Lakin responds to Hertz

By The Madison County Record | Mar 15, 2014

To the Editor:

To the Editor:

I believe Bob Hertz should go back and re-read the mail piece my campaign sent regarding his use of on-duty detectives to pick him up at local bars. He might also reconsider the passage about the two on-duty officers who were sent to pick up a family member in Springfield, Mo.

The point of this piece is that Bob Hertz has a real arrogance of power – that he has lost touch with what it means to be a public servant. Hertz believes his office is there for his personal use, whenever and wherever he wants it.

He sees nothing wrong with taxpayers paying for him to be picked up at bars or his family to be ferried in County cars by on-duty County employees. Bob Hertz says these facts are lies, but sadly Bob knows he’s lying when he says that.

This is not an attempt to smear Bob Hertz. This is just the truth, plain and simple. The problem with Bob is that he’s manipulated the truth for so long he doesn’t recognize it when he sees it.

John Lakin

Candidate for Madison County Sheriff

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