November 18, 2013


  • $28,500- 3007 Fernwood Ave.- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Joshua L. Gross

  • $10,000- 12 Lampert Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Corey Maxwell Price


  • $144,000- 1220 Cedar Ridge Ct.- Robert Eugene O’Dell and Lori W. O’Dell to James Micah May and Nicole May

  • $79,000- 511 Meadow Lane- Kermit D. Green, Rhonda A. Green, and Carson G. Green to Steven R. Rommerskirchen

Cottage Hills

  • $3,170- 1419 9th Street- JPMorgan Chase Bank to Kenneth and Elsie Palmer

East Alton

  • $27,000- 524 Monroe St.- Vernon L. Abert to Raymond Bernier and Debra Sylvester

  • $78,0001- 7 Carol Lee Dr.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Lindsay Nicole Witcher


  • $153,100- 300 S. Charles- Kyle Christian Marsh and Tiffany Leigh Marsh to Larry Freitag Jr. and Brandi Freitag

  • $342,000- 11 Steinmeyer Woods- Carol M. Fruit to Elizabeth R. Levine Levy and Mark A. Levy

  • $162,500- 1312 Randle Street- Nathan E. Brown and Ginnifer Brown to Jesse L. Elmore and Catherine R. Elmore

  • $240,000- 843 E. Lake Dr.- Mary Louise Whiteford to Richard W. Welle and Kim A. Welle

Glen Carbon

  • $168,000- 205 Baywood Ct.- Patricia A. Cundiff to Ralph F. Reis and Donna M. Reis

  • $55,500- 3010 Scarlet Court- Savannah Crossing Development INC. to Jack P. Wise and Lillian A. Wise

  • $603,225- 123 and 127 Windover Point- Spencer Homes LLC to Chad A. Tobin and Emily A. Tobin


  • $203,000- 1711 Meyer Ct.- Brad and Christina L. Hatfield to Mary Louise Maley Trust

  • $113,000- 2612 Mariana Drive- Timothy Coughlin to Aaron Elson and Kestchen Hampsey

  • $80,000- 1914 W. Delmar- Christy Sales Stanfill to Timothy K. Coughlin

Granite City

  • $84,900- 2840 Fortune Drive- Wise Choice Properties INC. to Janice Stiverson


  • $80,000- 1801 Cypress Street- Robert J. Quade and Beverly R. Quade to Carol Ann Snyder


  • $242,500- 1 Professional Park Dr.- Jan Moore to Rutz Properties LLC


  • $162,500- 8420 Country Lane- Thomas Thomson Jr. and Tyann Thomson to Thomas D. Halbroook and Judy D. Halbrook

Wood River

  • $336,489- 3435 Maple Ridge Drive- L.M.V. Homes INC. to Charles J. Schneider and Ann L. Schneider

  • $29,155- 512 Metzger Ave.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Megan C. Barton

November 19, 2013


  • $9,000- 510 East North Street- Walter M. Heinz and Opal C. Heinz to Jay W. Boulanger Revocable Trust

  • $189,000- 6180 Ullman- Gary S. Stout and Linda A. Stout to Maury Bingham and Michele Randolph


  • $30,000- 3417 Yost- Beal Bank USA to Paul A. Yost and Jennifer K. Yost

  • $87,500- 2500 Donald Ave.- P & B Real Estate LLC to Albert Investment Co. LLC

  • $95,000- 600 Douglas Place- Elisa I. Duran to Thomas C. Buttry

  • $138,000- 2363 Briarcliff Drive- Catherine M. Platto to Frances S. and Stephen C. Richards


  • $63,000- 215 Old Bethalto Road- Common Cents Homes LLC to Dezina Snyder


  • $39,900- 140 W. Park Ave.- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to KJK Enterprises INC.

  • $9,000- 306 Yvonne Drive- Mildred I. Krawczyk to Robert and Barbara Beard

Cottage Hills

  • $10,900- 1426 6th St- The Bank of New York Mellon to Ryan Angleton


  • $700,000- 3039 Sunset Hills Blvd- Randy Gori and Beth Gori to Robert E. Miller and Linda K. Miller


  • $155,000- 3211 Greenwood Lane- Jeanne M. Rynders to Rusty L. and Teresa M. Cope

Granite City

  • $119,900- 43 Shirlwin Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to Dustin Campbell and Julia Campbell

  • $55,000- 2117 Richmond Ave.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Glindon Mathis


  • $40,000- 114 East Date Street- Joyce D. Smith to Hartford LLC


  • $55,000- 621 Main Street- Highland Supply Corporation to Walnut Grove LLC


  • $12,000- 701 Lee Street- Marilyn Bradburn and Karen Lapinski to CRInvestments LLC


  • $108,000- 533 Pheasant Lane- Patricia A. Becker to Christy Schilling

New Douglas

  • $78,500- Silver Creek Road- Michael J. Mulia and Wendy L. Mulia to Kenneth C. Pavlotich

  • $104,000- 113 N. 7th Street- William Savidge to Jeremy S. Loy

St. Jacob

  • $190,000- 2301 Timber Ridge Road- Gary Hock to Brian Byrd and Josephine Byrd


  • $86,629- 125 E. Market Street- Dale G. Schmalz Revocable Living Trust to TAC Real Estate LLC

  • $55,000- 111 S. Main St.- Lou Aileen Garriott to RG Real Estate Holdings LLC

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