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Gambling in Casablanca

Their View

By John J. Hopkins | Oct 19, 2016

The 1943 classic movie “Casablanca” is always on the 10 Best movies of all times, loaded as it is with memorable characters and lines. Among my favorites is the exchange between Rik Blaine... Humphrey Bogart… and delightfully corrupt police Captain Louis Renault… Claude Rains. Rik’s Café American is ordered closed; Rik demands a reason. Captain Renault incredulously replies that he is “shocked to find gambling in Casablanca…”

With proper moral outrage, he takes the punitive action against the casino, only to have the roulette dealer present him with his night’s winnings. Undaunted by the obvious hypocrisy, he pockets the money and moves on. As Campaign 2016 winds down, the Captain’s words and actions seem prophetic.

Hypocrisy… do as I say, not as I do… has been a staple of American elections since the beginning. Candidates and office holders getting Religion every election cycle is an amusing side line to democracy, but this group of Democrats has taken the vice to a new level. The music industry exploits and degrades women, punctuated with unrestrained profanity, vulgarity and a use of the “F” bomb at unregulated rates, Movies and television are a scant measure behind. Truth be told, in Obama’s America, we have become a crass and crude culture. That is until we judge Republicans. When that happens, we then suddenly adopt the sensitivities of Victorian spinsters. This is no more true that in the recent actions of the First Lady, in her feigned horror at the usurped private conversation of Donald Trump.


Musical artists who regularly use gutter level vulgarities are routinely invited to the White House. Hollywood ilks... the very ones at the core of the cultural meltdown of America… donate, hob nob and support the Obama family. For Mrs. Obama to claim to be “shaken to her core” by Trump’s words begs credibility. She has many, many times rubbed elbows with those who say and do much worse, all with impunity. People, people. Let us get a grip on reality. Trump was a pig, and his bragging about an imagined sexual episode was only a juvenile boast. But place things in perspective. Our enemies are cutting off heads, boiling Christians alive and destroying lives. Can we really suggest that Trump is somehow disqualified by the tone of this private conversation suddenly made public?

Is the fear that IF Trump is elected, given his comments, he will sexually abuse young female interns in the Oval Office? Or that he will compel young female students to swim naked in the White House pool, or engage in serial adultery with women including the girlfriend of a Mafia kingpin? Or that during a National Security meeting, Trump will crudely pull out his manhood to make a point? Rest easy… all the above already performed by Democrats … Johnson, Kennedy and Clinton respectively. Of course, we must aspire higher, forget the past and move to the future. Hypocrisy at its dead level best. Do as I say, not as I do.

While he articulates it poorly, Trump has a valid point about this being a “rigged” election, just not quite the way he is presenting. The hysteria that enveloped the “Access Hollywood “ tape with Billy Bush was so incredibly partisan as to defy rebuttal. The serious issues of Wicked Hillary’s disqualifying flaws, were swept away, drowned by the non-stop pseudo shock of the Trump tape. Never mind that Conservative female commentator Ann Coulter can be repeatedly called the “C “ word on a Comedy Central roast of Rob Lowe, then told she should kill herself. The home of Obama has different rules. For Republicans, strict application of decorum. For Democrats, anything goes. The thumb on the scale of analysis by a biased media, print and electronic, is what is rigging the election. A public that is both lazy and stupid, depends on the Media to spoon feed information. Control the message, control the populace. Right out of the playbook of Saul Alinsky, the hero of Hillary and Obama. You remember him - he dedicated his book to Lucifer.

As I write, the third debate is more than 24 hours away. It will be the defining moment of the campaign, with at least a chance for a fair moderator for a change. The message of CHANGE that Trump brings will outshine all the casted darkness by those who selfishly wish to hold tight to the status quo. There are many obstacles, but the prize is in sight. The foes of Liberty, blinded by smug arrogance, will not even see it coming. But it is most assuredly on the way.Be not afraid.

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