Madison County real estate Sept. 12-17

By Sarah Powers | Sep 27, 2013

September 12, 2013


  • $30,850- 825 Logan St.- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Kaja Holdings LLC


  • $314,000- 7618 West Mill Creek Road- Joseph Michael Berentz and Lara L. Berentz to Carrie J. Gass

East Alton

  • $4,250- 4285 Oldenburg Rd.- Estate of Thomas L. Keller to Steven P. and Kristina M. Kuhl

  • $98,000- 55 Rosewood Lane- Letha Ewell to David L. and Linda Hobbs


  • $185,000- 5010 Eiffel Court- John C. Rain Jr. to Daniel C. Rain

Granite City

  • $16,000- 2605 and 2407 E. 23rd St.- Chris Petroff and Sharon A. Pryor to Franklin J. Borkowski and Julie A. Borkowski

  • $84,000- 1433 Norwood Drive- David R. Farley to Ronnie H. Langford Sr. and Lois A. Langfrod

  • $22,500- 2502 Washington Ave.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Quantum Lending LLC

  • $65,000- 1528 Lindell Blvd.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Justin D. Warren and Amy L. Warren

  • $222,000- 912 Thorngate Drive- Patricia A. Fithen to Rajesh Patel

  • $22,000- 1606 Maple Street- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Alberto Galindo-Carrillo and Viridiana Enriquez-Linares

  • $32,000- 2019 Delmar Avenue- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Justine Peterson Housing and Reinvestment Corporation


  • $190,000- 304 Anthony Drive- YMP LLC to TLS Properties LLC

  • $170,000- 300 Anthony Drive- YMP LLC to TLS Properties LLC


  • $30,500- 8 Oak Street- Bank of America V. Midwest Superior Contracting INC.

South Roxana

  • $27,700- 607 Missouri Avenue-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Edna M. Leckrone

St. Jacob

  • $310,000- 9532 Keck Road- Scotty R. Lawson and Sherry Lawson to Don G. Cunningham

September 13, 2013


  • $48,100- 2221 College Ave.- HUD to Alexandra J. Banks

  • $2,000- 1227 Diamond St.- New Vision Church of God to Craig Prediger


  • $226,500- 137 Woodcrest Drive- Trella S. Helmkamp and Joseph L. Stark to Joshua D. Palmer and Lori M. Palmer


  • $215,000- 148 S. Mulberry Road- Timothy N. Launhardt to Gerald L. Tanner Jr.

  • $85,000- 904 Rose Ave.- James Sartoris and Lauren Santoris to Brian R. Whitchurch


  • $153,000- 4681 Drda Lane- Carroll C. Doll and Irene J. Doll to Tamara Bivin

  • $354,900- 103 Bluestem Court- James E. Schlechte to Jean D. Fischer


  • $174,000- 1316 Ridgefield Dr.- Eric E. Taylor to Donald C., Darlene M. and Elnora Dubree

Granite City

  • $75,500- 2574 Parkview Dr., Unit 15- Richard E. Miller to Dale F. Moseley and Kelley E. Moseley

  • $14,100- 2123 Bryan Avenue- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Gerald P. Smith

  • $106,000- 3107 Colgate Place- Paul E. Wellhausen, Janelle I. Wellhausen, Katie Jumper and Dustin Jumper to Kurtis T. Olson and Maureen A. Olson


  • $2,000- Grand Ave.- Alexander Tarpoff II to Lawrence G. Isbister


  • $172,000- 2309 Holiday Lane- Charles A. Lawson and Susan E. Lawson to Jeffrey M. Ahlers and Courtney L. Ahlers


  • $116,383- 3455 Pierland Drive- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Eric M. Von Bokel and Maggie M. Von Bokel

St. Jacob

  • $258,000- 2314 Timber Ridge Road- Kenneth R. Bolton and Judtih F. Bolton to David W. Crawford and Margaret W. Crawford


  • $1,086,500- 331 Arkansas Road- Mary Lou Kusmanoff to Rinderer Farms LLC


  • $199,000- 509 Stonebriar Drive- Kimberly L. Kisling to Kenneth R. Bolton and Judith F. Bolton

Wood River

  • $85,000- 157 S. 13th Street- William L. Williamson and Jessica Williamson to Richard L. Settles and Joyce Settles

  • $89,000- 963 Whitelaw Avenue- Brenda K. Tierney to James W. Alvarez and Ashley A. Alvarez

September 16, 2013


  • $6,600- 2517 Della Avenue- The Bank of New York Mellon to CR Capital Group LLC

East Alton

  • $52,521- 192 Valley Drive- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Rocky McDonald


  • $122,000- 424 Montclaire Ave.- Carla C. Morrison and Thomas A. Morrison to Scott A. Caby and Brittany N. Luehmann

  • $160,400- 235 Shore Drive SW- John William Schmelzel and Teresa W. Schmelzel


  • $157,000- 976 Koenig Drive- Eric Wolf and Michelle Wolf to Abraham Grassle and Ann Grassle

Granite City

  • $20,000- 2423 Lincoln Avenue- Kent Schmitz to RGTJ Enterprises LLC

  • $9,600- 1542 Johnson Road- U.S. Bank to CR Capital Group LLC

  • $52,401- 4909 Redwood Lane- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jacob J. Gaudreault

  • $33,000- 1726 State Street- Edward Dd. Dietiker to Nicholas Feco


  • $69,900- 101 West Haven Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Christopher M. Tite and Jeffrey W. Fletcher

St. Jacob

  • $15,625- 403 Walnut Road- Ricky Bohnenstiehl to Gary M. Bohnenstiehl

  • $15,625- 403 Walnut Road- Terry Ogden-Michel to Gary M. Bohnenstiehl

  • $15,625- 403 Walnut Road- Randy Bohnenstiehl to Gary M. Bohnenstiehl


  • $240,000- State Route 160- Randy and Barbara Gelly to Craig J. Kombrink

Wood River

  • $72,500- 830 East Lorena Avenue- Brent J. McGuire to Brandon McGuire

September 17, 2013


  • $5,000- 510 E. North St.- Walter M. Heinz and Opal C. Heinz to Justin M. Bolk


  • $34,000- 1112 Brown St.- Ronald E. Sutton to Wayman Ingram

  • $6,500- 2433 Sanford Ave.- United Community Credit Union to Beverly R. Carter

  • $63,000- 1822 Evergreen Ave.- Robert L. Bode and Sharon E. Cooke to Robert E. Duke Jr. and Tonya L. Duke


  • $102,900- 1348 W. Corbin Street- Timothy E. Riggs and Sarah M. Riggs to Craig A. Goetten

  • $79,000- 608 N Walnut Street- William E. Forsythe to Brent Zirkelbach

  • $65,000- 109 Nelson Drive- Randy L. Meredith and Suzanne M. Meredith to Nathan C. Brown


  • $157,500- 301 Bethel Rd.- Curtis D. Welge and Debra K. Welge to Scott Hedger and Cynthia Hedger

  • $81,000- 101 East Washington St.- Rachel Deluca to Philip C. Fox

  • $174,000- 402 Su-Andra Drive- Gary L. Anderson and Susan J. Anderson to Mark H. Guenther and Laura M. Guenther

  • $93,000- 1604 Main Street- Elizabeth Sarah S. Simpson to Barend P. Horn and Bonnie Horn

Cottage Hills

  • $73,900- 144 Blair Avenue- Sandra G. Waide Weinmann to Deborah Ann Gillis

East Alton

  • $32,000- 200 Whitelaw Ave.- Glen B. Cunningham to Wesley M. Dugan


  • $24,000- Brinkman Ave.- Edwardsville General Baptist Church to John G. Beswick

  • $479,500- 7416 Creek Ridge Lane- John E. Arendell and Denise A. Arendell to Kyle Griffith and Erin Griffith

  • $145,000- 1037 Bermuda Drive- Dolly M. Wood to Daniel M. Weisner

  • $277,000- 5 Yorkshire Ct.- Jean D. Fischer and Robert M. Lewis to Kevin James Kurzym and Tress Ann Kurzym

  • $110,000- 522 Elsie Ave.- Earl S. Snyder Jr. to John W. Schneider Jr. and Jill Schneider

Glen Carbon

  • $278,825- 2756 Cambury Drive- S2 Homes LLc to Himang Patel and Mitalben Patel

  • $170,000- 101 Bayridge Court- Brennan P. Wilde to Christopher L. Richter and Stephanie J. Richter


  • $80,000- 5302 Godfrey Rd.- Glen D. Rogers Sr. and Sandra Rogers to Lisa R. Funk

Granite City

  • $80,000- 3255 Edgewood Ave.- James K. Warren, Patricia Barnett, Mary Jo Warren, and Deborah Kinney to James B. Balance

  • $77,000- 2224 Lynch Ave.- Lori A. Oliver to Michael Miller and Joshua Miller


  • $188,000- 55 Crescent View Lane- James D. and Barbara A. Gifford to Jason C. and Lisa M. Cook

  • $187,900- 320 Courtland Drive- Erin Korte- Lamparter to Jenniffer S. Fahrenholtz

  • $288,500- 1007 8th St.- James G. Gutzler and Lori J. Gutzler to Tut and Tut Properties LLC

  • $550,000- 3049 Thole Plocher Rd.- Lisa and Alex Scholl to KBA Investments LLC

  • $90,000- 1239 Poplar Dr.- Heirs of Clyde W. Isert to Bernell and Joan Deuser

  • $44,000- 100 Tacoma- Jeremy L. and Joanne R. Snyder to Terry T. and Emma N. Cruthis

  • $47,500- 13443 Wildlife Trail- Great Land Development INC. to Lucas R. and Ashley N. Heuerman


  • $125,000- 3007 N. Humboldt- Julie Donohue to Steven R. Anderson


  • $156,400- 733 Copper Line Road- Devin P. Meier and Amanda L. Meier to Michelle L. Taylor

  • $70,000- 24 Westview Drive- Jeff Wardlaw and Kristen Wardlaw to Jason Stabile and Shawnda Stabile


  • $105,000- 7867 Partridge Lane- Stephen Dunn to Eric J. Gulash

New Douglas

  • $236,000- 11602 Hillsboro Drive- Bobby J. and Ann L. Slayton to Darrell W. and Katie E. Ferkel


  • $144,000- 117 Turtle Creek- Fannie Mae to Vern L. Haggitt and Marilyn T. Haggitt


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