Former Caseyville mayor George Chance, who lost the job by four votes on April 9, claims mayor Leonard Black improperly produced that many votes from rental property he owns.

“Leonard Black’s rental home at 201 W. Lincoln Avenue contains four individuals (Janis Atnip, Amy Chance, Brett Stedman, and Christine Stedman) who all voted for Black,” Kevin Kaufhold of Belleville wrote for Chance on Sept. 11.

“Black had never previously helped pay utility bills, however Black recently helped pay the renters’ water bill,” Kaufhold wrote.

Chance sued Black and St. Clair County clerk Bob Delaney in May, seeking an order declaring him the winner.

His suit claims Black and his agents engaged in forgery and other improper activities. It also claims Delaney counted ballots he should have rejected, and rejected ballots he should have counted.

Chance alleges improper registration of voters Adam Kemp, Brandi Rensing, Sheila Williams, Lindzie Littlefield and Blaine Milligan.

Alvin Paulson of Belleville, former village attorney for Caseyville, filed Chance’s suit but withdrew due to a conflict of interest after Delaney resigned as clerk.

In August, Black demanded more specific allegations.

Kaufhold complied, alleging improper registration of voters Chris Watkins, Roger Elmore Jr., Josh Luebbers, Gerald Scott, Billy Hayes, and John Mason.

The answer also claims that Damien Elledge and Erik Elledge were given absentee ballots claiming residency out of Black’s rental property.

Kaufhold wrote that they are not on the occupancy permit for the address and that a question exists as to who registered them.

He also wrote that Verna Stout, of 117 Valley Drive, and Ray Lewis, of 10 Autumn Drive, were wrongly assisted in voting without signing affidavits. He wrote that on March 29, Laura Kaemmerer informed Margaret Parsons and Jennifer Parkerson, both of 13 Susanne Court, that it was too late to go to the courthouse and confirm that they had signed their absentee ballots.

The response also claims that a judge in Black’s precinct denied the vote of Evelyn Alton, of 1004 E. O’Fallon Drive, who had applied for an absentee ballot but hadn’t cast it.

Kaufhold wrote that a judge in Black’s precinct denied her right to vote in person.

He wrote that the list of individuals is not an exhaustive one.

Circuit Judge Andrew Gleeson presides over the case.

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