In support of Hertz

By The Madison County Record | Mar 6, 2014

To the Editor:

In March of this year, Madison County voters will cast their primary ballot for their choice for Sheriff to represent them as the Democratic candidate during the General Election in November.

I would like to urge voters to allow current Sheriff Robert Hertz another term to represent them. The Sheriff is both a personal and professional friend whom I worked with for more than 32 years during my career at the Madison County Sheriff's office until I retired in 2006. At the time of my retirement, I was the Chief Deputy of the Sheriff's office.

Bob Hertz's entire 40 plus years in law enforcement has been spent at the Sheriff's office working with and/or supervising personnel from every division. From the time he was hired as a deputy in 1972 until he was first elected as Sheriff in 2002 his commitment has been quality law enforcement to the citizens of Madison County.

As a former detective under his command I witnessed his effectiveness at arresting criminals and obtaining justice for victims. As Sheriff he has commanded and maintained high standards for all members of the Sheriff's office while at the same time working within his budget on behalf of county taxpayers.

I hope you will join me in returning a proven law enforcement officer and administrator to the office of Sheriff of Madison County. Vote for Bob Hertz for Sheriff in the March 2014 primary election.

Dennis Fischer, Chief Deputy-retired

Wood River

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