August 26, 2013


  • $31,930- 4 Holly Hill Drive- U.S. Bank to Tammy M. Julian

  • $80,000- 3517 Fullerton Street- Mary A. Crawford to Kenneth W. Bauser


  • $65,900- 8445 Stone Ledge Drive- Black Oak Development LLC to James E. Schlechte and Kelly A. Schlechte

  • $342,000- 10 Dunbridge Court- William M. Kozyak and Marilynn Kozyak to Joseph Houghton

Glen Carbon

  • $238,000- 3139 Alexandria Drive- Jeanine M. Patterson to Michael D. York Jr. and Rachel C. York


  • $210,000- 5005 Crystal Lake Dr.- Kermit D. and Ruth Ann Schien to Denise Callahan and Carol Bock


  • $200,000- 421 Miller Ave.- Nicholas Kostitch and Amy M. Kostitch to Jeremy Yates and Brittany Yates


  • $185,000- 7609 Stonebrooke Court- Michael D. Wright to Robert H. Batey

  • $167,000- 401 Tristan Lane- Jared M. Missey and Lauren A. Missey to Kristen A. Ely


  • $315,500- 1162 N Moreland Road- Matthew Mark Swanson and Jennifer Dawn Swanson to Eric D. Williams and Amy D. Williams


  • $112,000- 301 Camelford Drive- Michael Maier and Jennifer Maier to Kelly Caraker

  • $229,196- 20 Forest Knoll Ct.- Todd Kapp and Ashley Kapp to Thomas E. O’Connor and Emily C. O’Connor

August 27, 2013


  • $54,000- 4810 Snow White Ter- U.S. Bank to Larry E. Stark and Matilda P. Stark

  • $32,500- 618 Langdon St.- Myles C. McCahill to Ken Church


  • $22,500- 452 Sheridan- Marcia L. Shetley to Karl W. and Debi S. Reinke

  • $110,000- 4575 Culp Lane- Mary Sue Henson to Jonathan Hess and Amy Hess


  • $252,800- SAR 35 Horseshoe Lake Road- Teklan Properties LLC to Foy J. Anderson Jr.

  • $175,000- 18 Brockwood Drive- Penny P. Manoogian to Larry E. Denton and Donna M. Denton

  • $153,000- 315 Chesapeake Lane- Gary W. Scaggs and Jill Dalton to Maria Webb

  • $196,000- 128 Crestmoor Street- Elizabeth L. Geiger to Shannon L. Hindahl


  • $172,900- 903 Esic Drive, Unit 2- Kevin J. Carroll and Mabel R. Carroll to Bonita Sherman

  • $285,000- 290 Deep Cove Drive- Bonita M. Sherman to Steven A. Crain Sr. and Kathleen M. Crain

  • $184,000- 220 N. Buchanan St.- Eric D. Rosser and Stephanie M. Rosser to Douglas B. Shepard and Tina S. Rotter

Glen Carbon

  • $268,000- 78 Ginger Creek Parkway- Barbara A. Hosier to Patricia A. Loemker


  • $75,500- 7721 Redbird Lane- Samantha A. Miles to Tyler J. Clark

Granite City

  • $75,115- 211 Voight Place- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jerry Lee Staton Jr.

  • $78,000- 3256 Wabash Ave.- Charles George Worster to Kevin J. Davis


  • $184,000- 505 Copper Bend Road- Michael Stuppi and Kendra Stuppi to Steven G. Ackermann and Sharon M. Ackermann


  • $54,000- 8618 Blackjack Hollow Lane- AMC Helldoerfer LLC to Chris E. Bieri and Jene Bieri

Wood River

  • $62,600- 743 George St.- Ronald D. Abbott to Clay and Alicia Davis

August 28, 2013


  • $52,500- 5324 Conn Road- Judy F. Ledbetter to Steven J. Hrebec and Michelle L. Hrebec


  • $14,000- 2522 Donald Ave.- Keith Drown to Marty and Kelly Lenhardt


  • $100,600- 502 Vermont Street- U.S. Bank to Seth Gordon and Breanna K. Gordon


  • $38,000- 725 Bond Ave.- William Morris to Patricia Griffing

  • $86,800- 1313 Lexington Drive- Julio Santaro Revocable Living Trust to Paul M. Santoro and Joanie M. Santoro

  • $105,000- 1609 Frederick Drive- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Daniel C. Koehler and Sheri L. Koehler

East Alton

  • $100,000- 405-411 East Drive- Edmund E. Eyster and Freida M. Eyster to Village of East Alton


  • $91,990- 3326 Snider Drive- Vicksburg Development INC. to Carrington Custom Homes INC.

  • $91,990- 3317 Hershiser Drive- Vicksburg Development INC. to Carrington Custom Homes INC.

  • $88,990- 3300 Hershiser Drive- Vicksburg Development INC. to Carrington Custom Homes INC.

Glen Carbon

  • $66,000- 47 Grainey Drive- Estate of Alberta Homann to Raymond Waggaman

  • $200,000- 3013 Ash Road- Eugene L. Vallino and Judy J. Vallino to Adam Tarr


  • $154,000- 917 Lexington Estates Drive- Mary G. Mitchell to Emerson A. and L. Gail Shultz

  • $258,000- 1303 White Oak Trail- Emerson A. and L. Gail Shultz to Kermit D. and Ruth Ann Schien

Granite City

  • $27,825- 2641 Washington Avenue- The Estate of Frank J. Gac to Keith M. Cook

  • $19,500- 2514 Iowa Steet, Lot 15 Inglesyde II Adition- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Michael C. Jones

  • $150,000- 2233 Hunters Point Dr.- Hunters Point Homes LLC to Timothy Hartwick and Tamara Hartwick


  • $272,000- 26 Oak Lake Ct.- Christopher S. Litras and Theresa C. Litras to Adolf A. Wanagat and Heather K. Wanagat


  • $182,000- 302 Montgomery- Carol Stirnaman to Matthew M. Swanson

  • $119,670- 316 Orchard Court- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

  • $290,000- 8932 Wheat Drive- Hunziker Homes INC. to Jerry Foreman and Linzi Foreman

  • $230,000- 1957 A Gliddon Boulevard- Geiler Properties LLC to Eugene L. Vallino and Judy J. Vallino

Wood River

  • $22,100- 306 Woodland Avenue- Banc of America Funding Corporation to Wendell Ross

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