An Edwardsville woman has re-filed a lawsuit against FGM Architects-Engineers, Williams Brothers Construction, Branner Glass and Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville over injuries sustained when a sheet of ice allegedly fell from a glass roof and struck her in the neck while walking on the campus in February 2011.

Joy Tedford and her husband Gary Tedford filed the new complaint March 25 in Madison County Circuit Court, after having voluntarily dismissed their original suit on March 25, 2013.

Because of the incident, Joy Tedford was made sick, sore, lame, disordered and disabled, suffered back, neck and head injuries, incurred medical costs, experienced pain and suffering and lost wages, the suit states. She also suffered disability, the complaint says.

Gary Tedford claims he lost his wife’s society, companionship, affection and consortium due to the collision.

The Tedfords blame FGM, which built the glass tower from which the ice fell, Branner Glass, which designed the roof, Southern Illinois University and Williams Brothers Construction, which designed the roof, for causing Joy Tedford’s injuries, saying they failed to install ice blocks or dams on the building, failed to install sufficient room between the building to sidewalk to prevent employees from being struck by falling ice and failed to install anything to reduce the danger of falling sheets of ice.

The Tedfords are seeking a judgment of more than $550,000, plus costs. They are being represented by Randall P. Steele of Glen Carbon and William Meacham of Edwardsville.

In their previous suit, the Tedfords were represented by James R. Williams of Williams, Caponi & Foley in Belleville.

Madison County Circuit Court Case No. 14L477.

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