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Health care providers accused of allowing patient to fall repeatedly

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 12, 2019

EDWARDSVILLE — A lawyer is suing Alton health care providers, alleging her client was caused to fall repeatedly.

5 Things To Look For When Selecting A Personal Injury Attorney & How Brian Cummings Checks Each Box

By Madison County Record Submission | Apr 12, 2019

It’s a scenario few of us expect to face - you or a loved one just suffered a serious injury at the hands of a person you trust: your doctor.

Man alleges infections from negligent cleaning service at dialysis center

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 8, 2019

BELLEVILLE —A man is suing a cleaning company for allegedly failing to properly clean a dialysis center, causing several infections.

Patient alleges partial amputation due to negligent care

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 4, 2019

BENTON —A patient claims he suffered partial amputation after his primary doctor was not provided with his emergency room medical records.

Man alleges tooth infection went undiagnosed

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 4, 2019

BENTON —A man is suing a dentist, alleging that his wisdom tooth infection was not diagnosed in a timely manner and caused complications.

Suit alleges patient died after VA hospital staff failed to diagnose cancer

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 3, 2019

BENTON — A decedent's representative is suing a VA hospital after a patient died when the doctors failed to diagnose him with cancer.

Patient alleges health care facility did not provide proper care

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 29, 2019

BELLEVILLE — A patient is suing a Swansea health care facility, alleging he was neglected and not provided the care he needed by the health care team.

Patient alleges doctor did not properly position lens in her eye

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 26, 2019

BELLEVILLE — A patient is suing an eye doctor, alleging that he mispositioned a lens in her eye.

Cook firm and Keefe file med mal suits against U.S., seeking $20 and $25 million

By Record News | Mar 25, 2019

Bruce Cook’s law firm and Tom Keefe filed medical malpractice suits against the United States in federal court on successive days, with Cook’s client seeking $20 million and Keefe’s client seeking $25 million.

Woman alleges she was not allowed to use wheelchair for disabled child at hospital

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 22, 2019

EDWARDSVILLE — A woman is suing health care providers, alleging she was prohibited from using a wheelchair for a disabled child at Anderson Hospital.

Patient alleges doctor failed to remove contraceptive device

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 19, 2019

EDWARDSVILLE — A Bethalto woman is suing medical practitioners after she allegedly suffered complications from a contraceptive device.

Patient alleges injuries from faulty knee procedure

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 15, 2019

BELLEVILLE — A patient is suing Fairview Heights medical professionals, alleging he was injured during a surgical knee procedure.

Patient alleges failed total shoulder arthroplasty

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 14, 2019

BELLEVILLE —A man is suing several healthcare professionals after he allegedly suffered a failed total shoulder arthroplasty.

Client alleges attorney failed to respond to motion to dismiss Yaz lawsuit

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 13, 2019

BELLEVILLE — A woman claims her former attorney failed to respond to a motion to dismiss in a Yaz suit, leaving her with no means to recover damages from the pharmaceutical company.

Suit alleges patient died due to medical malpractice

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 13, 2019

EDWARDSVILLE —A patient allegedly died as a result of negligent medical care.

Suit alleges nursing home's negligence caused patient's death

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 12, 2019

EDWARDSVILLE — A granddaughter is suing after her grandmother allegedly died from sepsis and infections.

Suit alleges patient suffered nearly a dozen falls at OSF Healthcare facilities

By Marian Johns | Mar 6, 2019

EDWARDSVILLE — A patient is suing several OSF healthcare facilities after she allegedly suffered nearly a dozen falls.

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Pennsylvania opioid lawsuits are homeless while trial lawyers take shots at each other

By John O'Brien | Mar 6, 2019

Seven appeals and plenty of in-fighting have Pennsylvania counties behind schedule in their quest to hold dozens of companies liable for the nation's painkiller crisis

Patient alleges he became addicted to medications prescribed by Family Care Specialists of Edwardsville, doctor

By Scott Holland | Mar 5, 2019

EDWARDSVILLE – An Illinois man alleges he became addicted to opiate-based painkillers after they were prescribed by a Madison County doctor.

University and Rehab Center accused of negligence

By Sandra Lane | Mar 5, 2019

EDWARDSVILLE -- An estate executor alleges a care center neglected a patient, causing her to suffer severe sepsis.

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