To the Editor:

A BIG “Thank You!” to the District Three voters who selected me as their candidate for County Board from a field of talented primary candidates. I respect Mr. Rodney Dustman and incumbent William S. Meyer. As we move forward to the general election may we leave any differences behind and work to help Madison County. I also wish to take this opportunity to publicly express my gratitude to the campaign workers of Citizens for Phil Chapman for their splendid efforts during a well fought contest.

District Three voters signaled they want change. I remain committed to lowering the General Levy 20%, the county portion of the property tax levy 10%, and audits to eliminate waste. I re - state my pledge not to take a county pension. I seek to limit government and improve the Madison County economic climate.

On a special note, on March 15, many voters suffered unnecessary frustration exercising their right to vote. I call on members of both parties to ensure this fundamental right is never threatened due to a lack of ballots in Madison County, IL again. If elected I pledge to work with appropriate authority and members of both parties to solve this problem. In addition, I call on the county administration to consider including the Highland precincts and other precincts like them which suffered long waits for ballots be considered for early voting.

Looking ahead I ask for my fellow citizens’ support in the general election. If elected in the fall , I ask for your prayers to discharge my duties representing you faithfully and well.

Philip W. Chapman

Republican Candidate

Madison County Board District Three

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