Sarah Powers Oct. 25, 2013, 12:36pm

October 3, 2013


  • $20,000- 3310 Belle Street- Fannie Mae to 3310 Belle Steet Trust
  • $123,500- 4500 Alby Street- CV Investments LLC to Cope Plastics INC.
  • $30,000- 1633 S. Rodgers- Veda Fowler to Jennifer Scheldt
  • $115,700- 2306 Gillis Street- Terry M. Franich and Angela M. Franich to Elizabeth L. Roch

  • $105,000- 42 Orchid Dr.- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Michael Christensen
  • $175,000- 133 Meyer Drive- Carolyn P. Hoga to Brent Shapiro

  • $111,059- 721 Frederick Street- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD
  • $88,000- 1492 Ladd Avenue- Lou Ann Rhymer to  Jason Tetzlaff and Sara M. Wray
Glen Carbon

  • $135,900- 7 Cedar Lane- Charles C.C. Ho to Matthew Joyce and Amber Joyce

  • $210,000- 3044 Godfrey Road- Nu Bowl Lanes INC. to Trust Enterprise LLC
  • $80,000- 1008 W. Delmar Ave.- Darr Family Trust to Peter Vambaketes
Granite City

  • $14,127- 3029 Willow Avenue- Springleaf Financial Services of Illinois to Douglas E. Justus
  • $28,101- 2812 Edgewood Avenue- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Thomas A. Reed
  • $52,868- 1414 Grand Ave.- Bank of America to Bank of America
  • $9,800- 1414 Grand Ave.- Bank of America to Dana S. Watson
  • $41,500- 1621 Breman Ave.- U.S. Bank to Glindon Mathis
  • $44,065- 10 Briarcliff Drive- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of Veterans Affairs

  • $185,000- 13847 Kayser Road- Robert H. Korte and Edit L. Korte Living Trust to George K. Lamparter and Erin M. Korte-Lamparter
  • $125,000- 1411 9th St.- GSG Properties LLC to Bert T. Gatlin
  • $71,000- 545 D. Suppiger Way- First Collinsville Bank to Frey Properties of Highland LLC
  • $298,650- 13407 Wildlife Trail- Feldman Homes INC. to James J. and Sarah B. Winet
  • $78,000- 1600 Poplar Street- August R. and Enma A. Brecht to Ryne Weiss
  • $170,000- 15 Wren Drive- Steven A. Smith to Robert H. and Edith L. Korte Living Trust
  • $600,000- 6 Mackinac Court- Corey S. Lawrence and Colleen M. Lawrence to Kerry Sloan and Rachel Sloan
  • $64,000- 1405 14th St.- David K. Cason to Drew A. Cress and Ashley M. Newton

  • $26,000- 425 Nicholls St.- JPMorgan Chase Bank to Sharon L. Hoffman

  • $200,000- 824 Oakridge Dr.- Jeffrey K. Silvey and Julia K. Silvey to Ralph J. Shinevar Jr. and Alice A. Shinevar
  • $195,000- 121 Sundown Ridge- Broc Carter and Kristin Carter to Keith Pfeifer and Bobbi Gilliand
  • $183,000- 129 Sundown Ridge- Ernest L. Talbott and Michelle Talbott to Eric W. Barger
  • $35,000- 401 Nepute- Scott E. Young to Morco Investors LLC
Pontoon Beach

  • $50,000- 4222 State Route 162- Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to HOMEiNVESTORS
St. Jacob

  • $60,000- 2136 Hidden Creek- Timothy A. Funk and Kimberley A. Funk to Paoli Builders INC. and Marcus Raichle

  • $268,700- 3 Primrose Lane- Jason M. and Elizabeth C. Grieve to Bo Christopher Toft

  • $112,500- 312 Avalon Drive- Deutsche Bank Trust Company to Jason R. Imboden and Erin M. Imboden
  • $219,000- 252 Sunnybrooke- Skew Homes INC. to John Heater IIII
Wood River

  • $55,000- 758 Berry Rd.- Michael Trgovich and Judith A. Trgovich to Felica V. Babcock
October 4, 2013


  • $4,000- 700 Market Street- Jet of Illinois INC. to Lloyd Cook

  • $111,000- 143 Virginia Street- Kenneth H. Dewall and Faye J. Dewall to Casey M. Green

  • $202,000- 1931 Belt Line Road- Charles Meeks and Ruth Meeks to Farmland Auto Glass INC.
East Alton

  • $175,000- 309 Ohio Street- Village of East Alton to Technical Assistance Corporation

  • $30,000- Lot 18 E. Leclaira, Oakland Ave.- Shirley Pike to Jake Apple and Lindsey Apple
  • $455,000- 3312 Karros Court- Henry L. Goff and Laura A. Goff to Jon Scott Thomas and Joanne M. Thomas
  • $279,250- 120 Pleasant Ridge Drive- Kevin E. Kieffer and Dena M. Kieffer
Glen Carbon

  • $218,500- 7038 Augusta Drive- Charles M. Dawson to Catherine Mikolay
  • $187,500- 449 Monticello Place- Lisa M. Terry and Betty J. Steele to Kelly E. Reeve and David Reeve
Granite City

  • $97,000- 3 Iris Ave.- James B. Woods to Duane K. Talbert
  • $41,549- 2716 Angela Drive- Wells Fargo Bank to Michael DeBruce and Lauren DeBruce
  • $108,500- 5 Del Rio- Alice C. Hunsinger to Darwin P. Thornton Living Trust
  • $168,500- 4733 Danielle Court- R. P. Lumber Co. INC. to Matthew Wiwczaroski and Heather Wiwczaroski
  • $80,000- 3140 Davis Ave.- Mary Ann Glosecki to Bill J. Baker
  • $97,450- 3210 Colgate Place- Keith Talley to Dorothy Gorman
  • $146,000- 5 Hanson Drive- Eric Hill and Christina Hill to John Henderson and Melody Henderson
  • $13,000- 2874 Washington Avenue- Federal National Mortgage Association to Danielle L. Harris

  • $170,000- 6857 Manchester Drive- Brittany C. Oestringer to Cliff A. Emert and Betty S. Emert
Pontoon Beach

  • $178,108- 2825 Beth Ann Court- Dettmher Homes of Illinois LLC to Jon Paul Roderick and Michelle Lee Roderick
October 7, 2013


  • $133,500- 331 Silver Street- Christopher Edwards to Lillian L. Dobelbower
  • $150,000- 887 Neuneber Drive- United Community Bank to Arcadio Figueroa Torres

  • $600,000- 13, 15, and 17 Tieman Drive- Christine A. Pocs to CM Jones Properties LLC
  • $1,200,000- 1-6 Tanglewood- Christine A. Pocs to CM Jones Properties LLC
  • $90,450- 519 N. Morrison Ave.- Jerry W. Christopher to Andrew S. Bode
  • $10,000- 8305 College- Thomas F. and Vandell Gibson to Thomas C. Gibson
  • $86,000- 1546 Douglas Avenue-Paul Rose and Carmen Hawkins to Kasi L. Kalb
East Alton

  • $80,900- 73 Airline Drive- PL 2 Properties INC. to River Side Properties LLC
  • $125,000- 8 Airwood Drive- Joel Suttion and Kathi Sutton

  • $58,500- 6491 Karr Lane- David Nevins to Ronald J. Ellinger
  • $50,000- 127 James Road- Orville E. Hommert and Catherine A. Hommert to Donald P. Osborn and May E. Osborn
  • $54,000- 128 James- Richard F. Vorwald and Patricia J. Vorwald to Donald P. Osborn and Mary E. Osborn
  • $25,000- 16 Walnut Street and 9 Bittersweet- Stephen Stanley to Kui Liou
  • $275,000- 2002 Butler Boulevard- Christopher D. Dockery and Monica S. Spicer to Matthew Jahns
  • $191,900- 15 Oak Hill- The Bank of Edwardsville to David Kyle Dunn
Glen Carbon

  • $212,000- 7007 August Drive- Relocation Properties Management LLC to Jacob Newman
  • $133,000- 519 Pepper Hill Court- Deutsche Bank to Daniel and Dena Brickman
  • $65,000- 8 Jean Ann Drive- Margaret I. Zagar to Donald P. Osborn and Mary E. Osborn

  • $36,000- 111 Saint Thomas Road- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Larry E. Stark and Matilda P. Stark

  • $100,000- 800 Westwood Rd.- Sharon Lee Buehrer to Theresa L. Larson

  • $180,000- 5909 Moro Road- Homer L. Smith to Christopher D. and Jill K. Edwards
St. Jacob

  • $56,995- 9709 Meriwether Dr.- William R. Parkin Jr. and Christy A. Parkin to Michael Jacobi
Wood River

  • $37,000- 830 North 6th Street- Wilmington Trust to Quantun Lending LLC
October 8, 2013


  • $25,000- 3006 Mayfield Avenue- James R. and Ann B. Tolle to Alan D. Kincade
  • $20,000- Richland Woods Court- Robert Lynn Hall and Vicki B. Hall to Timothy, Steven and Margaret Freer
  • $35,000- 2200 Washington Ave.- Jacquelyn J. Monroe to Tim A. Kallal
  • $82,500- 3513 Glenn Dr.- James E. Brown to Corey E. Thornton
  • $70,600- 1813 Muny Vista Court- Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to A Better Neighborhood Foundation LLC

  • $55,000- 35 Carnation Dr.- Sharon Buehrer to Brad Stanek and Jamie A. Stanek
  • $65,000- 704 N. Liberty Rd.- Scott Windsor and Jamie Windsor to Jason Anderson and Anna Anderson
  • $56,400- 1118 Portland Avenue- Donald G. Walling, James N. Walling, and Darrell Walling to James S. Gray
East Alton

  • $92,000- 420 Nevada Ave.- Estate of William J. Howe to Dick W. Bloch
  • $78,000- 745 E. Rosedale Drive- Ryan C. Gatton to Joel Sutton and Kathi Sutton

  • $335,827- 3857 Plymouth Drive- Remington Properties LLC to Joshua R. Heil and Lori M. Heil
Granite City

  • $20,400- 2732 Saratoga Ave.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to HOMEiNVESTORS LLC
  • $25,000- 2732 Saratoga Ave.- HOMEiNVESTORS LLC to TMF Homes LLC

  • $9,000- 206 West 5th Street- Christiana Trust to Jerret Scott
South Roxana

  • $60,800- 303 Rose Avenue- Herrin Construction Company to Mark C. Love and Debra M. Love

  • $547,000- Kirsch Road- Mary O. Grapperhaus to Dale Grapperhaus
  • $87,765- 949 Wagon Trail Court- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Ohio Investments LLC
October 9, 2013


  • $56,500- 930 Hawley Ave.- RC Rentals LLC to Martin T. and Mae Earleen Arnold
  • $514,440- 1 Oak Street- Blue Tee Corp. to Azcon INC.
  • $634,290- 117 Chessen Lane- Blue Tee Corp to Azcon INC.

  • $35,000- 433 Park Drive- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kris Daryl Williams and Margaret Mary Williams
East Alton

  • $61,864- 105 Irwin Street- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

  • $67,000- 825 Hale Ave.- Wells Fargo Financial Illinois LLC to Erika A. Obrecht and Stanley E. Obrecht Jr.
  • $135,000- 218 Monroe Street- Whitney L. Barlow and Meghan A. Barlow to Monica L. Spicer
  • $182,500- 829 Ruskin Avenue- Nathan A. Vuagniaux and Deborah A. Vuagniaux to Matthew M. Jackson and Crystal L. Jackson
  • $235,000- 3901 Sequoia Drive- Kathleen Cooper and Michael Frank to Brian A Karcher and Mary E. Karcher
Glen Carbon

  • $250,000- 144 Crystal Gate- Scott M. Peters and Angela J. Peters to Randall Thoroman and Hannah Thoroman
Granite City

  • $500- 2148-50 South Adams Street- The Bank of New York Mellon to ROI US Holdings LLC
  • $24,000- 2417 Hodges Avenue- Eric McRoberts and Michele McRoberts to Keith D. May, Kim R. May, and Jason K. May

  • $115,500- 512 Oakwood Drive- Jeanne M. Hancock, Susan J. Ameiss, Robert J. Hancock and Carol A. Hancock to Benjamin Sheroky
Wood River

  • $60,000- 614 Maurice Street- United Community Bank to James Ray Roettgers
  • $87,500- 640 Payne St.- Terrry G. Heigert to Aaron C. Bottorff
October 10, 2013


  • $6,346,264- 2610 State St.- FWAG LLC to ARCDB5PROP001 LLC

  • $300- 1609 Olive Street- Madison County Housing Authority to The City of Madison
  • $47,000- 800 LaSalle Street- Home Federal Savings and Loan Association to Mark Coffman
East Alton

  • $155,000- 509 Third Street- Cynthia Winchester to East Alton Associates LP

  • $88- 114 Branch Drive- Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association INC. to Mark W. Lablance and Monika Lablance
  • $480,000- 3300 Drysdale Court- Jason M. Krapf and Jennifer L. Krapf to Richard J. Gaugler and Veronica A. Gaugler
Glen Carbon

  • $275,000- 324 Westminster Drive- Vision Relocation Group for Kenneth Karouzos to David C. Kalert and Ronald S. Eberhart
Granite City

  • $63,000- 3325 Terrace Lane- Gregory G. Williams to Timothy P. Queensen
  • $98,000- 3333 Village Lane- Ronald A. Langsdorf to Hoai No Ngo and Gia Lam Huynh

  • $43,000- 108 East Watkins Street- Charles Haring, Cheryl Haring and John Haring to Hartford LLC

  • $140,000- 105 Sunset Drive- Kimberly A. Chiarottino to Andrea N. Hayes

  • $300- 801 Bissell Street- Jesse L. Terrell and Byron Terrell to The City of Madison
  • $300- 717 Bissell Street- Alene Hall to The City of Madison

  • $109,000- 101 E. Market Street- Todd M. Evers to James D. Orcutt
October 11, 2013


  • $72,000- 1721B Muny Vista Drive- Janice C. Mueller to Joel M. Fox

  • $290,000- 821 St. Louis Street- Vincenzo W. Deleonardis and Judith A. Deleonardis to Jack E. Cornell II and Jessica A. Cornell
Glen Carbon

  • $102,500- 117 Elsie Ave.- Dustin Sedlacek and Rachel E. Sedlacek to Amy L. Wyatt

  • $126,000- 6803 Scenic Byways Ln.- Elijah P. Condellone to William J. Wells
  • $49,906- 4443 Delta Queen Lane- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Shannon Bridges
  • $35,000- 601 Tremont Drive- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Robert Maxeiner and Henry Maxeiner

  • $50,000- 1319 Pine Street- First National Bank to William J. Bulva and Kennette L. Bulva
  • $168,000- 125 Elizabeth Terrace- Fannie Mae to Hyo S. Choi and Hyung S. Choi

  • $0- 1107 Reynolds St.- Ronald L. (Unable to read last name) Jr. to Thomas P. Eilers

  • $243,000- 7500 Stonebridge Golf Drive- Stephen Jones and Casey Jones to David Hurshman and Cheryl Hurschman
  • $200,250- 2915 Cambridge Point- Curtis D. Welge and Debra K. Welge to Thomas L. Perry and Lisa L. Hoyt-Perry
South Roxana

  • $57,000- 600 Ohio Ave.- Vickie J. Shelly and Geri Jone to Tracy Evans

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