An employee of a Madison County security company is accused of making false statements that caused a truck driver to be labeled a "security risk" and lose routes.

Jack Stallard filed a lawsuit Nov. 1 in Madison County Circuit Court against Mike Berry and Schenker Inc., doing business as DB Schenker. The company also does business as Schenker Logistics Inc.

According to the complaint, Stallard is a driver for Tollman Transportation, a subcontractor of Triple Crown Services Corporation. Triple Crown provides contracted trucking services to Proctor & Gamble and makes deliveries and pick-ups from its warehouse in Granite City, the complaint says. Schenker is described as a contractor for P&G, providing security and access control to its facilities, including the one in Granite City.

At some point between November 2012 and December 2012, Berry, a Schenker manager, allegedly had a conversation with another employee of Triple Crown regarding Stallard. Berry allegedly called Stallard a "security risk" during this conversation, according to the plaintiff, and allegedly stated that Stallard was no longer permitted on any P&G property where Schenker controlled access. Stallard says that employee then told Tollman Transportation, Stallard's employer, about him being a "security risk."

Stallard claims that despite Berry's accusations and statements being false, Tollman Transportation reduced his delivery routes, thereby diminishing his hours and wages. He says Berry was acting with malice and knew that what he was claiming was untrue.

Berry and his employer are accused of slander and tortious interference. Stallard asks for more than $300,000 in compensatory and punitive damage plus court costs.

He is represented by attorneys Lee W. Barron and William Buchanan of Alton. They request a jury trial.

Madison County Circuit Court Case No. 13-L-1842

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