A St. Clair County man claims the tendons in his hand were severed when he struck it against a strike plate after attempting to pick up a soda bottle.

Casey Sonnenberg filed a lawsuit March 20 in the St. Clair County Circuit Court against PDQ Industries, doing business as PDQ Manufacturing.

Sonnenberg claims he was walking through a doorway at his work, which had a strike plate designed by PDQ Manufacturing, on April 3. As he was walking through the door, he attempted to grab a soda bottle that was falling from his hands, according to the complaint. As he was attempting to catch the bottle, his hand came into contact with the strike plate, the suit states.

As a result, the razor-edged strike plate sliced through plaintiff's hand, cutting through his skin and severing tendons, the complaint says.

Because of the incident, Sonnenberg claims he suffered painful and permanent injuries, endured permanent pain and disability and experienced disfigurement. He also incurred medical costs and lost wages and his enjoyment of life, according to the complaint.

Sonnenberg blames PDQ for causing his injuries, saying it negligently manufactured a strike plate with a tongue that had a razor-like edge, made a strike plate in an unreasonably dangerous condition, sold a strike plate that did not have rounded edges and designed a strike plate without placing a guard over the edges of its tongue.

Sonnenberg is seeking a judgment of more than $100,000, plus costs and other relief the court deems just. He is being represented by Matthew P. Young of The Kuehn Law Firm in Belleville.

St. Clair County Circuit Court case number 14-L-233.

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