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St. Clair County real estate Aug. 10-14

By Carrie Gonzalez | Aug 25, 2015

St. Clair Real Estate:

August 10, 2015


•$37,500- 993 Olde Lantern Ln. - Chris and Stephanie Short to Michael Hauser

•$185,000- 3060 Harvest Meadow Dr. - McBride and Son Residential to Travis S. Beasley

•$69,500- 5 Caceil Dr. - Robert mcTearnen to Corinne Hill

•$85,600- 317 Southgate Dr. - Fannie Mae to Lena K. Walker

•$184,900- 9 Powder Valley Dr. - The Maher Family Trust to Andrew C. and Nicole M. Kendall

•$148,000- 2108 Lebanon Ave. - Clinton D. and Michelle M. Green to Anthony R. Kunkel

•$5,000,000- 1501 S. 74th St., and Sheffield Dr. - The Legacy Group to Roho


•$20,000- 2440 Donna Dr. - Eva Heiman, Cynthia McQuade, and Judith Blackman to James and Carol S. Meng

E. Carondelet

•$3,528- 1118 State St. - James S. McDaniel to James S. McDaniel

E. St. Louis

•$8,500- 580 N. 23rd St.- Darrell Washington to Hometime LLC

•$8,500- 1740 Belmont Ave.- Darrell Washington to Hometime LLC

•$40,783- 2700 State St. - Arrow Realty to Brenda Lynn Isaac

Fairview Heights

•$41,025- 3 Lakeshire Dr. - Beal Bank to Robert R. Druessel Jr.

•$222,794- 9426 Marbarry Dr. - McBride Summit Springs to Barry and Shari Almond

•$222,000- 963 Northwestern Ave. - Elizabeth Jane Taylor Buchanan to Anye K. Wolff


•$21,000- 415 E. Patterson St. - James L. Kunkle Jr. to Craig and Christine Klingehoefer


•$70,000- 345 Shad Ln - Jeffrey S. Hayden to Beller


•$220,000- 961 Strubridge Tr.- Julie L. Wijnen-Riems to Eric A. Frazier

•$210,000- 1506 Peach Orchard Rd. - Dustin and Lindsay Brueggemann to Luke and Jennifer Mulch

•$306,000- 761 Merrifields Dr. - Heather J. Flowers-Niesel to Brian and Tabitha Knupp

•$51,000- 205 Whitehall Dr. - Estate of Terry L. McDonald to A and B Property Management

•$283,000- 222 Shawnee Ct. - Joel Conte to Kyle and Desteney Vasatka

•$330,000- 517 Frost Ct.- Evan and Mary Holt to Tyler and Tiffany Marcotte

•$280,000- 5104 Cheltenham Ct. - Cory C. and Margaret A. Benton to Radhika Vijay Patel


•$262,500- 2645 Westinghouse Dr. - Denis and Tracy Gray to Ross and Erin Wetmore


•$74,000- 1501 Kinsella Ave.- David and Jo Wuebbels to Duane and Christina Coyle

•$170,000- 3708 Winward Way Dr. - Richard Ayer II and Holly Ayer to Nicole and Andrew Jones

•$225,750- 3612 Buckland Ct. -Bradley J Heap to Julie Benhoff

August 11, 2015


•$8,050- 610 Monroe St. - Federal Home Loan Mortgage to BRT Properties

•$86,250- 225 River Laurel Dr. - Bruce and Debra Perkins to Brett and Kristin Perkins

•$16,660- 516 Springwood Dr. - Gary A. Stumpf to Gary A. Stumpf


•$50,000- 225 W Washington St. - Curtis Bechtle to Geovanni A. Hernandez Calixto

•$325,000- 112 Antler Creek Ct. - Dexter G. Nelson to Stephen M. and Jacqueline L. Murphy

•$276,000- 131 Forest Oaks Dr. - McBride and Son Residential to Jose D. and Maria Arlette Amorado

E. St. Louis

•$300- 817 N. 82nd St.- City of E. St. Louis to M.H. and Lula Jones

Fairview Heights

•$16,000- 104 Durley St. - Jon B. Dzengolewski to Gregory Muren


•$50,000- 428 East Dr. - Gregory L and Janet L. Hickey to Dylan R. and Brittnie J. Little- Hatley


•$22,500- 422 Amethyst Ln. - CNR to Daniel and Cynthia Deornellas

•$50,000- 611 S. Jefferson- Dean Juenger to John L Bailey


•$98,000- 1114 Nancy Dr. - Nancy S. and Antonia E. Togias to Scott E Baer

•$18,000- 901 Pacific Crossing Dr. - Jignesh P. Dave to Scott A. and Delia V. Lockwood


•$32,000- 837 Bluff Ridge Ln. - SD2 LLC to Fulford Homes


•$75,000- 4283 Willow Oak Ln. - Brian and Stacey Geluck to Douglas G. and Valerie Y. Martin


•$29,000- 3921 Beechmont Cr.- Tamar Development II to Fulford Homes

August 12, 2015


•$85,000- 35 N. 39th St.- Kevin L. and Melissa K. Elbe to Marquita Jackson and Henry L. Allen

•$154,000- 110 Northland Dr. - FYP Property Management to Sylvester and Theresa Grant

•$42,000- 1725 N. 17th St. - US Bank to Under the Wood

•$201,000- 1912 Hawksbill Dr. - Cynthia L. Harting to Joseph B. and Carol L. Hooten

•$49,000- 1502 Hampton Ct. - Steven Woodward and Pamela Woodward to Christian J Woodward

E. St. Louis

•$12,000- 3608 Summit Ave.- Bank of America to Brenda Rhodes


•$2,000- 522 E. South Railroad- JD Haas to Rosalie F. Embrich


•$270,000- 1000 Hunter's Trail- Andrea L. and Troy W. Beringer to George Clifton and Erin Marie Edwards


•$212,500- 129 Benham Dr. - Thomas Kinkelaar to Robert Cannon


•$160,000- 203 Evergreen Dr. - Biagio E. and Mary J. Cannistraci to Michael R. and Nikki M Brantley

•$120,000- 508 S. Augusta St. - James E. and Janet S. Payne to Jared M. and Renae Gavillet

•$187,450- 12 Ravenwood Cr. - William Streif to Matthew R. and Lauren E. Douglass


•$150,000- 2011 Goose Lake Rd. - Regions Bank to Goose Lake Office Buildings


•$189,000- 2652 Cheyenne Wells Dr. - Tyler and Meagan Drone to Melissa J. McMullen

August 13, 2015


•$53,445- 2037 Camrose Green St. - US Bank to Southern Specialty Properties

•$94,000- 115 N. 41st St. - Paul A. III and Melanie Elizabeth Shaw to Sharona N. and Shalonta D. Latham

•$270,000- 1537 Lyonshall Blvd.- Scott Credit Union to Christopher and Anne Brown

•$53,000- 22 N. Michigan Ave. - Garry Staub Sr., and Michael Staub to Donald Cook and Larry R. Duncan

•$105,000- 3940 Centreville Ave. - Dale E. Keck to Mark S. and Christine M. Brady


•$27,500- 1078 E. O'Fallon Dr. and 212 Circle Dr. - Larry King to Larry King

•$195,000- 103 Alpine Ln.- Beverly A. Hensley to Robert Wayne Cooper

•$105,000- 100 High St. - Christopher and Kathryn Martin to Cody Wiley


•$97,000- 137 Moffett Ave. - Carl W. Kueneke and Cynthia S. Kueneke to Kaitlyn M. Rausch, Franklin Rausch and Patricia D. Rausch

•$173,000- 122 Kroener Dr. - Todd H. and Ellen O. Drenkhahn to Charles and Tracey Sebold


•$130,000- 411 Edwin Dr. - C. A. Jones to Marla K. Hartsell

E. St. Louis

•$30,100- 31 Godier Dr. - Secretary of HUD to Brenda and Carl F. Brinkley Sr.

Fairview Heights

•$223,500- 817 Saybrook Falls Dr. - Michael C. and Rumi Odom to Curt and Michelle L. Iffert


•$85,000- 504 W. Dee St.- Secretary of VA to Callie J. Durborow


•$15,000- 808 W. South St. - State Bank of Lincoln to Michael and Janis Kramer


•$26,000- 933 St. Clair St. - Federal National Mortgage to Aaron and Melissa Paton

•$400,000- 708 Thoureau Dr. - MaryAnn L. Reese to Kimberly A. Drewry

•$366,889- 1112 Hollander Ct. - Hungington Chase Homes to Scott R. and Carrie E. Hruby


•$282,000- 4049 Autumn Oak Dr. - Joseph and Sandra Hubbard to Kevin P. and Christine A. Crolly


•$142,000- 1710 Baxton Ct. - Michael and Donna Harrison to Dawn M. Triplett

•$175,000- 2928 Old Caseyville Rd. - St. Clair County Series to Wisteria Court Apartments

•$3,950,000- 1451- 1460 Wisteria Ct. and Ames Dr. - St. Clair County Series to Wisteria Court Apartments

August 14, 2015


•$118,000- 209 Britanna Dr. - The Herbert Evans and Phyllis S. Evans Trust to James A. Johnson Jr.

•$148,000- 825 Forest Ave.- Brian J. and Tabitha L. Knupp to Adar R. Gass and Amanda L. Piela

•$90,200- 1411 N. Church St. - Total Home Solutions to Tracey Bremer

•$88,500- 15 Kingman Ct. - Sterling P Watts Jr. to Deirdre Cavins

•$177,000- 3009 Blackwood Dr. - Timothy D. Shepherd to Juan Santana and Brooke Asher


•$18,500- 524 St. Barbara Ln. - Kaleidoscope Properties to Warren Griffin


•$304,500- 108 Antler Creek Ct. - Robert and Jenelle Little to Jarid and Shannon Norton

•$256,910- 768 Bassett St. - H&L Land Trust to Forrest and Sheri Wells


•$204,000- 108 Greer Ct. - Colby and Erin E. Garman to Richard A. Debrobander

Fairview Heights

•$35,000- 206 Apple St. - Jean L. Schuessler to Craig M. See


•$263,000- 8310 Heron Cove- Richard and Donna Holesinger to Carrie and Matthew Laur


•$141,000- 1202 Belleville St. - Michael and Mary Chamberlin to Allan Bernhardt and Lynn Polette


•$37,000- 205 Adderly Ln. - Regions Bank to L.F. and Son Construction

New Athens

•$27,000- Pike Sawmill Rd. - Edgar G. Knewitz Jr. to Neil J. Schaller


•$135,000- 536 & 538 Jeffrey Pine Ct. - Michael E. Conrad to Ryan Moshtagh and Jana Gass

•$22,000- 17 Joshua Dr. - Hank Brinegar to David R. O'Neil

•$305,000- 14 Laurel Heights Ct - Indra Godhwani to Mark Ursel Rhodes and Tiffany Ann Rhodes

•$49,900- 1213 Merriam Parkway- D&F Contracting to Innovation Construction Services

•$157,000- 318 Nancy Dr. - Ethel Marie Miller and Eddie S. and Judith F. Cesa

•$212,000- 375 Macon Ct. - Mark K. and Jennifer Medeiros to Jeffrey S. Robinson


•$169,900- 3276 Brookstone Ct. - Kevin P. and Marilyn U. Pomeroy to Scott D. Carpenter

•$184,900- 2224-2226 Madero Dr. - Basis Investments to Orlando Miner and Marietta Miner


•$267,778- 4662 Cherry Circle Ct. - D&F Contracting to Peter Bivans

•$297,000- 5229 Live Oak Dr. - Richard J. and Dana L. Stauder to Nicholas and Jennifer Anne Moffitt


•$50,000- 1865/1867 Carrington Way- Dallas Plastering Company to K&L Homes

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