Madison County real estate Sept. 2-8

By Carrie Gonzalez | Sep 22, 2015

A list of recent real estate transactions for Madison County. Including Alhambra, Alton, Bethalto, Collinsville, Cottage Hills, East Alton, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Godfrey, Granite City, Hamel, Hartford, Highland, Madison, Maryville, Moro, Pontoon Beach, St. Jacob, Troy, Wood River and Worden.

Madison County Real Estate:

September 2, 2015


•$420,000- 800 Hopp Hollow Dr. - Randall G. and Kathy L. Forsythe to Joseph M. and Lara E. Talsky

•$360,000- 5023 Valleyview Dr. - Joseph and Lara Talsky to Raymond E. and Terri A. Wesley

•$60,160- 428 Foulds Ave. - Terry J. Peek to Aaron and Lauren Wilson

•$140,000- 3520 Castelli Dr. - Christpopher J. Stutz to Mary A. Tarrant

•$255,000- 9 Tra Lin Ridge - Mary A. Tarrant to Gregory Scott McCormick and Joni L. Miley

•$220,000- 1012 Deerfield Cr. - The Battuello Trust to Karen E. and Frederick S. Skinner

•$64,000- 382 Western Ave. - Cory and Deanna Nasello to Justin Murphy

•$12,500- 2709 Walnut - Darlene M. Randolph to Lynoa D. Kardis


•$61,000- 449 Shellview St. - Beachel H. and Roasrio C. Eippert to Donald and Brenda Woelfel

•$112,500- 701 E. Bethalto Blvd. - Michael E. and Lana S. Haldeman to Jon M. and Sheila M. Pilcic


•$135,000- 1654 N. Bluff Rd. - Jon and Terri Sminchak to Tracey Poe

•$125,000- 2 Tiemann Dr. - John P. Jr. and Charlene M. Staden to Joshua S. and Melissa Hunter

•$60,000- 115A Clark St.- Matthew E. and Grace E. Bordt to Ethan Borgmeyer

E. Alton

•$105,000- 572 Spruce St. - Declaration of Trust of Edward J. Brand to Jeffrey and Maria Mourning


•$82,990- 7043 Koufax Ct. - Vicksburg Development to ASAP Contracting

•$97,500- 420 Cass Ave. - Michael and Janet Bopp to Lacey E. Feigl

•$160,000- 6307 Roman Hills Rd. - Karen M. Weiland to Keith and Beverly Schroeder

•$717,129- 5656 Quercus Grove Rd. - Spencer Homes to Michael R. and Kathryn K. Sarabia

•$195,000- 1043 Catalina Dr. - Denise and Brad W. Thibault to Joshua and Lydia Olson

Glen Carbon

•$172,500- 26 Jason Dr. - Matthew Shearer to Justin T. Rozum and Allison R. Moenster


•$108,000- 4807 D'Adrian Dr. - Denise R. Buehler and Thomas M. Wood to James A. Baumgartner

•$263,000- 5205 Foxglove Ln. - Lisa Anne Korte to Cory and Deanna Nasello

Granite City

•$65,000- 109 Greenway Dr. - William T. Dickson to Marco Antonio Martinez-Montero and Olga Sue Haydee-Martinez

•$26,500- 2825 Birch Ave. - Nancy A., Bradley E. and Paul E. Roberts to SJL Properties

•$26,500- 3000 Marshall Ave. - US Bank to Wise Choice Properties

•$87,500- 2932 Fortune Dr. - Charles E. and Jacquelyn King to Judith D. Thomas


•$127,000- 90 Sunflower Dr. - PSKT Partnership to Robert L. Dunham

•$199,900- 13525 Mehgan Ln. - JPMorgan Chase Bank to Jason and Krista Podstawa


•$10,000- 1913 Harris St. - Jennifer L. Smith to Gregory B. ad Staci R. Marti


•$167,500- 206 Nepute St. - Keith and Beverly Schroeder to Christopher R. Jones and Aubrey R. Stawar

•$559,000- 6725 State Route 162- CJR Properties to DMG Real Estate Investment

•$112,000- 6214 W. Main St. - Cynthia and Robert Kirby to Aaron and Kristen Copple

New Douglas

•$9,000- 213 N. 4th St. - Robert S. and Cynthia L. Roe to Ronald D. and Gay L. Whiteside


•$142,000- 214 Staunton Rd. - Joshua and Angela Harrell to National Residential Nominee Service

•$142,000- 214 Staunton Rd. - National Residential Nominee Service to David A. and Heather Herndon

•$64,900- 8804 Wheat Dr. - Shadow Wood Development to Remington Properties

Wood River

•$23,00- 331 Whitelaw Ave. - Bank of America to Robert and Cynthia Kirby

•$94,882- 251 E. Penning Ave. - Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD


•$11,000- 112 Henry St. - First Collinsville Bank to Derek R. and Jennifer L. Baugh

September 3, 2015


•$116,500- 5213 Pin Oak Dr. - Marvie D. and Victoria R. Miller to Robin N. and Wesley B. Greene

•$17,900- 1104 E. 5th St. - US Bank to Elsie Palmer

•$27,500- 2421 Semenary - The Judicial Sales Corp. to JCS Aquisitions


•$100,500- 518 S. Prairie St. - Lynn Cerutti to Connie Henke


•$99,000- 407 South St. - Leslee A. Mitchell to Cynthia Stanton


•$83,881- 5305 Hazel- Randall and Julie Davis to Virginia Schemmer

•$6,000- Street Car Rd. - Wait Land Trust to Thomas and Patty Hoven

•$280,000- 7114 Shenandoah Dr. - Eric R. Callison to Scott M. Reed


•$145,000- 1814 Seminole Ln. - Estate of Jacqueline Wittman to Melissa G. and John F. Murphy

Granite City

•$77,700- 2448 E. 25th St. - Keith Schellhardt to Jeremy P. and Heidi E. Grey

•$500- 2243 Lee Ave. - US Bank to Bradley Tyler Combs


•$50,000- 815 Olive St. - Thomas and Mark Sinclair to Mark A. and Rene P. Friedel

•$169,000- 2712 Vulliet Rd. - Karen Ferguson to Seth McLaughlin-Heil

•$180,000- 55 Golden Rock Ln. - TImothy M. Gombos to Gary L. and Jean M. Mattingly

•$105,000- 716 Sycamore St. - Julie A. Deblock to Shawn P. and Danielle R. Fitzpatrick

•$11,000- Hill Crest Dr. - Charlene Rehberger Tucker Trust to Michael L. and Linda D. Hill

•$128,500- 1507 Washington St. - Terrence T. and Tina M. Isaak to Alexandra L. Rinderer

•$126,000- 1402 Ash St. - Jack D. Foster to Alicia R. Knox and Brad Eyman


•$305,000- 21 Foxmoor Dr. - Michael D. and Elizabeth H. Sturman to Marian M. Clinton

•$180,000- 1500 Pleasant Ridge Rd. - Emily Kay Williams, Peter T. Williams and Stephen K. Williams to Michelle Vermaux


•$70,000- 420 S. Central Ave. - Fred D. Foster and Estate of Carl E. Foster to Sharon and Louise Oller

St. Jacob

•$58,000- 507 Napoleon St. - Angela J. Dondero to Andrew O. and Susan E. Steinkoenig

S. Roxana

•$77,500- 455 Missouri Ave. - The Judicial Sales Corp. to JCS Aquisitions


•$27,000- 10787 Hill Ridge Dr. - Lyle and Cheryl Graf to Gene E. Hyatt and Lori F. Hyatt


•$182,000- 212 Fairington Dr. - Matthew Morrison to Phillip and Sandie Powell

Wood River

•$64,000- 770 Berry Rd. - JPMorgan Chase Bank to Robert Lowrance

•$94,900- 156 S. 9th St. - Carole H. and Charles E. Long Jr. to Tiffany Newell

September 4, 2015


•$70,000- 902 Logan St. - Jeffrey J. Cole and Kristie N. Rose -Cole to Michael McAfee


•$85,000- 405 Wyoming St. - Karen Joan Howard to Stacey L. Kupinski


•$175,000- 701 N. Bluff Rd. - Joan A. Compton to F.O.R. Corp.

•$88,000- 1288 Ridgewood Ct. - Kathy L. Bires to Heather Autry


•$2,500- SW PT Lot B1344 Carribean Dr. - Holishor Association to R.B. Dunnavant Jr. and J. L. Roti-Dunnavant

•$2,500- NE PT Lot B1344 Carribean Dr. - Holishor Association to Adrian J. and Lisa Cala

•$319,000- 1342 Carribean Dr. - RichardJr and Jillian Roti-Dunnavant to Christopher D. Dockery

•$145,000- 444 Buena Vista St. - Marian E. Merkel to Christopher Andrew and Caitlin Tice Hadeler

•$2,400,000- 5337 Fox Crest - John Barry and Gaye Julian to Marcia A. Billhartz

•$180,000- 1 Azalea Ct. - Greg F. Brown

Glen Carbon

•$147,500- 108 Bayhill - Elizabeth Gooden Meschke to Jared S. and Morgan DeBlieck


•$105,00- 5213 River Aire Dr. - Barbara J. Kinnaird to Jerome J. Jacobs

•$76,000-409 Keller St. - Jeffrey M. Ebbeler to Edward O. and Mary H. Hoekstra

Granite City

•$157,000- 2514 Commercial Pkwy- Bart Alan Mercer to Fannie M. Jennings

•$10,000- 2520 E. 24th St. - Secretary of HUD to Mark and Susan Gibbear

•$13,222- 2631 Edwards St. - Wells Fargo Bank to Mary McKinney


•$97,300- 478 School St. - Douglas L. White to Lawrence B. and Pauline H. Edwards


•$148,000- 7309 W. Main St. - Jeffrey R. and Megan Patricia Blind to Carolyn Scimemi

•$195,000- 7502 S. Ridge Ct. - The Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield IL to Steven M. and Carol G. Skasick


•$200,000- 236 Fairington Dr. - Thomas L. or Gina P. Mravak to Troyce D. and Annette R. Anderson

Wood River

•$128,900- 329 Elble - Deborah L. Rogers to Michelle Moffett

•$95,500- 235 10th St. - Sandra A. Viessman to Steven C. Miller


•$139,900- 332 Rutledge - Nicholas and Holly Lanthrip to Larry and Jessica Woodson

•$262,000- 216 Brookside Dr. - Brian G. Bowers to Jason R. Rexford

September 8, 2015


•$77,900- 3722 Berkeley Ave. - Laura and Micah Roberts to Kelly Noonan

•$19,500- 607 Sering Ave.- Cynthia Kay Brown to Celeste L. Holmes and Reginald R. Donlow

•$54,000- 2713 Edwards St. - George and Ann Weeks to Joseph Carr

•$22,400- 928 Main St. - Judicial Sales Corp. to Secretary of HUD

•$105,000- 4326 Brucene Dr. - Frank Pennington to Gary R. and Carla R. Deck

•$75,000- 223 Ladd - Geoffrey A. Theisen to kevin W. and Rebecka V. Goodman

•$15,000- 1511 Central Ave. - Liberty Bank to Thomas and Sharon Pitti

•$75,000- 7524 Stutz Ln. - Alice Marie Maupin to Christopher Hosford


•$65,000- 402 Bartmer Dr. - Edwin L. and Yvonne Horn to Joseph Mefford and Jynnifer Caudle


•$303,750- 200 W. Woodcrest- Lawrence E. Schaltenbrand to Marco Investment Group

E. Alton

•$26,000- 112 Smith Ave. - Kevin L. Stuby to Jim E. and Chana A. Murphy


•$182,000- 1355 Chancellor Dr. - Donald Bernard Zugmaier to Kelly Jo Karnes

•$145,500- 1415 Montclaire Ave. - Pamela S. and Larry Knecht to Jordan Haupt

•$451,218- 3617 S. Arbor Lake Dr. - Premier Homes By Jones to Paul and Angela Meier

•$124,000- 1436 Ladd Ave. - Stacey T. Thomas to Maureen R. and Nathan L. Johnson

•$245,750- 1808 Butler Blvd. - Kequin Gu and Xinxin Zhu to Walter E. and Carolyn Borner

Glen Carbon

•$246,000- 224 Ashford Dr. - Keith Michael and Kimberly Michele Pappert to Kyle B. and Tasha M. Dailey

•$238,000- 329 Glen Carbon Rd. - Andrew P. and Megan J. Wieser to Jarron and Anne Frey


•$103,740- S. Davis Ln. - Claria Gaulstich, Jess S. Ehlers Jr. and Michael to Robert and Malena Bell

Granite City

•$100,000- 2800 and 2812 E. 23rd St. - Gerin Enterprises to Michael and Lauren DeBruce

•$96,050- 1212 W. Pontoon Rd. - Judicial Sales Corp. to Secretary of HUD

•$12,000- 2517 Washington Ave. - Robert E. and Linda L. May to Charles Jaycox


•$12,900- 1832 Edwardsville Rd. - David W. and Agnes M. Traiche to Danny C. Boone


•$265,000- 33 Dogwood Terrace - James Teel to Larry C. Knecht

S. Roxana

•$5,500- 108 Roxana Ave. - Jeremy Gillian to Michael D. Moehle


•$128,500- 8552 Country Ln. - Carla J. and Bradley K. Rooney to Greg and Ramona Jackson

•$150,999- 10 Aspen Dr. - Mark R. and Valerie G. Hasara to Sesan and Rebecca Ellis

•$179,900- 2503 Staunton Rd. - Michael and Cayla Seaton to Michelle Massman and Derrick Brasfield

Wood River

•$196,250- 1308,1319 Virginia Ave.- D. Darlene Russell to Ronald R. Perich

•$92,000- 664 Halloran Ave. - Michael and Ashley Riegert to Kelly Phillips and Hannah Meyer

•$60,000- 59 Indian Dr. - Carl Ryan Luebbert to Tiller Holdings

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