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Madison County real estate Aug. 13-18

By Carrie Gonzalez | Sep 1, 2015

Madison County Real Estate:

August 13, 2015


•$19,000- 3529 Omega St. - The Nehemiah Program to Vincent Warlick

•$112,000- 623 E. 8th St. - Paul Moses to Christopher Woolridge and Kelly Leach

•$22,587- 3312 Belle St. - Harbour Portfolio VII to CWAM II LLC


•$101,000- 715 Illinois Ave. - Sean Kempfer and Ashely Fanning to William and Paulette Brinker

E. Alton

•$62,000- 816 Willoway Ave. - Marcia M. Pape Daniels to Robert D. and Gina L. Brown


•$135,000- 1800 Stanford Pl. - Robert C. Cuca to Christine A. Mainer


•$136,500- 5009 River Aire Dr. South- Carol Metzler and Patrick Jun to Monica Harris

Granite City

•$18,500- 3109 Edwardsville Rd. - Estate of Dallas Shemwell to Kenneth and Shelley J. Webb-Foote


•$11,155- 350 Notingham Ln.- Anton Lengermann to Jared and Rachelle Lengermann


•$89,250- 11075 State Route 143- Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Scott Snyders

Wood River

•$4,500- 231, 239, 241 S. Main -Sandy Shaw to Sam Stassi

August 14, 2015


•$70,000- 3443 Meridocia St. - Estate of Ayme J. Miller to Chris M. Miller

•$76,500- 317 Brentwood Blvd. - Adam JOyce to Chad Campbell

•$65,000- 98 W. Elm St. - Keith Douglas Walker to Michael and Lisa Funk

•$30,000- McCoy Rd. - Glen H. Dalton Trust to Dennis and Maria Day

•$12,127- 523 Wyss Ave. - The Secretary of HUD to Elsie Palmer


•$51,500- 616 Johnson Hill Rd., Unit A- Wesley P. and Jeanie G. Nicolussi to Pamela S. Adams

•$107,000- 1612 California Ave. - Center Point Real Estate Services to KCI Land Trust

•$174,000- 1334 Theodore AVe. - David Bryan to Kenneth M. Stell

E. Alton

•$85,000- 515 Mallard- Henry Pellizzaro to CPT 58 Homes LLC

•$75,000- 213 Tomlinson St. - Lawrence Hailer to Drake Eran Hand


•$340,000- 45 E. Southcrest Cr. - Byron J. and Nanciann Watts to Keele and Anthony Moore

Glen Carbon

•$4,000- 2910 State Route 157- The Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield to Sunset Hill Memorial Estates LTD


•$179,614- 7018 Chambers Rd. - Edward Sholar Sr. to Margaret E. Sholar

•$195,000- 1703 Meyer Ct. - Henry E. and Norma J. Hord to Thomas C. and Peggy J. Noble

•$78,200- 90 Taylor AVe. - The Kathleen D. Taylor Trust to Travis Tarrant and Mark Harman

•$72,600- 5007 Michael Dr. - The Judicial Sales Corp. to Secretary of HUD

•$75,000- 7125 Montclair Ave. - Countryside Realty to Pearl Family

Granite City

•$80,700- 1732 Courtney Blvd. - Tom and Michelle Keck to Stephen M. Jones

•$168,500- 140 Emerald Way West - Federal National Mortgage to Zachary and Sarah Burch


•$590,000- 13673 Alpine Way- Mary E. Andringa to Dominic and Mary Lynn Corsale


•$65,000- 88 Stonebridge Bluff Dr. - Robert W. and Sharon K. Barrows to Adam S. Petroff

•$118,000- 6703 W. Main St. - Kenneth W. Pence to Nicole Layton

•$196,500- 6021 Keebler Oaks Dr. - Glen J. and Kimberly A. Sprankle to Brant Burgess and Bethany Poppitz

St. Jacob

•$80,000- 9136 Schmalz Rd. - Robert and Michelle Hawthorne to Brett E. and Erin W. Miller


•$142,000- 500 Riggin Rd. - Steven F. Reynolds to Kristen Reynolds

•$136,500- 103 Parkview Ct. - Adam J. and Christine E. Lofton to Jamie Myers

•$153,000- 624 Riebold Rd. - Norma J. Martin to John and Leslie Hubbs

•$197,500- 621 Buckingham Dr. - Kevin and Linda Byrne to Glen and Kimberly A. Sprankle

•$78,000- 412 Lindenwood Dr. - Garry L Roe to Matthew Brandon Lambert

August 17, 2015


•$10,000- 134 E. Elm St. - Illinois State Police to John D. Bixen

•$84,000- 3619 Horn Ave.- Aaron Joyce to Garrett T. Deck


•$135,000- 130 Terrace St. - Tile and More to Jordan E. Griffin


•$87,000- 6790 Stuart Dr. - Intercounty Judicial Sales Corp. to Trust A. Under Trust of Jimmie G. Sherut

•$65,900- 113 Boskydells Dr. - Secretary of VA to Health Sourcer

Cottage Hills

•$98,000- 632 Pence Ave. - Christopher Johnson to Elmirinda Michael


•$300,000- 880 Malibu Way- Donna Crain to Rex and Norma Pratt

•$129,900- 5231 N. State Route 159-David and Twila Orr to Micheal Joseph II and Elysia Lautner

•$226,000- 7089 Stallion Rd. - Richard T. and Nancy S. Stallard to John L. and Kendra D. Payton

•$94,500- 236 Crane St. - Leonard R. Land and Carolyn J. Land to Ryan C. and Katie Gatton

•$375,000- 335 Shea Ct. - Piedmont Development Corp. to Joshua Charles and Jamie Marie Ross

•$180,0- 683 Monaco Ct. - Connie Henke to Kathryn S. and Richard L. Scheibal

•$2,940,606- 3931 Lakeview Corporate Dr.- Lakeview Lakes Farm LLC to CP Logistics Lakeview 4

Glen Carbon

•$249,900- 324 Aberdeen Dr. - John L. and Kendra D. Payton to Matthew D. and Allison Callie Shearer

•$389,000- 10 Bear Creek Ct. - Samuel and Amy Vance to James A. and Jane Ann Marchino

•$300,000- 8 Ginger Bend - Billy C. and M. Bianca Stavely to Richard M. and Amber E. Goodwin

•$94,000- 195 S. Main St. - Dawn M. Dyer to Teresa A. Moore


•$127,500- 4905 W. Hill Dr. - Melissa Ballhurst to Alexander D. and Rachel E. Calvin

•$8,400- 7000 Humbert Rd. - Joel E. Anderson to Union Pacific Railroad Co.


•$200,000- 1006 Westwood Rd. - Theresa A. Morrison to Aaron P. and Tiffany S. Sitzes


•$163,000- 309 Cobblestone- John A. and Nicole R. Burns to Billy J. Fuller

Wood River

•$40,000- 237 S. Central Ave. - TCRT to Keith G. Belden

•$20,000- 3405 Crescent Ct. - First Clover Leaf Bank to Fulford Homes

•$20,000- 3433 Maple Ridge Dr. - First Clover Leaf Bank to Fulford Homes


•$288,000- 1766 Captains Dr. - Kevin and Shelly Jansen to Neal P. Tex

August 18, 2015


•$70,000- 3503 Glenn Dr. - Olin R. and Kathleen M. Reynolds to Brice J. and Hillary J. Nelson

•$1,300- 3216 Edsall St. - Wells Fargo to K.T. Poss

•$8,000- Main St. - Roy Ricci Stotler to Foster Township

•$46,116- 1518 S. Rodgers Ave. - Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD


•$117,000- 117 Stuart St. - David L. and Anna Q. Campbell to Kristin Strow and Gerald Cloninger

•$129,000- 331 Silver St. - Lillian L. Doblebower and Patrick E. Melcher to Christopher and Rebecca Monahan


•$84,000- 1033 Vermont Ave. - Wells Fargo to Martin G. Bub Jr.

•$177,000- 2008 Raintree Tr. - John Zickus to Andrew A. Sims

E. Alton

•$116,000- 724 W. Airwood Dr. - William and Bridget Viehweg to Drew Brumley


•$205,000- 6481 Old Carpenter Rd. - Nicholas J and Sara Tarpoff to Scott Hammock and Christina Servedio

•$231,000- 497 Chancellor Dr. - Sandra Harper to James and Nicole Behrmann

•$32,500- 122 W. Lake Dr. - Duane E. Weber to Willard Goff

Glen Carbon

•$165,000- 47 Fairlane Dr. - Joshua S. and Marcella J. Sedebres to Matthew R. and Gina A. Basso Scholbe

Granite City

•$2,600- Lot on State Route 111- JoAnn Goare and James H. Moore Jr. to Paul A. Greene

•$67,500- 2160 Miracle Ave.- Billy Jim and Rhonda G. Fuller to Ashley N. Duley

•$98,000- 89 Cambridge Dr. - Natalie Kayich to Betty Downs

•$39,000- 1602 Poplar St. - Debra F. Dunn to Jerardo Gonzalez Rangel and Rosa E. Gonzalez

•$15,000- 2553 Century Dr. - Joan M. Hill to Richard and Tammy Carter

•$68,500- 2412 Iowa St. - Kelly R. and Allen Shepard to Dale A. Wuehler

•$67,000- 4917 Redwood Ln.- Quantum Lending to Mindy M. Dowdy

•$135,000- 2617 Kate St. - Grant Stafford Properties to Collision HD LLC


•$140,000- 10 Sundew Ln. - Michael R. and Richard Gourley to Scot R. Lauth

•$120,000- 1222 9th St. - Goshen Real Estate to Maurice and Penny Lemarr

•$80,000- 4279 State Route 160- Richard D. Clayton to Casey and Michelle Braswell

•$140,000- 4 Valentine Ln.- Timothy R. and Melanie L. Beauman to William and Maureen R. Napper

•$39,000- 220 Suppiger Ln., Unit 216- Eric B. Liening to Lindsay C. Morgan


•$20,000- 1130 Reynolds St. - Lucy Obermeier to Christina Caravelli

New Douglas

•$116,500- 110 N. 1st St. - Nancy Hanratty to Daniel R. Kessinger


•$159,000- 938 Carla Dr. - Chad and Emma Crone to Stephen M. and Alexandra N. Owens

•$170,000- 1260 Blackjack Rd.- Cecil H. and Barbara A. Payne to Ryan and Gena Hodapp


•$6,000- 1947 Sextant Dr. - Michael P. Italiano to Richard Andrew Bywater and Charles R. Harrison

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