St. Clair County real estate Sept. 3-6

By Sarah Powers | Sep 13, 2013

September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013


  • $44,520- 511 South Virginia Avenue- Michele Kraus to Dennis Weygandt

  • $25,000- 503 North 37th Street- HSBC Bank to Janet Grellner and Steven Grellner

  • $24,000- 105 South 17th Street- Charles Goedeke to Lancer Rentals LLC

  • $160,000- 2737 Lake Lucerne Drive- Herschel E. Johnson to Brian C. Back

  • $102,000- 37 Friendly Drive- Kerry Stein to Cassandra Williams

  • $65,000- 916 Express Drive- People’s National Bank to Clarence Snyder

  • $117,000-1932 Celebration Park Circle- Kathleen Gruenewald to Kyle Anderson

  • $142,500- 23 Dennis Drive- Carolyn Dahm to Kennyatta Anthony


  • $23,707- 229 Carol Street- Raven Securities INC. to Illinois Realty Group Holdings LLC

  • $12,400- 2113 Lynn Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Metro Property Partners LLC


  • $20,000- 632 Greenwood Place- Kimberly J. Gatton to Keith D. Hulsey

  • $35,000- 634 Greenwood Place- Kimberly J. Gatton to Keith D. Hulsey


  • $116,000- 436 Miranda Drive- Larry Ron Hankins and Leona L. Hankins to Michael A. Scheel

Fairview Heights

  • $105,000- 9629 Ridge Heights Rd- Estate of Elizabeth J. Oppermann to Timothy J. Ryan

  • $107,000- 104 Debra Drive- Michael, Helen, and Mary Lee to Brian Hackmann


  • $349,900- 6662 Schiermeier Road- Bruce and Deborah Douglas to Scott and Sarah Simonin


  • $237,000- 143 Northtowne St.- Coy Mullenix Declaration of Trust to T Bow INC.


  • $39,000- 208 East Pinckneyville Road- Vera E. Adams to Luann Lance


  • $208,000- 406 South Seven Hills Road- Janine M. Dates and Christopher J. Dates to Douglas James Demonge and Deborah Lynn Demonge

  • $305,000- 1248 Wayne Court- Michael Thompson to Jason A. Anderson and Rebecca L. Anderson

  • $272,297- 708 Longfellow Drive- Huntington Chase Homes Corporation to James P. Hodskins and Debora M. Hodskins

St. Libory

  • $132,450- 727 Lone Oak Street- Woodford V. Martin and Kathleen A. Martin to Zach Kramper and Lauren Pokzynski

September 4, 2013


  • $128,000- 3244 Cloverridge Lane- Jonathon L. Farmer and Samantha J. Farmer to Timothy Ballard and Norma Ballard

  • $142,000- 109 Rio Verde Drive- Michael and Kara Taylor to Donald and Jennifer Garrett

  • $150,000- 2734 Brookrun Drive- Michael and Amber Hopkins to Adrienne Sherrer

  • $152,000- 1636 Whitlow Drive- David L. Haase and Mary F. Haase to Steven J. Michelfelder and Laura Michelfelder

  • $40,000- 1904 LaSalle Street- Carolyn J. Perry to Tina Braum

  • $201,000- 2816 Smokehouse Way- Josh Phillips and Gwenevere Phillips to Tracey S. Sapp

  • $110,000- 2221 Wendy Way Drive- Robert Castellano and Amy Castellano to Scott Fluegge

  • $104,500- 210 Garden Boulevard- Jodie Lynn Bell-Seipp to Dustin P. Blair


  • $6,000- 127 Saint Thomas Lane- Rose Marie Billen to Johnnie Hearty and Kristina Hearty

  • $45,000- 815 East 5th St.- Frontside Properties LLC to Horizon Trust Company


  • $235,000- 1024 Cypress Pointe Drive- James W. Bollmeier and Suzanna G. Bollmeier Revocable Declaration of Trust to Andrew S. Davidson and Erin E. Davidson

  • $638,000- 108 Hunters Landing Dr.- Sean R. Turner and Heidi M. Turner to C. Michael Linder and Lori M. Linder


  • $1,200- 2710 Arlington- Matthew Tumer to Robert Durham

  • $218,000- 90 Wendler Drive- Mary Jo Woodside to Douglas Schaefer and Jennifer Schaefer


  • $28,000- 316 N 2nd St.- DKR Mortgage Asset Trust to Herb and Traci Beckerle

East St. Louis

  • $758- 3804 Grand Ave.- Village of Alorton to Luvina Smith

  • $37,925- 1379 N 40th St- Raven Securities INC. to Illinois Investment Properties LLC

Fairview Heights

  • $96,000- 725 Tower Grove Dr.- Andrew J. Beer to Mary Jo Woodside


  • $38,900- 129 Tall Maple Court- R.A.K. Improvements INC. to John T. Harryman and Carrie L. Harryman


  • $108,500- 304 Plum Street- Robert Kunz to Joseph A. Burress and Bethany M. Burress

  • $30,002- 11264 Fox Lake Drive- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Mark Durbin


  • $225,000- 1163 Larkspur Drive- Edward J. Hegner and Catarina Hegner to Jesus M. Huerta Jr.


  • $267,500- 2949 Dockins Creek Lane- John and Joetta Bright to Matt and Kris Shellabarger


  • $260,000- 262 Henrietta Drive- Jonathan B. Burke and Kristy N. Burke to Kyle B. Christensen and Emily A. Christensen

  • $125,000- 213 Whitehall Drive- Jennifer Arnold to Nathan and Jessica McBeth

  • $300,000- 1038 Stonybrook Drive- Lawrence R. Latimer and Janet I. Wright Revocable Living Trust to Gerald Allen and Germany Allen

  • $20,000- Springfield Court- Anna Jo Ann Alberternst to Holland Properties LLC

  • $20,000- 0 Springfield Court- Mary Franklin to Holland Properties LLC


  • $77,500- 1828 Ambrose Terrace Drive- Janice Cherry to Joslyn R. Anthony

  • $389,900- 1007 Barteau Drive- Homes by Deesign INC. to Terry B. and Chong Y. Dean

  • $298,750- 1007 Lyons Hall Blvd.- Syed A. Rizvi and Samrina Rizvi to Kyle Rosborg and Barbi Rosborg


  • $300,000- 3785 Waterloo Road- Alvin and Roselin Helfrich Family Trust to Reed W. Newton

  • $130,000- 3785 Waterloo Road- Alvin and Roselin Helfrich Family Trust to Ryan W. Newton

September 5, 2013


  • $212,000- 2505 Wintercreek Drive- Lorene J. Jones and Juanita W. Jones to Dustin A. Creech and Rachel M. Creech


  • $16,000- 49 Delores Drive- Omar Hamdan to Robinson Realty LLC

  • $8,000- 2057 Doris Avenue- Kenneth C. Ratz to Robinson Realty LLC

  • $16,000- 508 St. Lucy Drive- William Schmitt to Robinson Realty LLC

  • $20,000- 865 St. Benedict Drive- Omar Hamdan to Robinson Realty LLC

  • $20,000- 861 St. Bartholemew Drive- Omar Hamdan to Robinson Realty LLC

  • $37,000- 109 Saint Paul Dr.- Robinson Realty LLC to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC

  • $47,300- 3405 Barber St.- Screaming Eagle Properties LLC to Newstar Solutions LLC

  • $32,500- 313 Green St.- Robinson Realty LLC to Frontside Properties LLC

  • $21,500- 49 Delories Dr.- Robinson Realty LLC to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC

  • $12,000- 2057 Doris Avenue- Robinson Realty LLC to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC

  • $25,000- 861 St. Bartholemew Drive- Robinson Realty LLC to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC

  • $25,000- 865 St. Benedict Dr.- Robinson Realty LLC to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC

  • $46,000- 38 Agnes Drive- Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC to Asset Exchange Strategies LLC

  • $46,000- 808 St. Thomas Lane- Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC to Asset Exchange Strategies LLC


  • $23,5000- 533 Tommy Drive- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Esther Flowers

East St. Louis

  • $15,000- 6338 Church Road- The Heirs and Devisees of Elsie Glover to Robinson Realty LLC

  • $32,000- 947 Goels Dr.- Robinson Realty LLC to Frontside Properties LLC

  • $37,000- 8324 Church Lane- Robinson Realty LLC to Frontside Properties LLC

Fairview Heights

  • $286,000- 70 Circle Drive- Donna L. Nettleton to Brian L. Sampson and Raben G. Andrews

  • $29,000- 9900 S. Rd- Federal Naitonal Mortgage Association to Kevin Sweeney

  • $290- 10110 Old Lincoln Trail- Grant Community Consolidated School District to Ameren Illinois

  • $420 - New Christian Fellowship Baptist Church to Ameren Illinois


  • $5,000- 216 South Park Street- Ricky A. Hammond to Brenda Killen


  • $186,000- 533 Streamstone Lane- Robert and Michelle Kastler to Robert Phelps and Joanne Phelps

New Athens

  • $21,500- 309 South Jackson Street- U.S. Bank to Steven E. Schuessler and Gayle L. Schuessler


  • $25,000- Richard Park Dr.- Equity South LLC to Commercial L. Real Estate Investors

  • $235,000- 1400 Huntington Ridge Court- Nathan C. Thomas to Cole R. Taylor and Breanne Taylor

  • $30,000- 4905 Stone Falls, Bldg 4, Ste 2- Regions Bank to Regions Bank

  • $35,000- 313 Agnes Drive- Diamante Capital LLC to Bradley W. Haywood and Asha M. Haywood

  • $245,000- 1512 Colston Court- Michael Stevens and Debbie Stevens to Quincy D. Garner and Sophia H. Garner

  • $500- 114 Cottage Hill Drive- Myron F. Renth and Sandra J. Frerking to Ameren Illinois


  • $296,000- 2744 Lauren Lake Drive- Jesse E. Bryant to Donald P. Colbert

  • $189,900- 2720 Westinghouse Drive- McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC to Irven and Bernice Beasley

  • $169,900- 214 Locust Drive- Charles E. Freeman Jr. and Jan L. Freeman to Zayra Maria Knaack

  • $205,000- 3256 Millbrood Drive- Ted W. Herbert and Carrie Ann Herbert to Robert Boldin and Katrina Boldin

  • $209,000- 2267 Haverford Drive- Aaron D. Madison and Julia R. Madison to Donna L. Nettleton

  • $400- 1XX Oak Street- George P. Portz to Ameren Illinois

Washington Park

  • $2,100- 58XX Bunkum Road- St. Martin Land Trust No. 1 to Ameren Illinois

September 6, 2013


  • $104,000- 620 Genim Drive- Stillwater Corporation to 1st Alliance Real Estate INC.

  • $66,500- 132 N. Pennsylvania Avenue- David A. Wuebbels and Jo Elizabeth Wuebbels to Marcy A. Peters

  • $45,000- 640 Devonshire Drive- Keith D. Eccles to K and G Property Management INC.

  • $8,000- 8310 Old St. Louis Road- Marsha L. Head to Illinois Ideal Electric INC.

  • $75,000- 7121 Werner Road- Bank Star One to Gail M. Allen

  • $50,000- 1800 South Belt West- IBC Sales Corporation to National Bakery Industrial Owner LLC

  • $266,000- 2423 Pro Tour Drive- Ricardo A. Diaz and Anna Diaz to Brandon Chandler and Jamie Chandler

  • $165,000- 321 Edbrooke Drive- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Seth A. Winkelmann

  • $39,000- 217 Sundew Drive- Elaine Conley to David Breeden

  • $98,000- 16 South 30th Street- Russ L. and Diane S. Schwoebel to James D. Winchester Jr. and Lauralee Winchester

East St. Louis

  • $8,900- 756 Alhambra Court- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Frederick R. Holmes

Fairview Heights

  • $13,000- 610 Saint Clair Road- Fannie Mae to Eduardo A. Pacheco


  • $29,000- West Apple Street- Don M. Lewis and Mary L. Lewis to Dwayne R. Reaka and Nancy L. Reaka


  • $107,000- 10338 Short St.- Carl N. Ruedinger to Anthony Ellison


  • $22,500- 107 N Euclid St.- Everbank to Melissa Smith

  • $5,000- 906 N. Main St.- Carla Jean White to Jean I. Winter

New Athens

  • $399,000- Pete Junk Road- Morris Dinges to Karen L. Weeltz and Allen L. Weeltz


  • $121,500- 110 Delmar Ave.- Kevin L. Joost and Jamie Joost to Michael J. Vargas Jr.

  • $13,500- 223 Meddows Drive- The American Eagle Land Trust to Andrew J. Smith


  • $90,922- 2763 Cascade Lake Drive- Deutsche Bank to Havenfinders LLC


  • $110,000- 1514 Morgan Street- Deborah A. Tempel Revocable Grantor Trust to Maureen A. Small

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