Billy Hayes, who former Caseyville Mayor George Chance accuses of improper registration in the April 9 village election, says he registered at a fund raiser for Chance.

“His guy registered me to vote,” Hayes said on Oct. 1.

“There was a fund raiser for George at Jessi’s Hideout and I happened to be there,” Hayes said. “He (Chance) said, ‘I’ve got my guy right here to sign you up.’”

“George Chance was standing right there when I got registered and his guy signed me up. I was drinking a beer George bought me.”

Chance accused Hayes and 10 others of improper registration last month, in his suit to overturn the result that former St. Clair county clerk Bob Delaney certified.

Delaney counted 576 votes for Leonard Black and 572 for Chance.

Chance sued Delaney in May, claiming he counted invalid ballots, failed to count valid ones, denied qualified voters, and allowed unqualified voters.

Chance alleged forgery of absentee ballots.

He claimed persons voted who didn’t live in Caseyville, and he named five.

Chance sued Black too, claiming he and his agents engaged in improper activities.

In response, Black demanded a more particular statement. Attorney Kevin Kaufhold of Belleville delivered it for Chance on Sept. 11.

Kaufhold added six names, including Hayes, to the claim of improper registration.

He provided two names for a claim that Black or his agents collected and filled out absentee ballots, and two for a claim that they wrongly assisted voters.

He alleged improper campaign activity against six people, five by name and the sixth a precinct judge.

Circuit Judge Andrew Gleeson presides over the case.    

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