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Madison County real estate Oct. 23-28

By Carrie Gonzalez | Nov 10, 2015

Madison County Real Estate:

October 23, 2015


•$16,000- 1124 E. 5th St. - SFAH LLC to Colonial Fund 17


•$68,000- 113 Butcher St. - Nicholas A. and Sarah Bland to Kristen E. Gust and Elizabeth Cooper


•$204,000- 13 Cherry Hill Dr. - William W. and Suzanne P. Rowland to Christopher and Tara Glynn


•$1,630,000- 1701 Bryant - US Bancorp Community Development Corp. to USB LIHTC Fund

•$127,000- 920 Ruskin Ave. - Jason R. Burian to Adam L. and Amy L. Hall

•$639,000- 3314 Snider Ave. - David Reichert to James and Carol Markland

•$210,000- 7358 N. State Rt. 159- Alan F. and Brenda Warner McCalla to Alex J. and Melissa D. Kolakowski

Granite City

•$70,605- 2426 E. 24th St. - The Judicial Sales Group to Secretary of HUD


•$10,000- 117 E. Second St. - Brandy Thompson Heinz Dziurowitz III to Karl H. Dzunowitz


•$153,000- 6314 Midway Dr. - Alex J. and Melissa D. Kolakowski to Josh R. and Abigail M. Bogle

New Douglas

•$280,000- 8476 Heinz Rd. - Timothy Denney to David and Finess Rosson


•$58,900- 1244 Chalmers Dr. - Charlestone of Troy to Askew Builders

•$250,000- 18 Royal Oaks Dr. - Barry William and Cheryl D. Craig to Elizabeth A. Uhrich

October 26, 2015


•$89,000- 31 W. Delmar - Kerry N. and Christina L. Minton to Theodore Gowin and Patricia Courto

•$355,000- 2336 Pebble Creek Dr. - Pamela S. Drake to Patrick A. and Rachel Masching

•$29,000- 3840 Aberdeen Ave. - Estate of Michael A. Griffin to William L. and Sue M. Ressler


•$159,000- 40 Brooks Dr. - Marcelene A. Pisarek to Raymond L. and Mary M. Morgan


•$16,500- 6915 Loyet Rd. - Michael R. Frick to Matthew Milster

Cottage Hills

•$95,000- 326 Ridgeway Ave. - Josephine F. Biros to Joseph M. and Cynthia L. Cecchini


•$735,000- State Route 159- Ruth E. Wieseman to Mark Sheldon Cochran II and Christina Renee Cochran

E. Alton

•$40,000- 226-228 Virginia St. - RCC Rentals to CJD Real Estate

•$15,457- 125 Whitelaw Ave. - Intercounty Judicial Sales Corp. to JCS Acquisitions


•$229,900- 120 Cottage Dr. - John B. Raffaelle to Joseph H. Sexton III and Jennifer Ann Sexton

•$112,000- 5091 Old Carpenter Rd. - Deutsche Bank National Trust to Matthew W. and Joanna L. McCrea

•$75,000- 221 S. Brown Ave. - Ryan D. Starkey to Justin J. and Kathryn L. Range

•$80,000- 222 Woodland DR. - Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Arron Dewerff

Glen Carbon

•$179,000- 65 S. Meadow Ln. - Matthew D. Paulovich to Patrick L. Jr. and Erin K. Immken

•$60,000- 17 Holly Dr. - Stacey Hughes to Bruce L. and Karen Moore


•$88,001- 7721 Humbert Rd. - Madison County Sheriff's Department to James Roger Lyons

•$200,000- 6408 Winter Ct. - Jeffrey and Dorothy Ebbeler to Cag Living Trust

•$105,000- 3308 Greenwood Ln.- Sharon Lee Hall to Mary Ann Jamieson

•$104,000- 4703 Village Dr. - Trevor Beilsmith to Zachary Wallace

Granite City

•$120,000- 5113 Stacey Dr. - JCS Aquisitions to Eric D. McKeal

•$15,000- 2820 Madison Ave. - Virginia A. Pritchard to Deborah F. Graville

•$51,500- 2943-2945 Fehling Rd. - Pamela Docter and Eric Peters to Ranae Harris Properties

•$7,100- 2157 State St. - Michael John Range, Donna Range Arnold, and Judith Range Russell to Ronald H. Dahl Jr.

•$56,000- 3204 Carlson Ave. - Dorothy V. Veach and Sandra S. Kirksey to Kim Gower

•$76,628- 3210 Newell Dr. - Intercounty Judicial Sales Corp. to JCS Acquisitions


•$68,565- 1963 Steinkoenig School Rd. - JPMorgan Chase Bank to Adelbert E. II and Marsha J. Elliott

•$43,000- 1704 Washington St. - Regions Bank to Jason Schuepbach and Angel M. Kuhl


•$45,000- 1815 6th St. - Frank Joseph Schenhoffer and Kathleen O'Brien to Freddie Collins and Norma J. Wells


•$300,000- 2052 Frey Ln. - Rosalie Frey to Remington Place

•$255,500- 6132 Keebler Oaks Dr. - John A. and Kathryn Bukovac to Bernard J. Firnkes and Sally H. Firneks

•$132,000- 36 Wexford Green - Tony A Moore to Joshua D. and Jenny M. Langley

Wood River

•$74,000- 1381 Miland St. - Jeffrey Allen Benner to Lori R. Reams

October 27, 2015


•$2,000- Main St. - William and Jessica Williamson to Daniel and Sharon Manns

•$85,000- 5411 Humbert Rd. - Ryan and Lisa Jacobs to Richard A. and Matthew R. James

•$312,000- 2304 Pebble Creek Dr. - Catherine and Don Goebel to James and Jeannine Nicosia


•$150,000- 7753 County Line Rd. - William C. and Janet B. Woods to Jeffrey Peach

•$103,761- 149 Pine Hollow Ln. - Intercounty Judicial Sales Corp. to Secretary of VA

•$47,500- 1003 S. Morrison Ave. - Goshen Real Estate to Dr. Lawrence Berman

E. Alton

•$15,000- 105 Cardot St. - Linda D. Autery to Neela and Ted Williams


•$125,000- 417 Grandview - The Bank of New York Mellon to Eve Perlman and John Drucke

Glen Carbon

•$230,000- 204 Glenwood Ct- Loren E. Klaus to Paul A. Mushill


•$35,000- 312 Big Arch Rd. - Mary E. Stockard to Craig and Rhonda Green

•$184,100- 6300 Pierce Ln. - Secretary of HUD to Diana L. Scheffel

Granite City

•$200,000- 4808 Karen Dr. - Granite City to Lois L. Essenpreis

•$113,000- 1 Essenpreis Ln. - Lois L. Essenpreis to Bi-State Construction Services

•$7,000- 2813 W. 22nd St. - GCS Credit Union to Qane Dinceroglu


•$34,500- Villas at Pine View Lot 31- Retko Group to Leonard F. and Judith A. Hoffmann

•$140,500- 480 Pike Dr. E.- Steven A. Korte to Brandon J. Lee

•$97,000- 1316 13th St. - Matthew L. and Jackie L. Jenkins to Elizabeth A. Irby

•$98,500- 13456 Michael Rd. - Willene Fehrmann to Angela M. Smith


•$11,200- 113 Montgomery St. - Thomas W. Keiser to Moro Township

S. Roxana

•$37,000- 601 Biltmore Blvd. - Lorele Mahanay to Zachary Melcher and Emma Wood

Wood River

•$80,000- 424 George St. - James J. and Amanda J. Foxall to Joseph A. Damiano

October 28, 2015


•$14,000- 2175 Fernwood Pl. - Midfirst Bank to Arend C. Hinrichs

•$89,900- 407 Brentwood Blvd. - Matthew Malone to Daniel J. Erwin

•$121,000- 4708 Snow White Terrace - Daniel and Amanda Hopkins to Debra Meyer

•$64,000- 3502 Omega St. - Denis P. Reed and Shelly A. Reed to Angela Grundmann

•$70,000- 2439 Henry St. - Dale S. and Venita E. Turner to Diane Caldwell


•$19,932- 139 W. Wickliffe Ave. - Tom Chapman to The Secretary of HUD

•$120,000- 13 Susan Ct. - Benjamin P. McNamara to Doris M. Widdows

•$127,250- 421 Johann- Angela C. Tomic to John P. and Carol R. Mucci

•$146,080- 1118 Quatto Hill - Joanne E. Cullen to Robert Landgreder and Darla Grubbs

•$3,920- Dorothy St. - Joanne E. Cullen and Patricia Michelle Ubaudi to Robert Landgreder and Darla Grubbs


•$292,000- 9345 Stieglitz Rd. - Cheryl A. Sullivan to Nathaniel J. and Andrea L. Hartley

E. Alton

•$49,000- 672 Washington Ave. - Mark J. & John E. Ursch to Karl H. and Michelene Nalley


•$156,000- 136 Bunn Ave. - Brian P. Pezza and Nichole B. Dewall to Nathanael and Lauren Kornegay Dollar

Glen Carbon

•$45,000- 158 S. Main St. - Joe W. and Su Ann M. Makler to Frank Greenwald

•$236,000- 3017 Ash Rd. - Fannie Mae to Thomas Druhe and Emily Wood


•$163,000- 3211 Whitford Pl. - Jenettie and Michael Lierman to Angela C. Tomic and Todd A. Schultze

Granite City

•$16,000- 2621 E. 28th St. - Secretary of HUD to Sanchez Puertas Casa

•$45,000- 444 Old Rock Rd. - Federal National Mortgage to Diana L. Lynch

•$20,000- 2147 Delmar Ave. - Albert F. Bagi to Angela Bivens and Anthony Deskey


•$219,900-1924 Crimson Oak - Osborn Homes to Michael Brian and Jennifer Rachel Hoxsey

•$32,500- 7351 W. Main St. - Troy D. and Stacy D. Stanford to SRT Properties


•$109,500- 419 Eagles Way - Amanda S. Crews and Brandon Crews to Adam and Lindsey Kirkover

•$138,000- 502 Canterbury Dr. - Randall D. Jr. and Deyona Storey to Curtis D. Osborne

•$132,000- 104 Elmer St. - Andres S. and Sarah Ann Jaime to Susan E. and Brooks Newby

•$75,000- 404 Oakwood Dr. - Secretary of HUD to Quantum Lending LLC

•$118,000- 304 Ackerman Pl. - Homefront Properties to Amanda Olinger

Wood River

•$45,000- 568 Park Ln. - David W. and Karen F. Enloe to Robbin Gage


•$74,500- 350 N. Lincoln St. - Frank Greenwald to Joshua Stogner

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