October 14, 2013


  • $39,800- 109 Sumter Dr.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Trevon L. Mosley Sr.
  • $5,000- 525 Winslow- Dolores I. Phillips to Robert D. Kopp and Lori L. Kopp
  • $30,000- 4064 Shiloh Station Road East- George C. Sibert to Sanman Properties LTD.
  • $45,000- 906 N. 17th Street- CP-SRMOF II 2012-A Trust to Michael D. Staub
  • $175,000- 2915 Turkey Hill Lane- C. Ann Rubin to Danny S. Lane II and Amy Lane

  • $10,000- 1219 Julie Avenue- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Shih Enterprises LLC

  • $48,000- 840 Autumn Rise Lane- F & F Land Company LLC to Jared A. Simmons and Michelle L. Simmons

  • $95,000- 112 N. 7th Street- The Estate of Ruby Elnora Dungan to Allen D. Phelps
East St. Louis

  • $10,000- 2563 Waverly- Ardella M. Lovelace and Edgar Berry to George W. Miller
  • $39,500- 2916 Renshaw- Estate of Ollie Rice Jackson to Lonnie Banks and Elizabeth Banks
Fairview Heights

  • $154,500- 301 Jubaka Drive- Shirley J. Sediak to Michael V. Yingst and Marcia Farrow Yingst
  • $185,000- 207 Brittany Drive- Steven M. Taylor and Annette L. Taylor to David R. Schlau and Dorothy J. Schlau

  • $247,000- 1212 Gulfstream Way- New Tradition Homes LLC to John A. Aldredge IV

  • $198,000- 6605 Augies Way Place- Gary A. Cranmer and Patricia M. Cranmer to Kiwan P. Guyton and Karen C. Butler

  • $78,000- 502 South Hickory Street- Joyce Tipton to Ryan Thessing

  • $60,500- 1810 Ambrose Terrace Drive- Gholnecsar Muhammad to Maher and Wafa Mahmood

  • $55,000- 417 Old Floraville Road- Randall J. Buss to Sean P. Fitzgerald and Kayla A. Amann
October 15, 2013


  • $25,000- 23 Garnette Drive- James E. Schrad and Janet K. Schrad to Stanley D. Templeton Jr. and Sherrie A. Schrad
  • $26,750- 137 Iowa Avenue- Local Union No. 101 of the United Association to Thomas L. Kiefer and Roberta L. Kiefer

  • $10,000- 403 Green Street- Nancy K. Peterson to Elite Properties Investments LLC
  • $48,272- 410 Jerome Lane- Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
East Carondelet

  • $148,000- 1563 Imbs Station Road- The Lara A. Watterson Living Trust to Jimmy G. Mantz and Judith R. Mantz
Fairview Heights

  • $110,600- 1 Bountiful Drive- Kerley Properties LLC to Robert T. Guenther II and Dawn P. Guenther

  • $238,000- 491 Marketplace Drive- Freeburg Development Corporation to O’Reilly Automotive Stores INC.
  • $21,000- 104 N. Walnut St.- James D. Huffman Jr. and Kathleen A. Huffman to Terry L. Feazel Sr. and Tracy A. Feazel

  • $7,370- 0 Harper Road- Madonna Land Trust to Mascoutah Surface Water Protection District
  • $20,000- 209 East South Street- Jeannette Materkowski to Dale P. Vogel

  • $225,000- 860 Allenbrook Avenue- Gerald C. Rawle to Jeremy J. Stuursma
  • $197,659- 936 Sturbridge Trail- McBride Stone Briar LLC to Robert J. and Penny K. Swanson
  • $137,000- 1203 Princeton Drive- Keena Tomlinson to Zachary and Gwyn Mais
  • $339,788- 720 Thoreau Drive- Huntington Chase Homes Corporation to Thomas W. Borsch and Jennifer L. Borsch
  • $342,000- 629 Longfellow Drive- Richard and Claudia Vanthiel to Edward D. Knell Jr.
  • $215,000- 1210 Marshal Court- Scott Anger and Robin Anger to Jeffrey Lightfoot and Tisha Lightfoot

  • $245,000- 2578 London Lane- JLP Construction Co. to James H. Buchheit and Julie M. Buchheit
October 16, 2013


  • $23,310- 2 N Woodcrest Dr.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Jordan P. Powell and Donna M. Bullock
  • $172,500- 508 Oak Hill Drive- Dennis P. Schank to Jeff Pollock and Amy Pollock
  • $455,000- 2437 Park Road- Y.M.C.A of Southwest Illinois to Meurer LLC
  • $13,786- 710 Freeburg Street- Federal National Mortgage Association to Harbour Portfolio VII LP

  • $7,000- 50 Drexel Drive- Bank of America to Metro Property Partners LLC
East St. Louis

  • $3,002- 1415 N 54th St.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Harbour Portfolio VII LP
Fairview Heights

  • $80,000- 10306 Lincoln Trail- Brian Safarian and David Safarian to Victory Church- St. Louis INC.
  • $50,000- 310 Coates Drive- Richard Clark Gould to Jill Pirtle

  • $175,000- 840 Topaz Court- C.P.R. Properties LLC to Cindy L. Harlan
  • $145,000- 208 North 7th Street- Jennifer L. Meddows to Marilyn Norwood

  • $194,500- 3310 Diamond View Court- Garrett E. and Herschel E. Johnson to Timothy G. Heisler and Jerry L. Pierce
  • $247,500- 518 W. Laurel Street- Michael L. Kohnen and Kimberly Thomas to Michael R. Farms Revocable Trust

  • $171,000- 103 Hodgens Mill- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Kevin and Megan Schaeffer
  • $429,900- 1630/1634 Mary Todd Lane- Jared R. Baughman and Julie Baughman to Billie H. Heil and Barbara E. Heil
  • $75,000- 528 Willow Bend Lake- Meise Brothers Construction INC. to Larry Eckert and Deborah Eckert
  • $1,631,138- 208-210 Hartman Lane- H W Investments Group INC. to Retail Place LLC

  • $219,500- 4502 Elk Meadows- Ricky J. Oliver and Earlene S. Oliver Living Trust to Dale R. Goldsmith and Linda L. Goldsmith

  • $127,500- 5 Brian Dr.- John Hunsaker to Harry Michael Parsons and Elizabeth Parsons
October 17, 2013


  • $52,000- 6 Fox Creek Rd.- Sovereign Bank to My Father’s Work INC.
  • $56,000- 400 Hillcrest Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to David Winter and Jamie Winter

  • $10,000- 120 Kinder Street- Eric Knaust to Richard Bricker

  • $40,000- 520 N. Second Street- Larry G. and Deborah L. Helton to BKC-Properties LLC
  • $98,000- 658 Manan Drive- Kyler Lehmann and McKenzie Lehmann to Torna Williams and John Williams 
East St. Louis

  • $90,000- 2930 N. 61st St.- Ronald Mueller Jr. and Brandy Mueller to Michael Kokotovich and Amelia P. Kokotovich

  • $180,000- 715 West St. Louis Street- Scotty Abner and Heather Abner to McKendree University

  • $157,000- 311 Emily Drive- Luke Field to Jennine N. Littlefield
  • $500,000- 108 E. Washington St.- City of O’Fallon to Valentine Capital LLC
October 18, 2013


  • $151,000- 115 Foxbrush Drive- U.S. Bank to Kyle R. Burke and Heather M. Burke
  • $24,000- 109 S. 31st Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Ryan Kolb
  • $29,200- 1527 N. Charles St.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Tygracon Properties INC.
  • $165,000- 2660 Brookmeadow Drive- Jesse and Geraldine Stanley to David and Rozann Lattin
  • $122,000- 2023 Woodsong Way Lane- Eric Nesler to George and Dyan Biehl
East St. Louis

  • $9,900- 1632 Central Avenue- The Private Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Fairview Heights

  • $21,120- 2 Susan Court- The Private Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $129,360- 1215 Larkspur Dr.- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

$160,000- 1234 Illini Drive- Fannie Mae to Curan L. Clonch and Kristen N. Clonch

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