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Vote fraud in St. Clair County? We're shocked, shocked!

By The Madison County Record | Apr 4, 2017

Maybe it's a high school class or sports team, or maybe it's a professional association or a seniors group. And maybe they're electing a leader or deciding how to spend membership dues or where to have a special event. So they take a vote.

Let’s see more people arrested for vote fraud

By The Madison County Record | Mar 29, 2017

A loan officer, discovered to have embezzled more than a million dollars from customer accounts, was threatened with prosecution, but remained unruffled.

Kurt Prenzler knows what happens when you try to drain a swamp

By The Madison County Record | Mar 21, 2017

If President Donald Trump needs advice on swamp-draining, he can turn to County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler, who's been draining the morass of Madison County politics, little by little, for more than 10 years.

Madison County spends too much on legal fees

By The Madison County Record | Mar 14, 2017

“It is disturbing to me that we spend so much money on legal fees in Madison County,” says County Board Member Tom McRae of Bethalto.

Mesothelioma victim lacks credibility

By The Madison County Record | Mar 7, 2017

Stan Urban had sought $10 million in damages from a company that may or may not have had anything to do with his exposure, and he sought it in a Madison County courthouse with which neither he nor the defendant had any connection.

Let's review the review boards and get rid of some

By The Madison County Record | Mar 1, 2017

In his ongoing efforts to reform state government in Wisconsin and get costs under control, Gov. Scott Walker has proposed eliminating an independent review board that handles workers' compensation cases.

Asbestos trust transparency may be an idea whose time has come

By The Madison County Record | Feb 21, 2017

Is asbestos trust transparency an idea whose time has come? Will 2017 be the year that a reform proposal finally becomes law?

This is one fever we'd like to catch

By The Madison County Record | Feb 14, 2017

Sometimes a fever's a good thing, a natural, therapeutic response to disease. Our state is sick and could use a cleansing fever.

John Cullerton feeds the rumor mill to deflect blame for his failures

By The Madison County Record | Feb 8, 2017

Rumor has it that State Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) is “frustrated” with the current Illinois budget crisis and is contemplating retirement.

Lisa Madigan still trying to stiff state workers

By The Madison County Record | Jan 31, 2017

“Why has she stood silently by each year in office as [the] General Assembly passed unconstitutional budgets for 12 years?” That's the question Illinois State Representative Grant Wehrli tweeted last Saturday in response to AG Lisa Madigan's filing of a motion in St. Clair County Circuit Court two days earlier to strip state workers of their pay pending resolution of a contract dispute.

'Independent' legislators toe the Madigan line

By The Madison County Record | Jan 24, 2017

New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was arrested and convicted on corruption charges last year, sentenced to a 12-year prison sentence, and ordered to a pay a $1.75 million fine and forfeit $5.3 million in ill-gotten gains.

If it could, Illinois should declare bankruptcy

By The Madison County Record | Jan 18, 2017

Democrats and Never-Trumpers have had a lot of fun scoffing at Donald Trump's self-proclaimed business acumen by pointing to his multiple bankruptcies.

How James Lakin ‘fell’ into some money

By The Madison County Record | Jan 10, 2017

When people tell you that they've fallen into money, you naturally assume that they mean it figuratively. You don't suppose they were sailing in a sea of currency and capsized or that they might have been working in a money plant and toppled into a vat of Federal Reserve Notes.

Quick to grant discovery, maybe Judge Gleeson should be subjected to it, too

By The Madison County Record | Jan 4, 2017

Two years ago, St. Clair County Circuit Judge Andrew Gleeson ordered attorneys Paul Duffy, John Steele, and Paul Hansmeier to show why they shouldn’t be held in contempt, sanctioned, and obliged to compensate a cable provider for producing the identities of its targeted subscribers.

New chief judge, same dubious behavior

By The Madison County Record | Dec 21, 2016

St. Clair County Court has a new chief judge: Andrew Gleeson has replaced John Baricevic.

Judge Robert LeChien wrongly intervenes for AFSCME

By The Madison County Record | Dec 13, 2016

St. Clair County Circuit Judge Robert LeChien should not have been in a position to grant a temporary restraining order for American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 31 to block contract terms imposed by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

An asbestos suit against Ford by Floridians doesn’t belong in Madison County

By The Madison County Record | Nov 29, 2016

Quizzes and questionnaires. Facebook is full of them. Can you put several shades of the same color in order from lightest to darkest? Which Star Wars character are you? How well do you know Beach Boys lyrics?

A tale of two Hamiltons

By The Madison County Record | Nov 21, 2016

According to charges filed by interim U.S. Attorney Donald Boyce last week, East St. Louis Township Supervisor Oliver Hamilton apparently spent more than $40,000 from the township treasury for a Las Vegas party and other personal purposes while racking up $230,000 in credit card expenses in more than three years.

Almost nine decades later, the Madison County Board has a new GOP majority

By The Madison County Record | Nov 16, 2016

Not many Americans today can remember when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president, because that was more than 70 years ago and most of us had not yet made our debuts into the world.

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