September 26, 2013


  • $22,880- 3854 Horn Avenue- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Andrew Schneider

  • $166,500- 4922 Seminary Road- Bank of America V. Gregory R. Koprivica

  • $15,000- 2701 Sanford Ave.- JPMorgan Chase Bank V. John Bixen


  • $80,000- 1009 Walnut Ridge Dr.- Scott A. and Malinda B. Ellerbeck to Jennifer Monroe

  • $120,000- 509 W. Sherman Street- Badley Rayner and Lauran Rayner to Dianne West


  • $65,000- 2207 South Brown Avenue- WBC Development LLC to Ann Orozco

Glen Carbon

  • $146,000- 220 Lake Hillcrest Drive- Megan G. Grebel to Kyle M. Jones, Ashley Niccole Forrest and Sheila E. Jones

Granite City

  • $38,500- 1920 Joy Drive- Deutsche Bank to Larry Goodall and Shirley Goodall

  • $34,000- 2700 Lincoln Ave.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Richard J. Hettwer Jr.

  • $67,900- 2004 Lindell Blvd.- Federal National Mortgage Assocation to Dewayne Percy and Jennifer Percy

  • $48,000- 22900 Iowa Street- Robert S. Carson Jr. and Shelley K. Carson to Gerald R. Kessler


  • $172,000- 29 Dogwood Terrace- David A. Julies and Margaritte Julius to Daniel T. Toberman and Amie N. Toberman


  • $42,000- 313 Cook Ave.- First Collinsville Bank to Resource Construction Company LLC


  • $600- 1229 Klein- Robert Luken to Kenneth Jones Sr.

Wood River

  • $50,900- 2803 Berry Drive- Bettie G. Mays to Debra O. Reynolds and Terri L. Janak

  • $104,900- 332 12th St.- Scott L. and Kelly Dian Miller to Jay F. Chester and Jodi L. Chester

September 27, 2013


  • $67,900- 351 Lindenwood Blvd.- Bernice R. Allen to Willie Mae Adams

  • $35,000- 3021 Forest Dr.- 1st Mid America Credit Union to Gregory Pope

  • $72,000- 3420 Oak Dr.- Jamie S. Shirrell to Liberty B. Connor

  • $146,500- 3509 Castelli Dr.- Patricia Carol Webb to Chad M. Cunningham

  • $1,250- 3205 Oakwood Dr. and 1141 W. 9th- Great Southern Bank to James Michael Charles Blackburn

  • $65,000- 3000 Shady Pl.- Charles A. Rook to Richard E. and Barbara A. Rook

  • $19,400- 400 Main Street- U.S. Bank to Matthew Brown


  • $200,000- 122 Woodcrest Drive- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Bobby Cox and Lisa Cox


  • $13,000- 223 South St.- Mark Brown to Alisia Maldonado


  • $57,000- 8324 N State Route 159- REOCO INC. to Mitchell R. Dowdy

East Alton

  • $149,300- 321 Ohio St.- J & M Property Solutions LLC to East Alton Associates LP

  • $100,000- 417 Ohio Street- Melody C. Cunningham to East Alton Associates LP

  • $65,000- 401 Ohio St.- Robert J. Walters and Tracy L. Walters to East Alton Associates LP


  • $121,000- 334 N. Fillmore Street- Matthew J. and Mallory J. Sidarous to Brandon C. and Keli A. Hatfield


  • $494,000- 5816 Roach Rd.- James A. Gottschling Jr. and Kathlen P. Gottschling to John Sholar Jr. and Laura N. Nesselrode

  • $59,905- 6306 Florida Avenue- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

Granite City

  • $5,000- 4428 Hwy 162- Karen L. Martin to Gary E. Wright

  • $3,125- 2453 Benton Street- Federal National Mortgage Association to Russell Moss and Shannon Moss

  • $50,000- 551 Chouteau Ave.- Trustee of the Carl H. and Mable L. Davis Revocable Trust to Ronnie Dethrow

  • $59,900- 2702 Nameoki Road- Robert L. Hoffman and Candice N. Hoffman to John A Bonvicino Jr.


  • $70,000- 1113 13 St- U.S. Bank to Rosemary Dorsey


  • $28,000- 1008 Washington Ave.- Linda E. Jones-Reed to Burrows Investments LLC

St. Jacob

  • $184,900- 409 State Route A- Sheri Lemken to James C. Lakin

Wood River

  • $28,000- 421 Prospect St.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Brian Evans

September 30, 2013


  • $11,111- 1015 Marie Ave.- HUD to Shih Enterprises LLC

  • $65,000- 1814 Jersey St.- Harriet Sue Allbritton to Jennifer Gould


  • $35,000- 606 Sanders St.- Estate of Harriet D. Brown to Charles and Marsha Scheer

Cottage Hills

  • $175,000- 205 West Macarthur Drive- Thomas E. Beiermann and Patricia A. Beiermann to Deborah Kusnierz

East Alton

  • $43,900- 44 Hill Drive- Alice Callison to Curtis Patrick and Marlene S. Schreiber


  • $550,000- 1207 S. Oxfordshire Lane- Christine L. Matras and Michal Matras to Carol K. Wetzel

Glen Carbon

  • $287,000- 135 Kingsbrooke Blvd.- Christine A. Pocs to David P. Kohler


  • $57,820- 211 Redwood Dr.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Joshua Kuehnel

  • $49,500- 609 St. Paul Dr.- HUD to Nicholas Yates

  • $119,000- 5013 Staten Drive- Matthew R. Darr to Harriet Sue Allbritton

Granite City

  • $168,000- 2190 Clinton Dr.- Kevin A. Depew to Kenard Hill Jr.


  • $120,000- 10 Crest Drive- Nathan J. Deien and Julia A. Deien to Michael J. Soos

St. Jacob

  • $46,900- 10377 Carrollton Drive- Lindow Contracting INC. to Marian G. Knight, Clifford F. Knight and M. Rachel Knight

  • $46,900- 1414 Clayborne Court- Lindow Contracting INC. to Jackie K. Sell and Katie J. Jones


  • $125,000- 805 Lions Dr.- TJS Construction Company to Michael Berg

  • $196,000- 951 Ivy Court- Thomas E. Ponder and Dana J. Ponder to George L. Petta Jr. and Jutta Petta

  • $132,500- 533 Briarwood Dr.- Nicholas G. Barczewski to Marilyn Stevens

  • $2,175- 504 S. Main St.- Patrese Hanalei to Karen Reinacher

  • $175,000- 118 Pebblebrook Lane- Matthew and Angela Reiter to Brandon and Heidi Hout

  • $265,000- 340 Quail Lake Drive- Thomas and Kristine Keyser to Matthew and Angela Reiter

Wood River

  • $87,000- 5 Magnolia St.- Kevin A. and Jennifer R. Booker to Alan M. Barnett

  • $120,500- 2832 Rock Hill Rd- Dorothy Hachman to Linda Morrison

October 1, 2013


  • $105,000- 624 Rozier Street- Allen F. and Deborah L. Radcliff to Lee A. and Kimberly D. Dick

  • $174,900- 3217 East Leverett Court- W. Harold Love and Mildred E. Love to Jean S. McDonough


  • $108,000- 319 Williams Street- Austin W. Opp and Margaret L. Opp to Jacob Carlson and Christina Carlson


  • $70,000- 346 Central Ave.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Sean R. Turner

Cottage Hills

  • $3,000- Midway Ave.- Kevin and Carol Yotter to David and Roxanne Redman

East Alton

  • $115,000- 15 Airwood Drive- Janet E. Logan and James R. Logan to Scott Guidotti


  • $168,000- 676 Christmas Tree Point- James Copanas and Sherice Copanas to Darrel Price and Sherran Price

  • $159,000- 503 Chapman Street- Jennifer Roland to Herbert L. Heaton

  • $60,000- 1110 Randle Street- Thomas C. Holloway and Mary L. Holloway to Paul T. Holloway and Jodi L. Holloway

  • $205,000- 1387 Biscay Drive- Kort Herman and Rebecca Herman to Steven Campbell and Donnell Campbell

  • $795,667- 3722 N. Arbor Lake Drive- Superior Home Builders INC. to Christopher Drake and Debra Drake

  • $78,000- 70 Devon Court Unit 2A- Jamie Walker Richardson, Shane Richardson and Patricia Walker to Josiah Romoser

  • $240,000 1814 Augustia Trail- Elvin R. Harms and Anna L. Harms to Lutheran Senior Services

  • $153,400- 541 Overlook Drive- Kent Patterson and Jo Ellyn Patterson to Lance Haynes

Glen Carbon

  • $165,000- 37 Joel Drive- Robert W. Kepner and Jennifer L. Kepner to Gina M. Schultz and Stephen A. Schultz


  • $139,000- 1008 Richard Drive- Craig E. and Meghan J. Arnold to Erica L. Price and Elnora A. Hand

  • $87,500- 5308 Caroline Dr.- Mark Holloway to Jordan M. Whitis and Alexandra M. Cope

Granite City

  • $79,900- 2749 Sunset Drive- Wise Choice Properties INC. to Justin Bilich

  • $15,251- 2235 Benton St.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kevin Garner

  • $45,000- Breckenridge Lane- William D. Arnold and Linda L. Arnold to Julian B. Wallace

  • $110,000- 2 Nightingale Ct.- Paul A. Roseman and Rowena L. Roseman to Ricky A. Boyer

  • $79,000- 2800 National Ave.- Cheryl Reisenleiter and John Reisenleiter to Newton John Tilson and Jennifer Tilson

  • $108,000- 2147 Waterman Ave.- Cathy D. Gaines to John R. Gordon

  • $25,500- 1929 Joy Ave.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to HOMEiNVESTORS LLC

  • $17,000- 2708 Buxtou Ave- Charles W. Williams and Sandra P. Williams to Richard O. Harper and Donna E. Harper


  • $123,000- 201 Cassens Avenue- Herbert T. Glaser to Justin Hemmer and Elizabeth Bell


  • $49,250- 3248 White Tail Court- Nick Duncan and Donna Duncan to Roy W. Hormann III and Paula J. Hormann

  • $275,000- 12850 Daiber Road- Anthony C. Frey and Patricia A. Frey to David Ziegler and Meghan Ziegler

  • $37,000 2610 Vulliet Rd.- Glory A. Ambuehl Living Trust to Dennis M. Ellis and Kathleen R. Ellis

  • $27,500- 2980 Candytuft Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to David Cason

  • $195,000- 4801 Cedar Spring Drive- Steve Hufford and Jennifer Hufford to Kelsey Horner


  • $95,000- 407 Second St.- Robert and Ellen Ruzevich to Troy and Brenda Puckett


  • $96,000- 7 Northwood Avenue- Dorothy M. Funderburk to Michelle R. Monday


  • $7,500- 7563 Lake Heights Drive- Danny M. Garrett or Debra L. Garrett to Terry Gueldener and Marlene Gueldener


  • $208,000- 100 Norwood Court- Brian Birch and Courtney Birch to Paul Reed

  • $208,000- 614 GoldFinch Lane- Steven P. Scharlow and Laura A. Scharlow to Jeremy C. Johnson

  • $237,700- 1969 Gliddon Boulevard Unit B- CMG Custom Construction LLC to Robert E. Guilander and Carolyn F. Guilander

Wood River

  • $79,900- 869 E. Penning Ave.- Charles W. Strawn to Nathan A. Coffin


  • $97,000- 1734 Fountainbleu Dr.- Michael Craddick to Dillon M. Wesley

October 2, 2013


  • $55,000- 3614 Thomas Ave.- Aaron Thornberry to Timothy and Christine Tepen

  • $150,000- 2216 Chantel Drive- Allison G. Hansen to Hannah O. Wittman

  • $64,000- 3849 Omega Street- Harriet Ayres to Thomas M. Horstman


  • $248,000- Rocky Branch Rd.- Larry W. Delaney and Mary L. Delaney to Roger L. Stewart and Linda K. Mohr

  • $182,000- 201 Whispering Oaks Drive- Steven P. Campbell and Donnell M. Campbell to Matthew W. Siemer

  • $79,000- 20 S. Williams- Norma J. Miller to Jason Vatole


  • $200,000- 1 Jennifer Lane- Robert D. Burroughs and Erica A. Burroughs to Brian K. Rader

  • $125,000- 40 White Lily Drive- Jim Lewis and Denise Lewis to Hevan Krull and Calvin Haberer


  • $256,000 24 Meadow Woods Ct- Roger L. Stewart and Linda K. Mohr to Benjamin Schroeder and Lisa Schroeder

  • $200,000- 26 Tranquility Ridge- David R. Duvall and Carolyn J. Duvall to Randy A. Odom and Tamara R. Odom

  • $139,000- 21 Halleck Avenue- Diane M. Jacober to Joy Horton

  • $236,000- 901 Chancellor Drive- James H. Wible and Sherrill W. Wible to Harith Mitchom and Shavonda Mitchom


  • $180,000- 909 Avon Court- Julia M. Tracy to Mary Tracy Howard

  • $33,000- 420 Elizabeth Ct.- Nationstar Mortgage to Duane L. and Candace L. Riester

  • $116,000- 2907 Godfrey Road- Kendall Anderson to Richard Darr

Granite City

  • $96,500- 5126 Stacey Drive- Randy A. Odom and Tamara R. Odom to Stephen R. Blythe and Lindsey E. Manalia

  • $12,000- 2404 Missouri Avenue- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kimberly Neal

  • $12,850- 2523 Reveres Route- Federal National Mortgage Association to Kaja Holdings LLC


  • $12,850- 2004 6th St.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Kaja Holdings LLC


  • $45,000- 1125 Pocahontas Road- Chad Droy to Ronnie L. Criley and Betty Criley


  • $150,000- 6826 Hampshire Court- Nathan A. Scott and Abigail L. Scott to Stephen R. Chapman

  • $84,000- 443 Joseph Drive- Donald M. Jensen and Doris M. Jensen to Robin L Schneck

Rosewood Heights

  • $92,500- 491 California Avenue- Rebecca Chapman to John Fergerson


  • $298,000- 301 McClelland Drive- Construction Solutions 4U INC. to Albert J. Tylka Jr. and Annette J. Tylka

Wood River

  • $85,000- 119 S. 7th Street- Michael J. Edel and Margie K. Edel to Eric McRoberts and Michelle McRoberts

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