Madison County real estate Sept. 23-30

By Carrie Gonzalez | Oct 13, 2015

A list of recent real estate transactions for Madison County. Including Alhambra, Alton, Bethalto, Collinsville, Cottage Hills, East Alton, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Godfrey, Granite City, Hamel, Hartford, Highland, Madison, Maryville, Moro, Pontoon Beach, Roxana, St. Jacob, Troy, Wood River and Worden.

Madison County Real Estate :

September 23, 2015


•$40,000- 3103 Franor St.- Steven Pelot to Carl Arthur Bray

•$108,000- 4829 Cinderella Dr. - Elizabeth Ann Mathews to Aaron and Cheyanne Kelly

•$50,057- 1118 Alby St. - Eva G. Cowan to John and Debra Olinde


•$140,000- 224 W. Central St. - Joseph G. Okada to Larry R. Innis


•$36,500- 9 Bellevue - Intercounty Judicial Sales Corp. to JCS Acquisitions LLC

E. Alton

•$35,000- 201 Niagara St. - Mark A. Schwappach to ATG Trust Co.


•$278,000- 7411 Laura Ln. - Gary C. and Linda Baker to Raymond Earl and Janis Eloise Earlewine

•$126,900- 966 Hillsboro Ave. - Debra McQueen to Ryan and Cassandra Anderson

Glen Carbon

•$310,000- 105 Soerset Dr. - Bruce W. and Kathleen F. Long to John and Ellen Sadowski


•$218,000- 1808 Seminole Ln. - James J. and Cynthia E. Mareing to Robert and Beverly Schneider

Granite City

•$45,000- 2566 Iowa St. - Gary and Barbara S. Greenman

•$98,500- 3241 Aubrey Ave. - Donna L. Klopfer, Darla Lynn Stauffer and Larry D. Smallie to Lewis James and Arletha D. Giles


•$130,000- 811 Washington Ave. - Robert L. and Eileen J. Howard to My Freedom Property LLC


•$193000- 6361 Renken Rd. - Ryan D. Shoger to Jason A. Davis and Misty Prater


•$80,000- 1071 Blackberry Ln. - David D. Birkhead to Todd A. Neilson

•$70,000- 1060 Blackberry Ln. - David D. Birkhead to Christopher A. Mertz

September 24, 2015


•$207,500- 3 Keiths Ct. - Charles and Margaret Norcross to James and Gina Pierce

•$105,000- 334 Brown Ave. - Beverly Coombs and Tina Hall to Terry L. and Sheryl Gordon

E. Alton

•$10,000- 421 Cobb St. - Earl Ziegler to Terry Patterson


•$5,000- 460 Tamarach Dr. - Karine E. Groves to Adam Ohms

Glen Carbon

•$251,000- 116 Sturbridge Blvd. - Grant and Rachel Van Meter to Timothy and Jennifer Jackstadt


•$27,000- 7700 Walsh Rd. - Jim N. and Elizabeth E. Beane to Gary C. and Linda Baker

•$108,900- 721 Lafayette Ave. - Steven F. and Elizabeth A. Wagnon to Robert Largen

Granite City

•$18,280- 533 Thorngate- Virgil W. Jenniings to Gaede Enterprises

•$40,800- Geil Rd. - Fannie M. Jennings to Gaede Enterprises


•$187,000- 308 Cook Ave. - Samson H. and Vicky L. Sparks to Tara R. Bradstreet


•$210,000- 26 Sequoia Dr. - Keith E. and Lisa M. Hunt to Justin H. and Jennifer D. Holman


•$127,000- 222 Wall St. - Bryan and Katie Hill to Timothy Wayne and Karen Lynn Sawyer

September 25, 2015


•$19,000- 3176 Seiler Rd. - Steven Bradshaw and Myra Schached to CJD Construction

•$154,000- 27 Parkside Dr. - Robert H. Meehan Trust to Freddie W. and Wilma J. Brown

E. Alton

•$12,000- 201 Cardot St. - Issac A. Hyman and Connie J. Harrop to Michael Reed


•$1,000- 6504 Florida Ave. - Ronald K. and Venita C. Young to Union Pacific Railroad Co.

•$267,000- 4906 Westmont Ave. - Cortez L. and Jennifer L. Jefferson to Donald and Danielle Puduski

Granite City

•$12,200- 4200 Division St. - Green Tree Servicing to Vidal Huitron


•$29,750- 620 8th St. - Clothilda Pattberg Heirs to Jon and Dawn Rinderer

•$295,000- 11779 Hickory Flat Rd. - Julia K. Schneidewind to Timothy J., Kathy L., and Timothy J. Steimann II

•$214,900- 295 Canterbury Ln. - Mary F. Gnaedinger to Timothy J. and Alison M. Foley

•$123,500- 2014 St. Michael Ct. S.- Scott A. Manville to Christoffer Stallard

•$125,000- 1500 Main St. - William A. and Maureen R. Napper to Kevin Luke Martin and Erica Lynn Doerr

•$418,400- 2925 Amberwood Dr. - Kenneth E. and Maxine Lanman to Rick A. and Shani L. Bellm

•$125,100- 801 Pike Dr. E.- Larry L. and Helen M. Gilbert to William and Stacie J. Black

•$254,000- 1A & 1B Woodcrest Dr. - Alberternst Revocable Trust to ABC Highland


•$167,000- 2317 Copper Creek Rd. - Dallas Andrew Febus to Lori A. Hahn


•$180,000- 2 Arbor Springs - Mitchell and Mary Linneman to Robert D. and Wanda Todoroff


•$183,000- 8705 Wildewood Dr. - GMAT Legal Title to Wesley E. III and Andrea M. Freezeland

September 28, 2015


•$114,900- 4331 Alad Dr. - Fannie Mae to Khalilah Y. Morse

•$123,500- 2717 Judson Ave. - Matthew R. Skibinski to Xian Guang Liu

•$220,000- 1145 College Ave. - Liberty Bank to TJCC Ministries

•$83,500- 228 Alben St. - Meszaros Family Trust to Kathleen Carrigan

•$80,000- 818 McPherson Ave. - Stephen Cruthis to Eric M. and Jamie N. Bauer


•$97,500- 811 W. Corbin St. - Sharon Kay Nance to Shawn Michael Crisswell

•$128,000- 309 Maple Dr. - Tiffany N. and ARthur Roemer II to Zachary B. and Megan E. Cato


•$70,000- 715 Cedar St.- First Collinsville Bank to Trevor and Jennifer Wade

•$50,500- 105 N. Hesperia St. - The Judicial Sales Corp. to Bhavani Investment

•$10,000- Keebler Ave. - First Collinsville Bank to Sean and Heidi Turner

•$40,000- 1000 Vandalia St. - Austin Dickerson to St. Louis Investments


•$191,860- 619 Jaime Lynn Ct. - Alan R. Gerstenecker to Deanne L. Knecht

•$72,000- 325 M St. - Shawn Noll to Jeremy Loemker

•$105,500- 9 Stonehill Ct. - Ashley W. and Lindsey L. Mathew to Cortney and Dana Warmouth

Glen Carbon

•$85,000- 109 & 113 Waterfall Ct. - Joseph and Sharon A. Militello to William T. Hunter and Madeleine M. Hunter

•$284,000- 176 Somerset Dr. - Gary and Connie Zimmer to James L. and Lisa R. Hollaway

•$128,000- 4 Cedar Ln. - Lutheran Senior Services to Nicholas S. Varady


•$230,000- 6704 S. Davis Ln. - John R. Gibson and Cheryl A. Sorrels to Evan Kane

Granite City

•$17,500- 171 Briarview Ln.- Secretary of HUD to David and Cheryl Gregory

•$60,000- 1812 Ferguson Ave. - Secretary of HUD to Gregory A. Hargrove

•$106,500- 20 Oaklawn Dr. - Bernice Willaredt to Janice Stiverson

•$193,000- 2440 Waterman Ave. - Richard and Cynthia Watkins to Timothy and Jennifer Connolly

•$207,00- 4900 Oakridge Dr. - Daniel Norman and Barbara Kay Tankersley to Edwin and Vernna Moore

•$7,000- 4533 Walter Ave. - Hassie Reva Jones to Eric M. Woods

•$72,500- 1152 Myrtle Ave. - Alma L. Myracle to Frances M. Bologna


•$14,000- 500 Sunset Dr. - Viola J. Simpson to Ryan and Jamie Voyles

St. Jacob

•$46,900- 2048 Grandview Dr. - DANCO LLC to Scott and Stephanie Buchtel


•$30,500- 525 Lone Robin St. - Sharon Metzger to Wait Land Trust


•$47,000- Dustman Rd. - Paul and Pam Strausbaugh to Kathleen Robin and Lowry G. McBride

September 29, 2015


•$2,200- 1100 Alby St. - Cynthia A. Buenger to Bradford E. Hunt

•$47,500- 628 Trube St. - Bobby D. and Rebecca S. Latempt to Patricia A. Richardson


•$125,000- 318 N. Hesperia St. - Chadd and Sarah Haselhorst to Sean Dushane

•$134,000- 110 Kenwood Ln.- Morgan I. and Sarah E. Grillot to Dawn Lynn Finke

E. Alton

•$64,000- 555 Maple St. - John E. Schoonover to Mallory Stoner


•$129,000- 314 Spring St. - Meredith B. Murray to Matthew Locus and Courtney Redman

•$195,000- 617 Jaime Lynn Ct. - Robert and Erica Kaminsky to Bradley M. and Diedra Bollman

•$370,000- 4105 Staunton Rd. - Roland J. Coderre III to David A. and Jayne R. Endres

•$240,000- 901 Chaderic Ct. - Wayne Astraskas and Cheryl Astrauskas to Jamie L. and Amy L. Riedesel

•$57,000- 319 M St. - Diane S. and Randall W. Mindrup to Josh D. Troeckler

Glen Carbon

•$373,855- 605 Briarstone Dr. - Remington Properties to Adam and Erica Saltsgaver


•$215,000- 5113 Riverwood Dr. - Ralph D. and Judith F. Johnson to John W. Broere and Molly F. Broere

•$162,000- 6801 Scenic Byways Ln. - Christopher L. Winsel to Kyle J. and Parker A. Smith

Granite City

•$66,900- 1808 Primrose- Christopher Juliano to Austin Perigen and Casey Sharp

•$59,900- 1516 Lindell Blvd. - Caleb Davis to Diana Sullivan


•$124,800- 105 B Auburn Ct. - Jeannette Schodroski to Larry R. and Sharon K. Moss

•$208,000- 12908 Maple St. - Donald R. and Jane A. Knight to Joshua H. and Julie N. Steinkamp

•$194,900- 12835 Mary Sue Ln. - John R. aand Heidi M. Garman to Laura Klein


•$330,000- 6757 Oxborough Ct. - Granville M. and Lisa A. Keyes to David W. McKernan

•$136,000- 103 Maryknoll - Christine Weeks to Hannah Marks


•$24,000- 100 Windser Dr. - Greenscape Properties to Emily Sill

•$146,500- 1323 Bridlespur Ln. - Kevin W. and Diana L. Armes to Ashley Parrott and Nicholas Reeves

Wood River

•$92,500- 776 Berry Rd. - Dennis and Shelia Angel to Christopher L. Winsel

•$108,500- 617 12th St. - Karen S. Carroll Trust to Christopher and Megan Slusser

•$32,000- 218 E. Penning Ave. - Julie M. Anderson to Raymond E. and Jane L. Elmore

September 30, 2015


•$52,252- 3411 Lincoln St. - Secretary of VA to Amber and Gary P. Bowling

•$160,000- 2402 State St. - Collins Land Partnership to Tom and Vern Building


•$160,000- 46 N. Crown - Matthew Warren and Nevalea Fisher to Michelle A. Bauer

•$46,500- 9 Bellevue - JCS Acquisitions to DMCQ LLC


•$225,000- 882-884 Vassar Dr. - Margaret Kirsch to Eric Callison

Glen Carbon

•$80,000- 10 & 2 Brimley Ct. - JAK Properties to Oak Stone Properties

Granite City

•$55,650- 2436 Angela Dr. - Fannie Mae to Lan D. Nguyen


•$120,000- 30 Black Oak Dr. - Susan M. Weiss to Dale R. and Ruth E. Ozee


•$230,000- 28 Santa Anita Dr. - Darren E. and Cheryl M. Wethers to Calvin B. Fuller

New Doulas

•$192,000- 11357 New Douglas Rd. - Jack R. and Janet M. Doll to Donald L. and Shirley D. Patton

S. Roxana

•$5,000- 100 Southard Pl.- Janet Rae and Dorthea Ruth Stolp to Michael E. and Lori L. Soto


•$217,500- 208 Crossington Ln. - Larry and Patricia Connaway to Christopher and Courtney Mueller

•$49,900- 202 E. Market St. - US Bank to Mehmet Dinceroglu

Wood River

•$26,000- 610 N. 1st St. - Federal National Mortgage to First River Trust

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