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Madison County real estate May 21-27

By The Madison County Record | Jun 9, 2015

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May 21, 2015


•$249,900- 11737 Fruit Rd. - Shirley A. Collmann to Scott A. and Sherry R. McKinley

•$174,000- 11808 Niggli Rd. - Jerry A. and Melanie S. Stone to Timothy M. Duffin and Emily J. Rakers


•$95,000- 5011 Alicia Dr. - Michael Kuhnline to Charles D. Giberson

•$134,000- 4801 Fantasy Ln. - Cindi K. Hill to McKaley Johnson and Toni Fulcher

•$119,900- 4717 Snow White Terrace- Elrie J. and Barbara E. Paisley to Candis C. and James E. Newsome

•$63,500- 107 Hodge Ct. - Kevin J. and Mary C. Riker to Michael and Marianne L. Light

•$40,000- 1001 E. Broadway- Lawrence M. Rosen Living Trust to Maneke Enterprises

•$70,000- 5204 Pinoak- Citifinancial Servicing to Aaron Joyce


•$124,900- 505 W. Sherman- Chad Kraner to Luke and Christina Kistner


•$155,000- 1811 Sir Lancelot Dr. - Wesley J. and Tiffany D. Keasler to Duane C. and Patricia Zurliene

East Alton

•$6,000- 334 Broadway - Robert L. Pitchford to Matthew A. and Teresa L. King


•$147,000 - 310 Buena Vista st. - Tracia L. Roberson to William Allendoerfer

•$127,500- 981 Surrey Dr. - Federal National Mortgage to Vince Buehrle

•$130,000- 1608 Pontoon Rd. - Matthew R. and Angelina J. Corley to Jacob Terveer

Glen Carbon

•$81,500- 6054 State Route 162- Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Health Source

Granite City

•$5,000- 2210- 2212 Lee Ave. - James L. and Wendy K. Bast to American Goldfinch Preservation Trust

•$11,015- 1418 Grand Ave. - Fannie Mae to Roger Reyes

•$65,000- 3151 Rodger Ave.- Junius L. Rentro and Marilyn J. Boatwright to E.W. Whitt and A. L. Whitt and Shelia M. Ryan


•$37,500- Lower Marine Rd. - Dennis and Barb Tabor/Donald and Jean Oestringer to Frey Properties of Highland

•$10,000- Becker Rd. - Roger J. and Sharon L. Potthast to Oubie Bros.

•$216,000- 45 Falcon Dr. - Michelle L. Kuczka to Robert and Jennifer Batek

•$165,000- 35 Quail Dr. - Dustin Beard and Bobbi Slattery to Thomas and Debra Thole

•$132,000- 12725 Bellm Rd. - Martha Bellm to Jason Zobrist and Katelyn Willman

•$189,900- 25 Woodland Ct. - Amanda Nanney to Tammara J. and Luke E. Schutzenhofer

•$152,000- 95 Quail Dr.- Mary Ann Gould to Thomas F. and Cheryl R. Lyerla

•$35,000- 2442 Motel Rd. - John L. Parker II and Kelly J. Parker to Denzil C. and Theresa A. Hale

•$249,000-270 Baneberry Dr. - Shane A. and Lisa L. Walters to Jacinda A. and Danny L. Tubbs

•$140,000- 80A Tamarack Ln. - Vicki J. Clayton to Lisa L. Walters

•$85,000- 1115 7th St. - Richard and Judy Blake to Samantha J. Gonser


•$199,900- 26 Dogwood Terrace- William and Shirley Plunk to Donald and Michele Souder

New Douglas

•$90,000- 310 W. Foster St. - William A. Jr. and Stacey L. Savidge to Brandon E. Swearingen


•$31,500- 129 E. 3rd. St. - Homefront Properties LLC and JCS Acquisitions LLC to MYNEWPLACE


•$155,000- 61 Lake Shore Dr. - Keith Barackman to Jon and Cynthia Knauss


•$12,000- Stephenson Ave. - Joseph and Elfredia Shimchick to Lynn J. Simburger

Wood River

•$32,000- 11 Carstens Ave.- Heirs of Ralph Stahl to Linmark Properties

•$69,500- 656 E. Penning Ave. - Barbara Armstrong to Anita L. Hoeffner

May 22, 2015


•$24,000- 3218 Burton st. - JPMorgan Chase Bank to Travis R. Tarrant


•$95,000- 108 E. Lincoln St. - Jerry Christopher to Michelle M. and Joshua W. Rogers

•$65,000- 115 Courtland Pl.- First National Bank to Tara and Jerry Carver


•$75,000- 8517 Prairietown Rd. - Lance A. Brown to Philip Meyer


•$138,000- 1217 Harrison - Jason Wilshire and Heather Wilshire to Shawn Bowers

•$90,240- 1507 Oglesby Dr. - Governors Way to James and Carol Markland

•$617,140- 1503 Beveridge Ct.- Superior Home Builders to Larry and Deanna Peterson

Glen Carbon

•$320,000- 305 Aderdeen Dr. - Thomas Brooke Properties to Matthew T. and Jaclyn M. Peno

•$185,000- 26 Berry Patch Ln.- William M. and Leslie T. Collins to Paul G. and Kathleen Nester

•$305,000- 301 Aderdeen Dr. - Thomas Brooke Properties to Peter M. Kim

•$51,000- 3015 Scarlet Ct. - Savanna Crossing Development to Zandra N. Brown


•$276,500- 1701 Seminole Ln. - Rebecca S. Minor to John G. and Kelly J. Kodros

•$123,000 1523 W. Delmar Ave. - Marian Horn to John Lindsay

Granite City

•$34,000- 1516 Lindell Blvd. - Goshen Real Estate to Caleb Davis


•$32,000- 255 Baneberry Dr. - Metter Development to Alisia Klostermann


•$166,000- 2008 Briarbend Ct. - Donald H. and Becky L. Schidlkofer to Ryan Lee and Blythe Erin Poston

•$115,000- 6717 W. Main St. - John Gaskill to Tara M. Roche


•$90,000- 237 Vine St. - T. Leanne Copeland and Mark B. Willmore to Denise Baker

•$31,500- Lot 1 Fields Dr. - Chad and Kelley Gerber to Mark and Jennifer Brewer

St. Jacob

•$205,445- 9778 Lilac- Penn Builders to Timothy P. and Vanessa M. McCalla

•$124,500- 208 W. Main St. - Lisa R. and Scott Grissom to Thmas R. Webb Jr.


•$48,500- 8026 Charleston Rd. - Charleston of Troy LLC to Sundance Home Development

•$142,000- 335 Jarvis Ct. - Kent R. Lewis to Steven and Alisa Kendall

•$235,000- 221 Shadowbrooke- Brian L. and Rebecca L. Wood to Brian M. and Emily D. Collins

•$48,000- 104 W. Henderson - Freeman M. Porter to Mark F. Porter

•$279,000- 119 Oakshire Dr. - Dru J. and Tracy L Taplin to Aimee C. Alvstad and Scott Fandrey

•$280,000- 16 Forest Knoll Ct. - Lindow Contracting to Jason and Emily Kirkpatrick

Wood River

•$55,000- 746 Rice St. - Linda Morrison to Brandon Vonderheidt

•$29,000- 53 E. Ferguson Ave. - Bank of Edwardsville to Surinder Kumar and Ellen Kumar


•$215,000- 8780 S. Shore Dr. - Joseph K. and Karen S. O'Gara to Matthew W. and Karah D. Ridenbark

May 26, 2015


•$70,000- 3608 Gilham Ave. - Robert, Brent and Lisa Sanders to Wayne R. and Anna M. Hawkins

•$22,500- 627 Emerald Ave. - Secretary of VA to Geraldine and Albert Kyles Jr.


•$60,000- 1531 Douglas Dr. - Robert Hubbs to Dustin Wallace

East Alton

•$66,500- 215 Whitelaw Ave. - Jordan E. Griffin to Erin Robinette


•$18,000- 300 Deep Cove Dr. - Bonita M. Sherman to Paul E. and Ellen A. Worthey

•$70,000- 110 2nd Ave.- Cynthia M. Hartman to Rue E. Foe

•$442,000- 7305 Providence- Kendall Anderson to Matthew T. and Clarissa M. Crider

Glen Carbon

•$288,000- 316 Aberdeen - Beth and Robert Patrick to Kelly F. Dumas


•$90,000- 3405 Forsyth Pl.- Sunny Myers, Joseph Moomey, and Eric Myers to Kenneth and Melissa Daniels

•$153,000- 1210 Rosewood Ct. - Herman Pong Tung and Monica Hei Shuen Cheng

•$48,000- 7717 Redbird Ln. - June A. Sproull to Lawrence E. Kulp

Granite City

•$58,000- 2261 Delmar Ave. - Brian J. and Kandice M. Unfried to Ryan J. Glover

•$9,300- 2500 Sheridan Ave. - Fannie Mae to Thinh Nguyen


•$225,000- 6141 Keebler oaks Dr. - Sylvan Landau to KEndra Appleton

•$233,500- 2505 Liberty Dr. - Ryan R. Kneedler to Christopher R. and Teri L. Havron


•$288,000- 10 Hook Pond Way- Huntington Chase Homes Corp. to Justin A. and Katelynn E. Camillo

•$285,736- 8410 Herrick Park Dr. - Huntington Chase Homes Corp. to Phillip D. and Molly M. Feimuth

Wood River

•$69,000- 404 E. Penning Ave. - Shannon D. and Karen J. Bramel to Eric Nuno

•$94,000- 433 5th St. - Richard R. Bell to Geofrey N. Martinez

May 27, 2015


•$99,000- 3210 Brown St. - Matthew Preston to Eddie Rounds

•$83,000- 812 Bee Tree Ln. - Charlotte J. Spaeth to Randolph D. and Rebecca F. Davis

•$100,000- 1120 Milton Rd. - Dean D. and Jean M. Scott to Darrell D. Dewitt

•$116,000- 4471 Fosterburg Rd. - Bonnie K. Fessler to Roger Wood

•$9,200- 1216 Hazel Darius Bennett to Kendra L. Malone


•$155,900- 5604 State Rte. 140- Damon and Dawn Peterson to James and Kristen Button

•$87,000- 149 S. Kingdom St. - Joseph and Brenda Zacha to Phyllis H. Kloppe

•$60,000- 1 Jacob Field Ct. - R.L.P. Development to Lisa and Dustin Devening


•$600,000- 1014 Eastport Plaza Dr. - Phillip L Johnson to HealthCentral IL Holdings

•$76,862- 1007 Vine St.- Secretary of HUD to Sean Turner

•$92,000- 207 Lee Ave. - Billy Jay Kleine to Leigh Ann Pilcher

•$235,000- 118 david Dr. - Dennis A. and Janice M. Maggio to David and Christie Paddock

•$183,900- 1975 Mapleleaf Dr. - Norel E. and Elizabeth Ann Perkins to Joseph K. and Karen J. O'Gara

•$59,900- 703 N. Morrison Ave. - John Petty and Debra Petty to Justin and Ryan Varner

•$122,000- 733 Vandalia St. - Chester Dairy Company to My Phuong Truong

•$279,500- 10 Deer Trail Dr. - Andrew and Emily Petroline to Charles W. and Mindy Marie Sturtz


•$255,000- 29 Brookshire Ln. - Darrell and Kimberley Marsala- Eilers to Elizabeth M and Denver P. Seay

•$32,000- 2816 Old Staunton Rd. - Teddy Nemsky to Darrell Gall

•$323,000- 1713 Cameron Ct. - David M. Patton to Michael H. and Tracy L. Lewis

•$365,000- 3340 Piazza Ln. - John and Ellen Eska to Ryan And Lynette Nelson

Glen Carbon

•$289,650- 2232 Wildwood- Norma J. Stubban to William Garner Perigo Jr.

•$190,000- 3 Shaderest Ct. - Rhonda Goeglein to Chris and Megan Brown

•$165,000- 6 Cottonwood Glen dr. - Christopher L. and Megan L. Brown to Taylor Secrest

•$260,000- 23 Crestwood Dr. - Michael and Tracy Lewis to Robert M. and Beth A. Patrick


•$15,000- 6809 Beall Ct. - Rivers Edge to Fulford Homes

•$39,900- 523 Pearl St. - US Bank to Richard A. Ursch

Granite City

•$139,000- 2308 Dwight Ave. - Wise Choice Properties to Ann Weyhaupt and Brett Decker


•$167,900- 2065 Briarbend Ct. - Osborn Homes Inc to John and Elizabeth Emig


•$60,000- 8645 Aidan Way- Paragon Trust to Randy and Stephanie Venhaus

Wood River

•$74,400- 437 Dulaney Ave. - Laura M. Jewell to Hunter Gaffney and Casey L. Holland

•$25,000- 515 Grove- Gerald R. Robien to Thomas Robien

•$87,000- 909 E. Lorena- Dennis L. and Barbara E. Boger to Glen R. Phelps


•$99,750- Possum Hill Rd. - John S. Wonders Jr. to Wade C. Schelling

•$100,000- 238 McKinley St. - Lewis and Clark Habitat for Humanity to Cassandra Cusimano

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