley Dr.- Rocky McDonald mark Gelnigin and Phyllis Webb to Michael Hudock




$416,000- 2020 Golf Course View Dr.- First Clover Leaf Bank to Ryan d. Butler and Betsy J. Butler

$79,000- 70 Devon Ct. Apt 6- Cynthia Louis Campbell to Harold E. Hoskins and Sandra L. Hoskins

$109,000- 1443 Ladd Ave.- Alex Woolsey and Karyn Graham to Anthony J. Sullivan and Lauren E. Sullivan

$200,000- 976A University Dr.- Bradley P. Wilken to Sara D. Albers

$52,241- 3119 Alexandria Dr.- Savannah Crossing to Kathy Jatcko


Glen Carbon:


$1,825,000- 401-445 Orchard View Ct.- Town and Country Homes to GEO Group


Granite City:


$22,850- 4151 Division St. - Zachary I. Evans to Dustin Dallas and Cori Dallas

$85,000- 3201 Fehling Rd.- David W. Seilheimer and Michelle L. Seilheier to Bruce Groshong and Mary Groshong




$38,000- 108- 110 Park Road- Clifford and Judith Gruner to Michael J. Folwell

$7,966- 108- 110 Park Rd.- Michael J. Folwell to Amber J. Tallman

$60,000- 4603 Hill Rd.- Mark A. Frey and Gail A. Frey to Brent Frey and Amy Frey




$250,000- 2921 Bluff Meadown Dr.- Kevin M. Cadigin and Tim Cadagin to Dennis C. Griebel

$230,000- 2700 Deerfield Dr.- Julie M. Brown and Mark R. Brown to Micheal J. Lnadwehr and Pamela M. Landwehr




$121,750- 502 Riggin Rd.- Brian Weiss to Nicholas J. Garcia




$120,000- 513 W. Wall St.- Michal E. Schelling to Robert S. Strothmann

$74,000- 321 N. Shirley St.- Robert Strothmann to Lisa A. Kalika



April 17, 2014




$20,185- 600 Sering Ave.- Secretary of HUD to Steven M.and Marilyn L. Krankel

$2,000- 2800 E. Broadway- Darren A. and Janet R. Smith to The Worley Allen Limited Partnership

$55,000- 1011 Danforth St.- Fannie Mae to Gary D. Seesengood

$30,000- 803-805 Alby St.- Shawn Greeves to George Scanlon and Kenneth Williams




$37,100- 1225 W. Main St.- Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Birkenmeyer Properties

$172,000- 416 Cypress Creek Rd.- Wendy L. Wilke to James Benhoff

$4,000- 639 E. Main St.- City of Collinsville to Bob Mounts




$145,500- 608 Wyma Place- Brian D. Hires and Beth Hires to Janice K. Neuhaus

$225,000- 209 Belden Dr.- Vicki S. Owens to Earl W. Niepert III and Elizabeth Niepert

$72,500- 7437 Conner Ln.- Andrew G. Conner and Julia A. Conner to Mark O'Connor and Beth O'Connor

$118,500- 605 Westview Dr.- Kathleen Schneider to Craig S. Wright and Courtney Wright

$286,824- 320 Shea Ct.- Prairieland Builders to Allen Duncan Jr and Hillary Duncan

$280,000- 6932 St. James Dr.- Paul L. Fisk to Reinhold W. Borgmann and Joan M. Borgmann


Glen Carbon:


$166,500- 101 Bayfield Dr.- Donald E. Hubler and Patricia L. Hubler to Bart Smith and Sara Smith




$80,499- 4910 W. Hill Dr.- Barbara J. Burlemann to W. Finley Loesch and Megan C. Sumpter

$117,500- 3616 W. Delmar Ave.- Eric A. Bowker and LIsa A. Bowker to Courtney F. Tepen and Dustin L. Groves


Granite City:


$1,000- 732 28th St.- Johnny Clifton and Thomas Clifton to Richard Carter and Tammy Carter

$3,000- 2817 Denver St.- Bank of America to Chris Barton and April Barton




$74,500- 607 Poplar St.- Norman R. Pratt to Joshua and Jaclyn Hancock

$152,000- 1408 Lynn St. - Brandon J. and Ashley L. Kircher to Scott W. and Amanda S. Stehlik

$149,000- 1817 Cypress St.- Nicholas C. Klenke to Linda M. Schwend

$100,900- 40 Northview Dr.- Marilyn Suever to Matthew Q and Erin T. Hiltibidal




$35,000- 1605 Elizabeth St.- Patricia York to Christine E. Plummer




$185,000- 2774 Woodfield Dr.- Robb Williams and Pamela Williams to Steven R. Jachino


St. Jacob:


$170,000- 1357 Old State Route 4- Fred M. Rice and Susan R. Rice to Jeremy Lester Brocke




$233,500- 315 Truman Lane- Kevin J. Lemanski and Carla D. Lemanski to Jason L. Goodin and Julie A. Goodin




$50,990- 309 McClelland Dr.- Vicksburg Development to Construction Solutions

$75,000- 307 N. Charcoal St.- Larry M. Hoffman and Jacqueline M. Hoffman to Kimberly A. Heintz

$232,900- 18 Saddiebrooke- Alan L. Schaffer and Kimberly K. Schaffer to William E. Preston and Elizabeth A. Preston


Wood River:


$94,362- 521 10th St.- Terry L. Meyer to Charles and Stephanie Carriker

$184,000- 200 Shawnee Dr.- Lantz Homes to Michael E. Sabolo and Susan M. Sabolo



April 21,2014




$43,000- 2318 State St.- Federal National Mortgage to David W. Eagleton and Suzanne E. Eagleton




$189,900- 3 Sycamore Dr.- Gregory K. Harden and Deborah S. Harden to Lucas R. Lenhardt and Kimberly A. Lenhardt

$525,000- 400 N. Beau Chateau- The Manning Club to Lifebrook Church




$270,000- 7348 Magnolia- Edward F. Sylvia and Susan W. Sylvia to Matthew Parker and Jami Parker

$146,000- 2010 Vandalia St. - Kevin, Timothy, and Daniel Cadagin to Boyd Agency

$102,000- 205 Windridge- Helen L. Busarow to John Scarbourough and Donna Scarborough


East Alton:


$170,000- 979 E. Airline Dr.- Carroll J. Reynold to Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 553




$138,500- 508 Holiday Dam Rd.- Eric Short and Sara Short to Michael J. Hargis

$372,500- 8 Fairway Dr.- Cheng Chang Tsai and Lii-mei B. Tsai to Michael Burstadt and Gerusa Burstadt




$21,343- 202-A W. Delmar Ave.- Sabre Investment to Suzanne Schrage

$81,500- 204 Meadowlark Dr.- Beverly J. Dulin and Vincent M. and Kelley R. Cassens


Granite City:


$7,000- 2816 Dale Ave.- Linda E. Sweitzer to Fred R. Walch and Linda K. Gresham

$18,500- 3032 Iowa St.- Barbara E. Fowler to Jeff A. Moss

$24,800- 2924 Dale Ave.- The Secretary of HUD to Kameshai Leigh Yeager and Dawn M. Yeager

$82,000- 16 Blue Spruce Ct.- Donald E. Richards and Kathy L. Mcguire to Jerry L. Staton and R. Elaine Staton




$130,000- 86 Stonebrooke Dr.- Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Mark S. Kabureck Jr.




$30,000- 1203 Grand Ave.- Alexander Tarpoff II to Thomas Cochran




$25,000- 219 South Windmill St.- Michael L. Frisse and Alice F. Frisse to Melvin E. Smith and Joyce L. Smith




$239,000- 1964 A Gliddon Blvd.- CMG Custom Construction to Frank Klein and Nancy Klein


Wood River:


$85,000- 101 Summit Hill Dr.- Michael W. Tassinari and Mary E. Tassinari to Andrew Varble




April 22, 2014




$60,750- 3418 Leo Ave.- Ross Chronister and Hana Chronister to Jeremy P. Brandon

$74,225- 4625 Storeyland Dr.- Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Michael Fitzpatrick

$5,000- 3535 Oscar- Kathryn Damm to Joe Farmer

$16,500- 3209 Edgewood Ave.- Superior Bank to Tycon Builders LLC

$114,000- 2904 Utah Pl.- John D. and Ruth A. Lehmann to Gordon and Shirley Ruyle

$4,500- 608 Brookside Ave.- Jesse Smith to Troy Jones




$268,500- 4556 East Golike Ln.- Michael and Susan Roark to David and Donna Nunnally




$165,000- 130 Pine Hollow Ln.- Robert J. Roennigke and Jane J. Roennigke to Richard II and Trisha Seelen

$158,500- 410 Chapel Dr.- Paul P. O'brien and Antoinette M. O'brien to Garry W. Carter and Amber M. Carter


Cottage Hills:


$14,000- 1437 3rd St.- Federal National Mortgage to Warren C. Courtoise




$275,000- 854 Newport Bay Dr.- Dean C. Keune and Jean V. Keune to Eric A. Short and Sara L. Short

$86,532- 206 Hale Ave.- Secretary of HUD to Wade Berner

$327,750- 8  Goldenrod Ln.- Bryan E. Speight and Candra C. Speight to Bruce W. Hunt and Jessica S. Hunt

$163,000- 524 Pepperhill Ct.- Van Hoveln Properties to Kurt Alt and Lori Johannessen




$82,500- 5902 Dogwood Ln.- Diane K. Davis to Jennifer L. Thompson

$57,000- 3809 Stanka Ln.- Tony R. Filippone to Morris Wahl

$220,000- 5308 Wright Ct.- Laverel . Daill to Jean V. and Dean C. Keune

$50,000- 5310 Godfrey Rd.- Richard and Ralona Wttels and Jessica Wittels to Kara Kruse


Granite City:


$100,000- 1041 Cote Brillante- Donald S. Meadors and Crystal Meadors to Christopher D. Anderson

$59,000- 2055 Cleveland Blvd.- Phoenix Crisis Center to Joan L. Woods




$10,500- 1723 Rhodes St.- Joel Langenstein and Donna Langenstein and Thomas S. Gordon Jr. to Orlando McGill and Lashawnda McGill




$250,000- 3563 Boomerang Dr.- James R. Rugg to Matthew Hankins and Jillian Anne Pish




$180,000- 11 Santa Anita Dr.- Champaign Investment to Donald R. Cary Jr. and Britany D. Cary




$245,000- 127 Stonebriar Dr.- Brent Broshow and Lyn Browhow to Larry Brantley and Tara Brantley

$325,930- 108 Ridge Crossing Ln.- Penn Builders to Sean M. Wolters and Kendra A. Wolters

$208,000- 1483 Martin Dr.- Scot Wanamaker and Amy Wanamaker to Clayton Hoff and Danielle Hoff


Wood River:


$257,000- 723 Crestview Dr.- William F. Laird to Tina Crews

$37,500- 1425 Ladd Ave.- Ray L. Ursprung to Kelly Bohnenstiehl

$39,000- 669 Edlawn Street- Deutsche Bank to Mallory Rental

$20,000- 203 Central Ave. - Rue E. Foe to Mark A. Unnerstall




$179,500- 8575 Schien Rd.- Steven M. Yotter and Michelle and Thomas Keck

$105,000- 224 Kansas- Donna Jean Vegher to Robert H. Gusewelle



April 23, 2014




$652,919- 2390 Homer Adams Parkway- Sailorman Inc to Chancellor Income Holdings

$22,000- 3419 Milton Dr.- Secretary of HUD to Robert and Rose Mary Carter

$179,886- 2390 Homer Adams Parkway- Sailorman Inc to STORE Master Funding II




$145,000- 98 Chapel Dr.- Clinton W. Duensing to Mark Lawson and Nikole Martin Lawson

$26,000- 6805 Lebanon Rd.- Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Bruce J. Duhr


East Alton:


$52,900- 416 Broadway- David T. Wolf to Heather and Joseph Hieke




$185,000- 5937 Old Poag Rd.- Chin-Ming Chui and Chu-Hui Chiu to Keith and Diane Dudding

$149,900- 1527 Lewis Rd.- Islamic Center of Edwardsville to Harry R. Hall

$128,918- 197 Woodland Dr.- Chad and Esther Adamson to Secretary of Veterans Affairs

$128,918- 197 Woodland Dr.- Chad and Esther Adamson to Secretary of Veterans Affairs


Glen Carbon:


$171,900- 21 A Kettle River Dr.- Harry R. Hall to Islamic Center of Edwardsville


Granite City:


$19,900- 2607 LaRussa Ct.- Timothy Ellsworth and Lisa Ellsworth to Maria Antonovich

$110,000- 2120 Clark Ave.- Burt L. Fields and JoAnne Fields to Nathan D. Schneider and Jennifer L. Teesco

$7,000- 2321 Washington Ave.- Media Elaine Milton to Tracy L. Barham




$202,000- 813 Oakridge- Russell and Cynthia Mitzel to Joseph Evansco and Jessica Hadfield


South Roxanna:


$51,000- 507 Ohio Ave.- Paul Sellars to Amanda N. Jennings

$4,500- Smith Ave.- Estate of Doris Ann Dhue to Joseph W. Stabener


Wood River:


$61,000- 558 N. Brushey Grove Ave.- Amos Brown to Jenna Pile

$79,900- 132 12th St.- Christine and James Velloff, and Mark and Diane Adams to Amos Brown




$157,900- 423 E. Donnewald- James L. Mugrave to Tharrin Akers






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