Sheldon Silver corruption trial set to begin next month; Former NY assembly speaker drops key witness

NEW YORK CITY – Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, facing a corruption trial, won’t call to the witness stand a professor who blessed his cozy position in the asbestos firm of Weitz and Luxenburg. On Sept. 30, Silver abandoned his argument that Roy Simon of Hofstra School of Law exonerated him in a report to Weitz and Luxenburg. He declared he doesn’t intend to call Simon as an expert witness, relieving U.S. Read More »

Belleville's city clerk announces bid for circuit clerk seat

St. Clair County's political landscape became more intriguing this week when Belleville City Clerk Dallas Cook announced he will seek the Republication nomination for Circuit Clerk in next year's general election. Cook will likely face incumbent Kahalah Dixon Clay, Democrat, who has served as Circuit Clerk since 2011. Clay was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Brendan Kelly, who moved up that year to become State's Attorney. She ran unopposed in 2012. Read More »

Hylla upheld by appellate court reviewing auto accident trial; Plaintiffs wanted new trial on damages and loss of consortium

A woman who was denied a new damages-only trial after a Madison County jury awarded her less than half of what she asked for in compensation of auto accident injuries, has lost her appeal at the Fifth District Appellate Court. Janet Biggs, represented by Brian Wendler of Edwardsville, was awarded $33,850 for neck and back injuries which included $8,250 for four months in lost earnings, However, the jury rejected husband Michael Biggs's loss of consortium claims. Read More »

Rauner tries to crank up the pressure; Democrats say he’s peddling old material

SPRINGFIELD — Gov. Bruce Rauner on Wednesday painted his side of the budget-impasse picture, saying that while his department heads are saving the state millions, he needs his agenda items to restore faith in Illinois government and invigorate the economy. Democrats said the governor’s speech was just more of the same and argued that Rauner needs to address the budget crisis without making his proposals preconditions. Read More »

Hale attorneys must produce communications back to '05; State Farm seeks info for statute of limitations argument

EAST ST. LOUIS – Lawyers who claim State Farm corrupted Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier must reveal communications with researchers back to 2005, U.S. Magistrate Judge Stephen Williams ruled on Sept. 28. Williams denied a claim of work product privilege for 34 documents that State Farm requested for its defense in an $8 billion racketeering suit. Read More »

I-LAW's true motive: Profits before people

It’s that time of year again, when a front group well-funded by big corporations and the insurance industry spreads misinformation, downright lies and uses disparaging terms such as “Land of Lawsuits” and “jackpot justice” to describe our state’s civil justice system. This annual observance should be seen for what it really is: a desperate attempt to distort public understanding of our state’s judicial system to influence the public and juries. Read More »