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How much will the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill cost?

By The Madison County Record | Aug 11, 2015

When are we going to learn that the green in green energy represents the money that crony capitalists roll in when we buy into their boondoggles?

Is Jack Daugherty even capable of being impartial?

By The Madison-St. Clair Record | Aug 4, 2015

“I do not deny that I am very biased for people with mesothelioma.” “[T]he large businesses who profited from poisoning and killing people made a fortune which dwarfs what any lawyer makes.

If you have no proof, don't go to court

By The Madison County Record | Jul 28, 2015

Ever wonder how much time you waste doing things that don't need to be done?

Warning: Conniving plaintiff ahead

By The Madison County Record | Jul 14, 2015

Stop, slow, yield, merge, caution, curve, no passing, no left turn, no right turn, no U-turn, wrong way, do not enter, dead end, no outlet, pedestrian crossing, soft shoulder, slippery when wet, only this way, only that way, school, hospital, road work ahead.

Lisa Madigan’s partisan move

By The Madison County Record | Jul 7, 2015

In what for too long has essentially been a one-party state, you expect the dominant party to be – partisan.

OUR VIEW: Fractions and factions

By The Madison County Record | Jun 9, 2015

“Fraction” is a fascinating word. Everyone knows that it denotes a portion of something else, and that it can refer to a piece of any size – from almost none to almost all to anything between 0 and 100 percent.

OUR VIEW: Reforming public pension plans requires understanding of economics

By The Madison County Record | Jun 2, 2015

You might wonder what kids are learning in school these days, but one thing's certain: it's not economics. Consider the widespread support for minimum wage hikes. It may seem like workers making the current minimum would be better off making more, but even a cursory consideration of the implications of raising the rate would give pause to a thinking person. Isn't moving up to a more responsible position the best way to secure a higher wage?

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