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Madison County real estate July 2-9

By Carrie Gonzalez | Jul 20, 2015

July 2, 2015


•$132,900- 301 College St. - David W. Aper and Mary J. Aper to George M. and Rhonda D. Tibbs


•$76,500- 2300 Morning Star Dr. - Charles and Mary Roemer to Alecia Roemer and Ryan Bennett

•$52,000- 2910 Mayfield Ave. - Alan Howard Huelsmann to Sean Seelander

•$315,000- 8104 Wolf Rd. - Alan D. Mendel to Jason and Jamie Winship

•$27,500- 3952 Torch Club Rd. - US Bank to Daniel B. and Stephanie D. Gill

•$3,000- 3213 Clifton Ave. - Bradley Kincade to Lacian Dennis Frazier


•$109,900- 706 S Prairie St. - Paul and Jacqueline Edwards to Bejamin S. Downer


•$113,500- 902 Prospect St. - Cochran Homes to Bradley Williams

•$99,000- 399 Wilson Ave. - GCS Credit Union to Filemon E. and Alicia V. Romero

•$26,000- 122 March Dr. - Secretary of HUD to Luis Magana

•$112,900- 614 N. Morrison Ave. - Dack L. Ledbetter to David Seaton

•$54,900- 230 St. Louis Rd. - US Bank to Lauren N. Santagato

E. Alton

•$93,900- 715 E. Rosedale Dr. - Justin and Hillary Sandbach to Gary and Dorothy Sheppard


•$572,200- 3300 Hershiser Ct.- Supieror Home Builders to Christopher S. Rasmussen

•$129,500- 12 Brookside Ct. - Katie L. and Jonathan O'Neal to Christine T. Linn

•$289,500- 989 Prestonwood Dr. - Justin and Christine Linn to Jonathan D. and Katie L. O'Neal

•$284,658- 6 Martin Ct. - Michael J. and Virginia A. Frey to Susan E. Cranford

•$147,900- 8 Colleen Dr. - Thomas and Stacy Niesciur to Michael David HIpp

•$204,750- 622 Hancock St. - Wade and Amanda Gentemann to Martin R. Jr. and Devin L. Gordon

•$67,500- 1545 Grand Ave. - Donald M. Samson to Andrew G. and Andrea R. Wallace

•$6,000- 671Y Monaco Dr. - Holiday Shores Sanitary District to Robin and Brennan A. Murphy

•$228,000- Schipkowski Rd. - Marilou Dale Gieseking to Robin L. Keilbach

Glen Carbon

•$158,000- 612- 613 Pepper Ridge Ct. - Richard E. and Carole Ann Carter to Novella LLC

•$175,500- 121 Mark Trail Dr. - Bruce H. and Donna J. Rezabek to Steven and Jamie Cox


•$116,000- 1502 Colonial Dr. - Donna J. Massey to Janet Sue Hardin

•$156,000- 3214 Greenwood Ln. - David William Strebel to Gregory P. Erthal

•$118,000- 311 Bachman Ln. - Paul S. Stoecklin to Paul and Jacqueline Edwards

Granite City

•$62,000- 2824 Edgewood Ave. - Christopher E. Mouldon to Andria L. Leicht

•$189,000- 2505 Julie Crossing- Timothy O. and Clara L. Moran to Traveon and Stephanie Ward

•$89,000- 2719 Angela Dr. - James C. and Marcia A. Blankenship to Zachary and Angela Boyer

•$45,000- 1019 McCambridge Ave. - Brian W. Werner to Brandon A. Williams

•$51,000- 108 Chouteau Trace Pkwy.- Secretary of VA to RMP Properties

•$190,000- 348 Ratz Dr. - Charles W. and Laura A. Luehmann to Rachel and Keith Davis

•$112,000- 4007 Park Ln. - Tina Paschedag and Denise L. Wilson to Bruce Kinworthy

•$121,500- 3219 Willow Ave. - Brett C. and Kathleen R. Smith to Samuel L. Prazma

•$93,500- 206 Wilson Park Ln. - Michael B. Welser to Nathan E. Zeisset

•$100,000- 2108 Amos Ave. - Aaron P. and Leslie L. Graham to Brian Werner

•$105,500- 2545 Ivy Ln. - Theresa Fleming to Jeanne Sawyer

•$65,000- 2345 Emert Ave. - V Mortgage Reo I to Nathan Verning


•$165,000- 4810 Cedar Spring Dr. - Justin and Carrie Burk to Glenda Michael

•$275,000- 13051 Cherokee Rd. - Stephen D. ad Sherry L. Chappell to N.P. Dodge Jr.

•$275,000- 13051 Cherokee Rd.- N.P. Dodge Jr. to Russell and Kathy S. Klein


•$56,000- 1029 Washington Ave. - David M. Brooks to Sheila A. and Theodore Hammond


•$39,000- E. Hayden Ave. - Precox Properties to Clint M. Jones and Heather L. Mueller-Jones


•$54,000- 440 Deer Run- Rural Development to Mary I. Goode

•$40,000- 129 Willowrun Dr. - Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Michael Jones


•$171,000- 256 Fairington Dr. - Fannie Mae to Timothy and Michelle McGhee

•$144,000- 531 Whippoorwill St. - Patricia A. Craft to Cathy A. Van Arsdale

•$80,000- 1945 Gliddon Blvd. - Villas of Windsor to Resource Construction Co.


•$182,501- 1848 Starboard Ln. - Fannie Mae to Edwardsville Homes LLC

July 6, 2015


•$37,500- XXX Sugarfork- Dawn M. Crain to David C and Lindsey K. Duffin


•$54,900- 2915 Buena Vista Ave. - Laura C. Lenington to Andrew B. Curlovic

•$67,000- 2231 Marquette Dr.-David and Janet Jacoby to Ronald S. and Charlene R. Holmes

•$45,000- Leona B. Piggott to RonaldL. and Sandra K. Conrad


•$82,000- 411 N. Kingdom St. - Suzanne K. Lagomarcino to Cash Real Estate Investors

•$122,000- 123 Hampton St. - Mary Etta Spalding to Rachael M. Rhodes

•$38,000- 7643 Cody Ln. - William D. and Gail E. West to Todd and Jennifer Sawyer


•$218,00- 407 Crestwood Estates Dr. - Joshua H. and Carole A. Presson to Anthony Martin and Kerri McCann

•$178,000- 23 Somerset Pl.- Geoffrey and Carissa Tepovich to Carole A. Presson

•$168,500- 2015 Greenbrier Dr. - James E. and Lori L. Jacobs to Brian K. and Nelyn R. Heal

Cottage Hills

•$69,900- 366 Ridgeway Ave. - Declaration of Trus of Leland J. Pollard to Kathy J. Sheppard

E. Alton

•$71,900- 205 Grand Ave. - Lucinda L. Hannis to Harry and Betty Harvey

•$116,850- 512 Florida Dr. - Stephen A. Meszaros to Michael R. and Lindsey N. Anderson

•$25,000- 140 Whitelaw- Stephen E. Stefl to Ivan Tite


•$213,500- 1317 Gerber Woods Dr. - Kristen E. Hill to James M. and Jamie L. Unger

•$250,000- 345 W. Lake Dr. - Theodore G. and Sharon F. Hancock to Robyn Frantz and Wayne Skigen

•$46,000- 917 Grand Ave. - Erin N. Hinnen to GRK LLC

Glen Carbon

•$239,900- 309 Aberdeen Dr. - Robert M. and Erin E. Szegedy to Chad and Carrie Kraner


•$35,000- 6203 Nelder Dr. - Joey Gibbs and Michelle Cline to Joey L. and Mark A. Gibbs

•$255,000- 2280 Winter Ln.- Joni K. Honke to Richard W. and Patricia E. Beeler

•$250,000- 5403 Woodland Meadows Dr. - Eliot Gray Development to James T. Eck

Granite City

•$5,000- 1824 State St. - Larry C. White to fort Gondo

•$185,000- 2529 Commercial Pkwy.- Glindon Mathis to Bill and Geneva Darlene Forte'


•$192,000- 122 Colonial Dr. - Travis and Jennifer Pfaff to John and Kate Thoelke

•$97,000- 218 Miller- Michael and Debra Wiemers to Tyler and Jillian O'Brien


•$63,000- 211 W. 5th St. - Nicholas Pansic to Kenneth and Jeanette Liner


•$385,000- 4110 Prairie Rd. - John I. and Delores M. Alber to Ted K. and Sandra J. Shekell


•$90,000- 220 Bauer Ln. - John E. Baker IV, Justin Alertina, and Heather Stotler to Julie Baker and Amy Wiser

•$224,000- 64 Annebriar Dr. - Anne L. and Shawn L. Kosel to Gary E. and Carol A. Manderschied

•$231,000- 2519 Liberty Dr. - Wendell Creek Estates to Mark R. and Kelly H. Baker

Pontoon Beach

•$7,755- 7 Georgetown Dr.- Fannie Mae to Kaja Holdings

St. Jacob

•$227,000- 501 Dakotah Dr. - Lindow Contracting Inc. to Randall and Ellen Gall


•$119,312- 8724 Semith Rd. - Terry Hime and Terry Robertson to John and Tonya Schalk

Wood River

•$67,000- 610 N. 3rd St. - Thomas C. Meisenheimer to Sarah Stover, Barry Elliott and Carol A. Elliott

•$80,000- 701 Purvis Dr. - Mariners Atlantic Portfolio to Courtney Jae Brueggeman

July 7, 2015


•$8,000- 508 Winkler St. - CitiMortgage to Lena D. Bowen


•$74,650- 330 Lee St. - Edward and Marcia Bacus to Bridget K. Meszaros

Cottage Hills

•$13,280- 401 W. Drive- Emily Love to First National Acceptance Co.

E. Alton

•$15,246- 220 Grand Ave. - JPMorgan Chase Bank to Secretary of HUD

•$70,000- 172 Bender Ave. - Su Chin Weeks to Jessie Tatum


•$176,500- 1015 Michigan Ave. - Definitive Home and Design Inc. to Jonathan L. Warren

•$149,000- 1319 Mary Dr. - Amy J. Rendleman to Kristen Aplin

•$317,000- 73 Birdie Ct. - Country Club Trust to Anthony and Sarah Forneris

•$363,760- 7317 Kindlewood Dr. - Remington Properties to Patrick K. and Lindsey K. Kalas

•$268,750- 3465 Manassas Dr. - Ramamoorthy and Deepa Vinodkumar to Lavontas and Raquel Hariston

•$180,000- 506 Hillsboro Ave. - Mathew W. and Deanna Christie-Wheat to Justin Linn

•$112,000- 511 Jaime Lynn Ct. - J.A. zimmerman, J.V. Noll, J.A. Denzel, K.M. Noll. to Thomas and Catherine Thompson

Glen Carbon

•$226,500- 114 Michelle Dr. - George M. and Rhonda D. Tibbs to Seth M. and Carmen J.M. Knight

•$134,000- 600 Pepper Ridge Ct. - William F. Jr. and Annette Mulvany Graebe to Gregory W. Wojcik and Ann C. Fedor

•$133,000- 46 Grainey- Deborah D. Gregory to Marshall C. and Suzanne Mullins

•$185,000- 48 Julie- Joy and John Korzenewski to Jordan Wollbrink and Tristin Cooper

•$294,000- 431 Chadwyck Dr. - Clifford and Alexandra McHugh to Mario and Shana Sanchez


•$177,000- 5219 Brian Dr. - Carole Louise Ealey to Stephanie E. Church

•$204,000- 7115 McGuire Rd. - Federal National Mortgage to Hampton G. and Dawn R. Colley

Granite City

•$65,000- 2729 Ralph St. - Brooks and Susan Newby to Stacey Smith

•$115,000- 3400 Franklin Ave. - Karla L. Smith and Rebecca A. Havener to Ryan S. Mowery and Jamie E. Tucker

•$161,000- 4927 Driftwood Dr. - David E. Ramey and Cynthia S. Ramey to Jonathan R. and Angelita S. Wycoff


•$234,000- 2104 Steinkoeing School Rd. - John and Kathy D. Colon to Daniel W. and Linda P. McPherson

•$80,000- 210 Keeven Dr. - Patsy L. Schwarm Trust to Sharon M. Rinderer Trust


•$258,500- 7615 Stonebridge Dr. - Timothy W. and Cheryl A. Schnicker to Angel M. Walker and Kristen Myers

•$260,000- 2116 Tuscany Ridge Ct. - Emily M. Amizich and John D. Seaber to Anthony W. Uzzo and Becky L. Salmons


•$37,500- 501 Oakwood Dr. - Kelly Dee Morris to Mary Anne Kamadulski

•$172,500- 7210 State Route 162- Brian D. and Sarah A. Vazzi to David . and Mary J. Aper

Wood River

•$52,050- 256 S. 7th St. - Steven J. and Crystal R. Dettmers to Patricia Anne Droste

•$95,000- 529 Sotier Pl. - Jeremy and John Elliott to Zachary Booher

•$42,500- 34 Marquerite Ave. - Harry Paddock to 14 Projects

•$109,000- 114 Kendall Dr. - Melinda Wooten to Ted, Paul and Suzanne Hatcher

July 8, 2015


•$50,000- 2312 Amelia St. - Mark C. Richter to Shihuo Liu

•$65,000- 3063 Seiler Rd. - Inez E. Phleger to Donald Wayne Davis

•$28,000- 2305 Wyckoff- Carole Richards and Larry Joe Hill II to Bobbie J. and Annnan M Gross

•$74,000- 205 W. Elm St. - Brandon M. and Amelia Marshall to Michael A. Naylor


•$130,000- 102 Sunset Dr. - Shelly Ann and Gregory J. Kruckeberg to Crystal Kruckeberg


•$118,138- 8 Wagon Wheel Ct. - PHH Mortgage Corp. to Secretary HUD

•$103,000- 8 Tiemann Dr- Sandra J. and Lynn Cook to Nicholas C. Dellamano and Amanda J. Skippers

•$123,250- 28 White Lily Dr. - James Radcliffe, James E. Helms and James Fickert to Kristin Hawks Carter

•$50,000- 720 Troy Rd. - Russell L. Knight to Randy W. and Susan D. Stroder

E. Alton

•$94,900- 161 N. Clearview Dr. - Beverly and Chris Barnes to Jeremy Sheppard and Misty McDonough

•$25,200- 421 E. Main St. - Phillip F. and Dorothy Honnen to Mike Scheffel

Glen Carbon

•$55,000- 612 Briarstone Dr. - Glen Carbon Land Development to Remington Properties


•$5,000- 1320 & 1319 Ridgefield- Cornerstone Assembly of God of Bethalto to Robert L. Lowrance III

•$36,000- 3324 Greenbriar Ave. - Thomas P. III and Allison Kane to Kerry and Christina Minton


•$57,000- 311 S. Olive St. - Michael G. Brame to Leon S. Hansen

New Douglas

•$24,000- 523 S. 5th St. - Deutsche Bank to Quantum Lending


•$70,850- 529 B. Dogwood Dr. - E-Loan Inc to ARCPEZ LLC

•$95,000- 529 B. Dogwood Dr. - ARCPEZ LLC to The Dinlerogin Land Trust

•$192,500- 74 Cedarbrooke- Leonard K. and Monica Major Harris to National Residential Nominee Services

•$192,000- 74 Cedarbrooke- National Residential Nominee Services to Danny and Karen Southard

•$208,000- 408 Arrowhead Dr. - Stephen J. and Madeline R. Green to Patricia S. Green-Birchett

St. Jacob

•$45,935- 2013 Richview Dr. - Lerch Homes to Cadagin Homes

•$310,000- 2013 Richview Dr. - Cadagin Homes to Deborah Groh


•$290,000- 7094 Meyer Ln.- Eugene and Pauline Wieseman to Jeffrey and Pamela Black

•$73,000- 142 S. 13th St. - Carol M Shouse to Lillian J. and Robin L. Schlobhom

July 9, 2015


•$115,000- 2400 Suddes Ct. - Kathleen B. Snyder to Charles Salmons

•$38,000- 541 Sering Ave. - Arthur W. Arnold Jr. to Sandra Middleton


•$124,500- 144 Boskydells Dr. - Joseph D. and Rene hart to David Randant

•$181,000- 2003 Mapleleaf Dr. - Gregory A. and Valerie R. Bates to Steven and Robin McCarty


•$148,000- 214 Lincoln St. - David and Tamra Koltveit and Benjamin McQuade to Christopher Campbell and Kayla McDonough

Glen Carbon

•$375,000- 28 Lakewood Dr. - Larry Ryan to Kevin M. Cadagin

•$145,000- 340 West Glen Dr. - The Judicial Sales Corp. to JCS Aquisitions


•$39,900- 1302 Sr. Lancelot Ln.- US ROF IV Legal Title to C&C Restoration

•$74,000- 7721 Redbird Ln. - Tyler J. Clark to Shelby K. Diepenbrock

Granite City

•$12,500- 45XX Old Edwardsville Rd. - Michael T. Mullen to Robert M. Jr. and Aliesha D. Adair

•$13,000- 4123 Division Lot 8, - Conejo Properties to Anuario Miranda

•$10,000- 4123 Division Lot 9 - Conejo Properties to Wilfido Aguilar

•$167,900- 222 Arlington Dr. - Sherman D. and Samantha G. Clagg to Thomas and Holly Ross


•$6,000- Truman St. - Viola J. Simpson to Ritchie D. and Michelle R. Watkins

St. Jacob

•$346,000- 2130 Hidden Creek - Cadagin Homes to Timothy K. and Sherry R. Keith


•$43,500- 433 Briar Creek Rd. - Donald P. and Joseph E. Osborn to Lindow Contracting

•$128,500- 521 Meadowlark st. - Neil - Alan and Brandy J. Mutschler to Jason M. and Kelli M. Powell

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