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Madison County real estate Sept. 2-8

By Carrie Gonzalez | Sep 22, 2015

Madison County Real Estate:

September 2, 2015


•$420,000- 800 Hopp Hollow Dr. - Randall G. and Kathy L. Forsythe to Joseph M. and Lara E. Talsky

•$360,000- 5023 Valleyview Dr. - Joseph and Lara Talsky to Raymond E. and Terri A. Wesley

•$60,160- 428 Foulds Ave. - Terry J. Peek to Aaron and Lauren Wilson

•$140,000- 3520 Castelli Dr. - Christpopher J. Stutz to Mary A. Tarrant

•$255,000- 9 Tra Lin Ridge - Mary A. Tarrant to Gregory Scott McCormick and Joni L. Miley

•$220,000- 1012 Deerfield Cr. - The Battuello Trust to Karen E. and Frederick S. Skinner

•$64,000- 382 Western Ave. - Cory and Deanna Nasello to Justin Murphy

•$12,500- 2709 Walnut - Darlene M. Randolph to Lynoa D. Kardis


•$61,000- 449 Shellview St. - Beachel H. and Roasrio C. Eippert to Donald and Brenda Woelfel

•$112,500- 701 E. Bethalto Blvd. - Michael E. and Lana S. Haldeman to Jon M. and Sheila M. Pilcic


•$135,000- 1654 N. Bluff Rd. - Jon and Terri Sminchak to Tracey Poe

•$125,000- 2 Tiemann Dr. - John P. Jr. and Charlene M. Staden to Joshua S. and Melissa Hunter

•$60,000- 115A Clark St.- Matthew E. and Grace E. Bordt to Ethan Borgmeyer

E. Alton

•$105,000- 572 Spruce St. - Declaration of Trust of Edward J. Brand to Jeffrey and Maria Mourning


•$82,990- 7043 Koufax Ct. - Vicksburg Development to ASAP Contracting

•$97,500- 420 Cass Ave. - Michael and Janet Bopp to Lacey E. Feigl

•$160,000- 6307 Roman Hills Rd. - Karen M. Weiland to Keith and Beverly Schroeder

•$717,129- 5656 Quercus Grove Rd. - Spencer Homes to Michael R. and Kathryn K. Sarabia

•$195,000- 1043 Catalina Dr. - Denise and Brad W. Thibault to Joshua and Lydia Olson

Glen Carbon

•$172,500- 26 Jason Dr. - Matthew Shearer to Justin T. Rozum and Allison R. Moenster


•$108,000- 4807 D'Adrian Dr. - Denise R. Buehler and Thomas M. Wood to James A. Baumgartner

•$263,000- 5205 Foxglove Ln. - Lisa Anne Korte to Cory and Deanna Nasello

Granite City

•$65,000- 109 Greenway Dr. - William T. Dickson to Marco Antonio Martinez-Montero and Olga Sue Haydee-Martinez

•$26,500- 2825 Birch Ave. - Nancy A., Bradley E. and Paul E. Roberts to SJL Properties

•$26,500- 3000 Marshall Ave. - US Bank to Wise Choice Properties

•$87,500- 2932 Fortune Dr. - Charles E. and Jacquelyn King to Judith D. Thomas


•$127,000- 90 Sunflower Dr. - PSKT Partnership to Robert L. Dunham

•$199,900- 13525 Mehgan Ln. - JPMorgan Chase Bank to Jason and Krista Podstawa


•$10,000- 1913 Harris St. - Jennifer L. Smith to Gregory B. ad Staci R. Marti


•$167,500- 206 Nepute St. - Keith and Beverly Schroeder to Christopher R. Jones and Aubrey R. Stawar

•$559,000- 6725 State Route 162- CJR Properties to DMG Real Estate Investment

•$112,000- 6214 W. Main St. - Cynthia and Robert Kirby to Aaron and Kristen Copple

New Douglas

•$9,000- 213 N. 4th St. - Robert S. and Cynthia L. Roe to Ronald D. and Gay L. Whiteside


•$142,000- 214 Staunton Rd. - Joshua and Angela Harrell to National Residential Nominee Service

•$142,000- 214 Staunton Rd. - National Residential Nominee Service to David A. and Heather Herndon

•$64,900- 8804 Wheat Dr. - Shadow Wood Development to Remington Properties

Wood River

•$23,00- 331 Whitelaw Ave. - Bank of America to Robert and Cynthia Kirby

•$94,882- 251 E. Penning Ave. - Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD


•$11,000- 112 Henry St. - First Collinsville Bank to Derek R. and Jennifer L. Baugh

September 3, 2015


•$116,500- 5213 Pin Oak Dr. - Marvie D. and Victoria R. Miller to Robin N. and Wesley B. Greene

•$17,900- 1104 E. 5th St. - US Bank to Elsie Palmer

•$27,500- 2421 Semenary - The Judicial Sales Corp. to JCS Aquisitions


•$100,500- 518 S. Prairie St. - Lynn Cerutti to Connie Henke


•$99,000- 407 South St. - Leslee A. Mitchell to Cynthia Stanton


•$83,881- 5305 Hazel- Randall and Julie Davis to Virginia Schemmer

•$6,000- Street Car Rd. - Wait Land Trust to Thomas and Patty Hoven

•$280,000- 7114 Shenandoah Dr. - Eric R. Callison to Scott M. Reed


•$145,000- 1814 Seminole Ln. - Estate of Jacqueline Wittman to Melissa G. and John F. Murphy

Granite City

•$77,700- 2448 E. 25th St. - Keith Schellhardt to Jeremy P. and Heidi E. Grey

•$500- 2243 Lee Ave. - US Bank to Bradley Tyler Combs


•$50,000- 815 Olive St. - Thomas and Mark Sinclair to Mark A. and Rene P. Friedel

•$169,000- 2712 Vulliet Rd. - Karen Ferguson to Seth McLaughlin-Heil

•$180,000- 55 Golden Rock Ln. - TImothy M. Gombos to Gary L. and Jean M. Mattingly

•$105,000- 716 Sycamore St. - Julie A. Deblock to Shawn P. and Danielle R. Fitzpatrick

•$11,000- Hill Crest Dr. - Charlene Rehberger Tucker Trust to Michael L. and Linda D. Hill

•$128,500- 1507 Washington St. - Terrence T. and Tina M. Isaak to Alexandra L. Rinderer

•$126,000- 1402 Ash St. - Jack D. Foster to Alicia R. Knox and Brad Eyman


•$305,000- 21 Foxmoor Dr. - Michael D. and Elizabeth H. Sturman to Marian M. Clinton

•$180,000- 1500 Pleasant Ridge Rd. - Emily Kay Williams, Peter T. Williams and Stephen K. Williams to Michelle Vermaux


•$70,000- 420 S. Central Ave. - Fred D. Foster and Estate of Carl E. Foster to Sharon and Louise Oller

St. Jacob

•$58,000- 507 Napoleon St. - Angela J. Dondero to Andrew O. and Susan E. Steinkoenig

S. Roxana

•$77,500- 455 Missouri Ave. - The Judicial Sales Corp. to JCS Aquisitions


•$27,000- 10787 Hill Ridge Dr. - Lyle and Cheryl Graf to Gene E. Hyatt and Lori F. Hyatt


•$182,000- 212 Fairington Dr. - Matthew Morrison to Phillip and Sandie Powell

Wood River

•$64,000- 770 Berry Rd. - JPMorgan Chase Bank to Robert Lowrance

•$94,900- 156 S. 9th St. - Carole H. and Charles E. Long Jr. to Tiffany Newell

September 4, 2015


•$70,000- 902 Logan St. - Jeffrey J. Cole and Kristie N. Rose -Cole to Michael McAfee


•$85,000- 405 Wyoming St. - Karen Joan Howard to Stacey L. Kupinski


•$175,000- 701 N. Bluff Rd. - Joan A. Compton to F.O.R. Corp.

•$88,000- 1288 Ridgewood Ct. - Kathy L. Bires to Heather Autry


•$2,500- SW PT Lot B1344 Carribean Dr. - Holishor Association to R.B. Dunnavant Jr. and J. L. Roti-Dunnavant

•$2,500- NE PT Lot B1344 Carribean Dr. - Holishor Association to Adrian J. and Lisa Cala

•$319,000- 1342 Carribean Dr. - RichardJr and Jillian Roti-Dunnavant to Christopher D. Dockery

•$145,000- 444 Buena Vista St. - Marian E. Merkel to Christopher Andrew and Caitlin Tice Hadeler

•$2,400,000- 5337 Fox Crest - John Barry and Gaye Julian to Marcia A. Billhartz

•$180,000- 1 Azalea Ct. - Greg F. Brown

Glen Carbon

•$147,500- 108 Bayhill - Elizabeth Gooden Meschke to Jared S. and Morgan DeBlieck


•$105,00- 5213 River Aire Dr. - Barbara J. Kinnaird to Jerome J. Jacobs

•$76,000-409 Keller St. - Jeffrey M. Ebbeler to Edward O. and Mary H. Hoekstra

Granite City

•$157,000- 2514 Commercial Pkwy- Bart Alan Mercer to Fannie M. Jennings

•$10,000- 2520 E. 24th St. - Secretary of HUD to Mark and Susan Gibbear

•$13,222- 2631 Edwards St. - Wells Fargo Bank to Mary McKinney


•$97,300- 478 School St. - Douglas L. White to Lawrence B. and Pauline H. Edwards


•$148,000- 7309 W. Main St. - Jeffrey R. and Megan Patricia Blind to Carolyn Scimemi

•$195,000- 7502 S. Ridge Ct. - The Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield IL to Steven M. and Carol G. Skasick


•$200,000- 236 Fairington Dr. - Thomas L. or Gina P. Mravak to Troyce D. and Annette R. Anderson

Wood River

•$128,900- 329 Elble - Deborah L. Rogers to Michelle Moffett

•$95,500- 235 10th St. - Sandra A. Viessman to Steven C. Miller


•$139,900- 332 Rutledge - Nicholas and Holly Lanthrip to Larry and Jessica Woodson

•$262,000- 216 Brookside Dr. - Brian G. Bowers to Jason R. Rexford

September 8, 2015


•$77,900- 3722 Berkeley Ave. - Laura and Micah Roberts to Kelly Noonan

•$19,500- 607 Sering Ave.- Cynthia Kay Brown to Celeste L. Holmes and Reginald R. Donlow

•$54,000- 2713 Edwards St. - George and Ann Weeks to Joseph Carr

•$22,400- 928 Main St. - Judicial Sales Corp. to Secretary of HUD

•$105,000- 4326 Brucene Dr. - Frank Pennington to Gary R. and Carla R. Deck

•$75,000- 223 Ladd - Geoffrey A. Theisen to kevin W. and Rebecka V. Goodman

•$15,000- 1511 Central Ave. - Liberty Bank to Thomas and Sharon Pitti

•$75,000- 7524 Stutz Ln. - Alice Marie Maupin to Christopher Hosford


•$65,000- 402 Bartmer Dr. - Edwin L. and Yvonne Horn to Joseph Mefford and Jynnifer Caudle


•$303,750- 200 W. Woodcrest- Lawrence E. Schaltenbrand to Marco Investment Group

E. Alton

•$26,000- 112 Smith Ave. - Kevin L. Stuby to Jim E. and Chana A. Murphy


•$182,000- 1355 Chancellor Dr. - Donald Bernard Zugmaier to Kelly Jo Karnes

•$145,500- 1415 Montclaire Ave. - Pamela S. and Larry Knecht to Jordan Haupt

•$451,218- 3617 S. Arbor Lake Dr. - Premier Homes By Jones to Paul and Angela Meier

•$124,000- 1436 Ladd Ave. - Stacey T. Thomas to Maureen R. and Nathan L. Johnson

•$245,750- 1808 Butler Blvd. - Kequin Gu and Xinxin Zhu to Walter E. and Carolyn Borner

Glen Carbon

•$246,000- 224 Ashford Dr. - Keith Michael and Kimberly Michele Pappert to Kyle B. and Tasha M. Dailey

•$238,000- 329 Glen Carbon Rd. - Andrew P. and Megan J. Wieser to Jarron and Anne Frey


•$103,740- S. Davis Ln. - Claria Gaulstich, Jess S. Ehlers Jr. and Michael to Robert and Malena Bell

Granite City

•$100,000- 2800 and 2812 E. 23rd St. - Gerin Enterprises to Michael and Lauren DeBruce

•$96,050- 1212 W. Pontoon Rd. - Judicial Sales Corp. to Secretary of HUD

•$12,000- 2517 Washington Ave. - Robert E. and Linda L. May to Charles Jaycox


•$12,900- 1832 Edwardsville Rd. - David W. and Agnes M. Traiche to Danny C. Boone


•$265,000- 33 Dogwood Terrace - James Teel to Larry C. Knecht

S. Roxana

•$5,500- 108 Roxana Ave. - Jeremy Gillian to Michael D. Moehle


•$128,500- 8552 Country Ln. - Carla J. and Bradley K. Rooney to Greg and Ramona Jackson

•$150,999- 10 Aspen Dr. - Mark R. and Valerie G. Hasara to Sesan and Rebecca Ellis

•$179,900- 2503 Staunton Rd. - Michael and Cayla Seaton to Michelle Massman and Derrick Brasfield

Wood River

•$196,250- 1308,1319 Virginia Ave.- D. Darlene Russell to Ronald R. Perich

•$92,000- 664 Halloran Ave. - Michael and Ashley Riegert to Kelly Phillips and Hannah Meyer

•$60,000- 59 Indian Dr. - Carl Ryan Luebbert to Tiller Holdings

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