St. Clair County real estate July 1-9

By Carrie Gonzalez | Jul 20, 2015

A list of recent real estate transactions for St. Clair County. Including Belleville, Cahokia, Caseyville, Collinsville, Dupo, East Carondelet, East St. Louis, Fairview Heights, Freeburg, Lebanon, Marissa, Mascoutah, Millstadt, O’Fallon, St. Libory, Shiloh, Smithton, Swansea, Waterloo.

July 1, 2015


•$82,000- 30 S. 21st. St. - A.C. Fisher to Lindenwood University

•$84,000- 2001 W. Main St. - John and Jean K. Demos to Lindenwood University

•$359,000- 4501 N. Illinois St. - ADM Property Management to Premier Car Connection

•$115,500- 15 Las Olas Dr. - David Sliment Jr. to Brenda G. Steiger

•$176,500- 2601 Cedar Grove Dr. - Gregory C. and Julie A. Jennings to Clinton Yancey Jr.

•$96,000- 21 Robin HIll Ln. - Kimberly W. Pietro to Carol Fralick Morrison

•$72,500- 170/105 Indian Hill - Rhonda M. Davis to Shauntey James

•$118,000- 34 Ben Louis Dr. - Joyce T. Range to Ashlie K. and Ramon Mitchell

•$57,000- 32 Oak Knoll Pl.- Secretary of VA to Sky Blue Development

•$82,000- 617 S. Belt E.- South Illinois Trust to Andrea Jackson

•$106,000- 31 Chadwick Dr. - Andrew and Kristi Johnson to Andrew Morton

•$12,500- 401 N. 5th St. - National Loan Investors to Raymond W. Archambo

•$69,00- 220 Brittany Ln. - Cynthia L. Wangelin to Brittany Wells

•$85,000- 501 Country Meadows Ln. - James E. Wyant Jr. and Hyo Son Wyant to Darla R. Rodgers


•$25,000- 511 Chaudet Ave., 513 Chaudet Ave. - Estate of Juanita M. Haley to AZA Properties

•$51,500- 815 Sparks Ave. - Pacer Cap to Clint McCormick

•$47,500- 302 Marion St. - Pacer Cap to Clint McCormick

•$625,000- 93 Water St. - Abundant Love Fellowship to Gateway Area Bible Fellowship Aspostolic Church


•$218,000- 3 View West Ln. - Mary R Dix to Samuel and Debra Carter


•$142,500- 17 Heatherwood Dr. - Elfriede S. Norvell to Dale W. Forguson


•$20,981- 609 Florence Ave. - JRC Holdings to Jonathan M. and Jessica E. Reinhold

•$120,000- 112 N. 8th St. - Robert and Sylvia Mentel Family Trust to Marilyn F. Montgomery

E. St. Louis

•$13,000- 527 N. 18th St. - Federal National Mortgage to Jessie Granger

•$1,00- 713 N. 26th St. - Jay A. Ashford to Roimero Harris

Fairview Heights

•$55,000- 127 Frey Ln. - US Bank to Cary Steffens

•$110,000- 6 Ridgeway Meadows Dr. - Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Arza L. Mumma Jr.


•$120,00- 105 S. Vine St. - Tyler Isaak to Tyler and Allyson Urbanski

•$305,000- 3647 Old Freeburg Rd. - Susan A. Hickey to Leroy and Scott Hamann


•$74,000 - 210 Joan Ave. - La June Fulton to William and Rhonda Affeldt


•$205,000- 13 Gladwyn Dr. - Mark E. Oman to Thomas A. and Kathi G. Carrico


•$115,000- 358 Stanton Ln. - Cynthia L. Stanton to Joshua A. and Lindsay M. Martie

•$286,000- 107 Knob Creek Ln. - Robert M. and Michelle R. Crain to Matthew and Angela Getty

•$135,000- 287 Fawn Oaks Ln. - Ryan and Ashley Johnson to Abram and Marilyn E. Ellis

•$259,900- 453 Wiegerstown Dr. - Robert J. Poulin to Gregory and Angela Wrather

•$265,000- 1038 Hartman Ln. - Joseph M. Hale to Bruce A. Behrens and Karen S. Whetstone

•$344,900- 1128 Hightower Pl. - Mark M. and Katherine J. Duprey to Scott A. and Devan R. Holman

St. Libory

•$127,500- 701 Rutter Ave. - Steven Jones to Nancy J. Nerone Trust


•$155,000- 1721 St. Andrew Dr. - Kathryn R. Miller to John P. Wicinski

•$240,000- 2201 Birmingham Dr. - Leon Byrd Jr. and Shari Renee Byrd to Paul Carlson


•$187,000- 412 Fieldview Dr. - Joshua D. Holder to Regina Marie and Jesse Carlton

•$399,000- 5286 Wild Oak Ln. - Mark G. Sr. and Cheri Ehret to Joshua D. and Karen E. Holder


•$169,900- 38 Ednick Dr. - Patrick C. Donahue Jr. and Lesley G. Hermann-Donahue to John L. Krieger

•$134,500- 10 Vandor Ct. - Robert D. and Stephanie A. Guzy to Kimberly A. Dalton and Jamie Burdick

•$144,500- 721 Deerfield Dr. - Jamie L. Wisser to Andrew C. Forney

•$358,500- 1301 Merganser Blvd. - Jesus L. and Amarillys A. Sojo to Donald E. and Sue A. Miller

•$270,000- 305 Barrett Lake Dr. - Dolores F. Stover to David G. and Cathleen J. Hughes

•$144,000- 30 Virburnum Dr. - Scott A. and Devan M. Holman to Daniel and Tiffany Baird

•$280,000- 3413 Rand Ln.- Shirley Crank Trust to Dean and Nancy Howes

July 2, 2015


•$240,000- 2 Pinewood Ln. - Michael Timothy Bolam to Corey L. and Kayah M. Billups

•$128,000- 1617 Sherbone Dr. - Carrie L. Hart to Karmen Coleman

•$10,500- 1208 Bel Aire Dr. - Secretary of HUD to Ellen C. Thieleman

•$161,000- 1101 Forest Hills Dr. - Mitchell C. Fish to David Ayers

•$140,450- 3017 Rentchler Rd. - Kenneth E. Conklin to Fred M. and Nancy B. Hannan

•$100,000- 103 N. 21st St. - Johnathan T. and Lisa Loesche to Lindenwood University

•$49,999-2007 W. A St. - Dale and Bobbi J. Sudholt to Lindenwood University

•$72,000- 206 S. 27th St. - Willie J. McAlister Jr. to Lindenwood University

•$207,000- 2408 Persimmon Wood Dr. - Christopher and Laurie L. Thompson to Sean Michael and Tara Marie Peterson

•$50,000- 102 Commodore Dr. - Regions Bank to Danny Foster

•$105,000- 330 Hickory Bend Dr. - Betty L. Whitehead to Elaine Reiniger

•$180,000- 3296 Cedar Spring Ct. - Kale Jeffery and Jacquilyn Warner-Jeffery to Mark A. and Brandy Tully


•$126,300- Church Rd. - Louis I Mund Trust to Ameren Illinois Co.


•$89,000- 1010 St. Clair Ave. - V Mortgage Reo to Nicholas Wilks II

E. St. Louis

•$80,000- 3146 N. 60th St. - Mary T. Oliver to Louis Jaimes

•$800- 4211 Pocket Rd. - Ozaine G. Luckey to Carlos L. Vickers

Fairview Heights

•$385,000- 1137 Stonewolf Tr. - Jerril J. Jones and Paula R. Badjr to Karl F. Woodmansey

•$120,000- 600 Lenora Dr. - Robert W. and Amy L. Lang to Sylana C. Radley

•$188,000- 204 Brittany Dr. - Neil D. and Jeri Lyn Horowitz to Neil and Brandy Mutschler

•$208,000- 5412 Depaul Dr. - Gregory A. Byrne to Stephen Jernigan


•$130,000- 211 N. State St. - Estate of Alice S. Koesterer to Ronald and Jean Speiser

•$150,750- 5 Edgewood Ct. - David Brennan to Kody Joel Heberer

•$100,000- 505 S. State St. - Chad M. and Jennifer L. Quigley to Robert W. Spacher


•$100,00- 9921 Tad St. - Gary Nekula to Sean T. Coser


•$44,300- 9730 Weatherby St. - AKS Developments to Kappert Construction

•$86,800- Buddy Funk Ln. - Robert Becherer Trust to Okaw North Hunting Club

•$85,794- 1143 Fox Run - The Private Sales Corp. to Champaign Investment

•$47,800- 928 Indian Prairie Dr. - AKS Development to Kappert Construction


•$250,000- 163 Hodgens Mill Ln. - Tracey S. and Kimberly A. Skelton to Rosemary LLC

•$318,000- 1322 Rainfield Gardens Ct. - Larry C. Calhoun and Kay M. Calhoun to David A. and Sonia I. Johnson

•$227,000- 332 Logan Dr. - Christopher D. and Lori A. Marrs to Jessica and Nathan Klein

•$42,000- 1472 Winchester Grove Ct. - Southern IL Land Investments to Kappert Construction

•$229,000- 174 Picketts Run- Gay Lynn Manning and Frederik R. Manning to Matthew and Jacquelyn Brown

•$900,000- 120 Behrens Ave. - Steve W. Maher to CBMB LLC

•$268,000- 605 Portsmith Pl. Dr. - Bradley and Jessica Culligan to Terrence and Kristin Holley


•$152,000- 101 Sr. Lawrence Dr. - Janet A.McAllister to Rebecca M. Ross

•$105,000- 9-11 Innsbruck Ln. - Dean C. and Carol R. Tano to Justin Reno

•$120,000- 3281 Bridgewater Dr. - George Genutis to Sara Vincent


•$194,000- 4290 Redfield Dr. - Judy A. Nadler to Ronald B. and Rachel M. Ziegler

July 6, 2015


•$11,900- 1408 Salem Dr. - Arthur Townsend Webster and Ann Heilmann Webster to Ralph M. and Gail Kleemann

•$123,000- 730 Country Meadow Ln. - Elaine M. Laws to Tawanna L. Patterson and Anita Franklin

•$69,000- 843 Lebanon Ave. - US Bank to Sallie Price

•$154,000- 2833 Brookmeadow Dr. - Lloyd A. and Jerene L. Vaughn to Kristen N. Davis and Patrick G. Hogg

•$45,000- 1537 N. Church St. - Joseph A. Levy Sr. to Phil Tegtmeier

•$105,000- 48 Dale Allen Dr. - Thomas Dustin Acre to Regina R. Howard

•$114,000- 7 Valley View Dr. - Anthony and Kimberly Vrooman to Brent and Hannah Nix

•$770,000- 5920 Gateway Industrial - Waste Management of IL to Properties Holding Management

•$100,000- 142 Falls Park Ct. - Fannie Mae to Alicia Felton


•$100,000- 1 Little Estate Ln. - Michael P. and Sheila Crockett to Timothy L. and Helen F. Montgomery

•$9,650- 1621/1619 Upper Cahokia Rd. - Edker Woody Lane to Warren G. Griffin II


•$96,500- 301 Kroeger Ave. - DeWayne and Cheryl Penrose to Mark A. and Donna B. Godat

•$1,500- Unknown- Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis to Prairie Du Point Levee and Sanitary Distrcit

E. Carondelet

•$1,300- 7th St.- Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis to Prairie Du Point Levee and Sanitary Dsitrict

E. St. Louis

•$3,000- 406 Kathryn St., East St. - Corlon Peters to Marvin Moore Jr.

•$10,000- 2228 Tudor Ave. - Mildred Johnson to Daniel and Linda Sumrall Jr.


•$303,503- Scheirmeier Rd. - Kyle Hawkins to Arthur III and Nick Buesch

•$190,000- 201 W. High St. - Ronald L. Waters to Kyle R. Hawkins

•$169,900- 8059 Jefferson Rd. - Anatolian Inn to Anthony and Kimberly Vrooman


•$144,900- 909 E. Third St. - Kathleen Ann Mongiovi to Sylvianne G. Doucette and Brian Gaunt

•$261,000- 1250 Elisabeth Dr. - Paul T. and Myrna S. Double to Leandrew L. Coleman


•$115,000- 1 Sir Lawrence Dr. - Andris L. and Mary L. Liepins to Jeremy A. Jones and Petra T. Goedde

•$65,000- 105 Oak St. - Mary Beth Kadavi and Lisa Parr to Mark Kaburek


•$575,000- 4402 Smelting Works Rd. - Carl H. and Deborah A. Tempel to Prairie Farms Dairy

•$25,000- Smelting Works Rd. - Carl H. and Deborah A. Tempel to Prairie Farms Dairy

July 7, 2015


•$19,000- 3606 Harbor Way- McBride Eagles Landing to George E. Crews II

•$232,383- 3514 Barton Dr. - McBride Eagles Landing to Christopher and Cori J Jurgensmeyer

•$56,100- 711 Southgate Dr. - Secretary of HUD to Alex J. Wellinghoff

•$16,000- 614 W. Lincoln St. - Donald Lehman to Wayne M. and Melissa B. Winkeler

•$110,100- 2212 Monterey Dr. - Dorothy Huard to Seth and Jayme Brown


•$5,000- 410 Mildred - Fannie Mae to Earl W. Jones

•$45,000- XXX Mississippi Ave - Overbrook L.P. to Mark Frierdich

E. St. Louis

•$6,200- 44 St. Ambrose Dr.- Fannie Mae to Anthonio D. Dansberry Jr.


•$59,125- 9655 Winnebago Way- AKS Developments to Kappert Construction


•$400,000- 4916 Rita Ann Pl.-Daniel A. and Jeannine M. Muskopf to Stacey L and Brian M. Geluck


•$250,000- 2059 Bowler Rd. - Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Jeff and Elizabeth Ortega

•$207,500- 1035 Chapel Hill Dr. - Robin Cummings to Bradley W. and Christine M. Jones

•$286,000- 106 Greentree Ct. - John W. Lowery to Steven M. Galinski


•$222,000- 212 Sun Valley Dr. - Cory S. and Sunni D. Morris to Blake Lindauer


•$135,000- 3751 Winward Way Dr. - Secretary of HUD to JoSunda Lister

July 8, 2015


•$76,000- 2038 Celebration Park Cr. - Corliss E. Harlen to Vernice M Graves

•$94,000- 210 S. 27th St. - James A. II and Shanon Messer to Lindenwood University

•$111,900- 48 Aaron Dr. - Ashley and corey Muendlein to Tina Herron


•$125,000- 313 Miranda - Emily Richeson to Brandon Smith and Jazyma Chandler


•$1,405,000- 410- 412 Summerfield St. - Gilk Family Partnership to Academic Housing


•$4,300,000- 34 +/- Acres E. Hwy 50 (201 Scott Troy Rd.)- Westmore Development to S.I. Strategy

•$287,688- 1323 Arbor Green Trail- Huntington Chase Homes Corp. to Shawn R. and Jessica M. Timpson

July 9, 2015


•$164,500- 2030 Woodsong Way - Shaun A. and Alina G. Bramble to Jason Wissehr

•$85,00- 215 Abend St. - Joyce A. Laux to Ingrid C. Patterson

•$13,000- 313 E. Grant St. - Sandra K. Bloos to Elisa Jolls


•$82,500- 1395 S. 5th St. - Todd D. and Brooke Thornton to Ryan Williams

E. Carondelet

•$25,000- 38 Water St. - West Community Credit Union to Tiffany Spinner and Patricia Bregen

E. St. Louis

•$8,500- 5902 Old Missouri Ave. - The Betty J. Todd Trust to Terence Charles

•$54,170- 1320 Gaty Ave. - The Private Sales Corp to Secretary of HUD


•$45,700- 322 E. St. Louis St. - Fannie Mae to Amanda Rinne


•$175,000- 1420 Royal Forest Dr. - Groves Investments to Brandon A. and Brandy Simmons

•$16,000- 182 St. Christopher Ct. - Plaza Developers to JLP Homes


•$185,000- 341 Vermillion Dr. - Fernando and Cynthia A. Munzo to David F. and Phyllis C. Clark

•$39,600- 234 Peoria Ln. - Estates at Prairie Crossing Development to Fulford Homes LLC

•$30,000- 112 North Lincoln Ave. - Ronald J. Sr. and Cheri E. Warhoover to City of OFallon

•$117,500- 601 S. Smiley St. - Ted K. Shekell to Donald E. Shaw


•$165,000- 101 Archview Dr. - Dominic A. and Jodi M. Governatori to Philip A. and Brin Pennington

•$32,000- 1024 Grassland Ct. - Greenmount Greystone to Fulford Homes


•$286,825- 3923 Lower Saxtown Rd. - Darren T. and Leah Marie Kennemer to Jana and Phillip Kirchhoff

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