Madison County Circuit Judge Andreas Matoesian has been assigned to preside over a case in which a woman claims she fell at the Wildey Theater and broke her hip.

Elizabeth Reynolds is suing the City of Edwardsville, claiming she was trying to leave the Wildey Theater on North Main Street in Edwardsville after watching the country rock band Pure Prairie League’s performance on June 19, 2012, when she fell.

According to the complaint, Reynolds says she fell on the steeply sloped sidewalk located at the west side exit along College Street, causing her to break her hip.

The suit states, “Defendant undertook a complete renovation of said Wildey Theater at a cost of millions of dollars. That during said renovations, it should have been, or actually was, readily apparent to defendant that the design of the height of the doors on the west side of the Wildey Theater, in relation to distance to the sidewalk beneath said doors was defective and extremely dangerous.”

Reynolds has had surgery to repair her fractured hip due to the fall, the complaint states.

In her complaint, Reynolds seeks an unspecified judgment.

Jack B. Spooner of Spooner Law in St. Louis will represent the plaintiff.

Attorneys for the defendant have not yet filed an appearance in the case.

Madison County Circuit Court case number 13-L-1022

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